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Businesses have to turn a profit to be able to stay operational. We get it. A consumer is paying more than it costs to make the product to purchase the product. The upside of accepting this fact should be we're being provided a service and experience we couldn't possibly get on our own. However, there are those products that are overcharged, especially compared to the development costs, that are charged a high price for what feels like no reason outside of making a ridiculous amount of money.

Reddit user, u/The_StoryTeller_Am, wanted to hear what we're being ripped off on when they asked:

What is cheaply made but sold at a ridiculous price?

We've Failed As A Country

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Epi-pens. They cost like 2 bucks to make and then are sold for like $150


Paid $400 two years ago.


Seeing The Numbers Laid Out For You

I'll never forget learning that the movie theater I worked at paid $5 for a 24 pack of Dasani bottles. We charged $4.50 for 1.


The movie theatre near me has a Starbucks built in with the same prices as other nearby Starbuxes. It's the cheapest drinks at the theatre.


You Might Say We're BLIND To The Costs?

Glasses! I watched a video on the sunglasses/glasses/eyeware industry in middle school economics and we've been scammed this entire time!


I was a certified optician and ran a lens lab for Pearle Vision in the early 2000's.

Our most expensive frames, excluding the weird Armani sh-t we carried, cost us $20-$30 per frame. They sold for $200-$400 depending. Our cheapest frames cost us $2-3 each, and none sold for less $50.

The lenses, that's a lot of markup. I started in a brand new store, and we had a brand new lab full of Essilor hardware. Latest and greatest at the time. Standard lenses, nothing special just the standard CR32 plastic in a typical prescription? They cost $2 or so and we charged $40 each. So a "basic" pair of glasses cost us $8 in materials and was sold for $130.


Break It Down To Its Simplest Components

Sodium Chloride IV bags in hospitals in the United States. It costs less than $1 to make but hospitals can charge over $200+ per bag.


$500 per bag...or so I have seen on medical records.


Overpriced Powder

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Makeup - that sh-t is produced cheap, especially the high end brands


This!! Most cosmetics in general basically. Part of why most makeup stores have such relaxed return policies... Eyeshadow palettes cost like 20 cents each to manufacture and sell for $50.


Less Clothing Material Somehow Costs More?

Baby clothes are marked up by 1000% on average


No kidding. Buying clothes at Christmas for my niece, nephew, and stepson was flooring.

Now we have another one on the way. I'm hoping hand-me-downs will be like 90% of the clothing we have for it.


You Ever Thought About How Much Soda Is Anywhere Besides Theaters?

Carbonated beverages and popcorn are what keep restaurants and movie theatres in business.


Costs Little To Plug In

Any cable (usb, hdmi etc). They cost pennies to make


Company I used to work for would give us cables at the price they purchased them for. I would get HDMI and cell phone cables that would retail at $15-$20 for around $1-$2.


At-Home Printers Are A Nightmare

Printer cartridges.


Lil fun fact. The [cartridge] in new printers are mostly just 1/2 or 1/4 filled :(


It's Only About Money. Every. Single. Year.

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College textbooks on their 2nd to 100th edition.


It's annoying because they could keep the same text book and allow students to pass them onto the next generation of college students but no, they have to create a new book each time and make it a requirement to have that new book.


Okay, Seriously, We've Failed As A Country



It's criminal how much they charge compared to the manufacturing costs.


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