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Did you know that your cellphone has 10 times more bacteria on it than the average public restroom? Also, did you know that one-third of murders go unsolved in the United States? How about the fact that we're in the middle of a global pandemic and so many are suffering while others don't deign to take it seriously?

These facts are just the tip of the iceberg of frightening facts. After Redditor OHBSquishy asked the online community, "What's a terrifying fact that keeps you up at night?" people went even further. We kinda wish they hadn't.

"Living alone for a long time..."

Living alone for a long time, I'm always worried how long my body will be discovered if I die in my sleep.


Every time i walk in a target or Walmart (or any store really) and look around at everything being sold I think about how it will all end up in landfills someday. And that there are thousands of stores around the world just like it.


"We live in a world..."

We live in a world where the rich pit us against each other as they get richer and it's so far gone that people would rather defend corporations that trickle out comfort (all the while reinforcing the system) than accept the necessary uprising will be uncomfortable.


"You are only..."

You are only one mistake or event of bad luck away from homelessness.


"By the time..."

The universe is massive.

While the words are nothing special, if you look at a picture of, say, the Andromeda galaxy, and try to decide how big you are comparatively, no human is anything more than a tiny insignificant and pathetic piece of matter. We're are so small we wouldn't even be visible from a thousand miles away let alone multiple trillions.

The universe is so large that there are quadrillions upon quadrillions of stars (a quadrillion is a million billions) and they're all so spaced out from each other that a human walking in a straight line to one of them from earth wouldn't reach it for the next 983,250,000 years. Or.. about 3.2 million times the entire history of the human race.

By the time you'd reach it, assuming humans aren't extinct and you're immortal, it's likely that humans would have already colonised the entire galaxy and have moved on to galaxies far beyond the milkyway.

That keeps me up at night.


"In about 1 trillion..."

In about 1 trillion years the work I put in, the people I meet, the financial troubles I go through, how I approach an issue or who I even have children with won't matter because nothing is forever. My story won't last but 200 years if I'm extremely lucky. It will be like I never was.


""I'm terrified to know..."

I work in healthcare, and due to the pandemic I've been living with my mother. She's a grade school teacher, and because of their absolute asinine need to reopen on schedule, we've both accepted corona is simply a "when", not "if".

I'm terrified to know we're both going to get it. She's in her fifties with a heart condition and I'm in my thirties and healthy, but who knows? Could be a walk in the park, could have lasting health problems, or could die.



Humanity is well on the way to destroying itself, it's now irreversible, but everyone is ignoring the glaring evidence and continuing on business as usual. We're going to see worldwide famine within the next few years but people will ignore this warning too.


"Despite this..."

The dollar is worthless. The treasury is not just empty, it owes the rest of the world trillions, and the government somehow owes itself more trillions. Despite this, or more probably because of this, we continue to spend more than the rest of the world combined on the deadliest military in history.

There will be a reckoning, and I don't think it will be gentle or pretty.


"When you lose consciousness..."

When you lose consciousness, that version of you is gone forever. When you wake up, a new consciousness will be created but it won't be exactly the same, as it will not have all the same memories as the current you. You essentially die every time you go to sleep.


"Chances are..."

One day someone will speak your name for the very last time. Some day someone will think of you for the last time. Some day you'll be lost for all of eternity. Any memory of you, any ideas you had. Chances are your great grand children won't have any idea who you are or care. Your memory will be dust in the wind.


"We're going to see..."

Humanity is well on the way to destroying itself, it's now irreversible, but everyone is ignoring the glaring evidence and continuing on business as usual. We're going to see worldwide famine within the next few years but people will ignore this warning too.


"The fact that..."

The fact that there's no avoiding death, and that terrifies me. The fact that there is no proof that there is anything after death. Is it like seeing all black? Do you just cease to exist? It scares me. And the fact that I'm questioning whether I'm religious or not scares me all the more.


"I fully expect..."

I'm a teacher with asthma. I fully expect to catch COVID, end up in the hospital, and be a statistic for why we shouldn't have come back in person.

I don't expect it to be pleasant, but I'm ready.


"I've seen what happened..."

Given my family history there's a high chance I'll develop Alzheimer's at some point. I've seen what happened to my grandparents and now my mom. She just attempted suicide last week and I completely understand why. It's not a good way to go.


"Life as we know it..."

That we have an expectation for ever increasing comfort, but even our current way of life isn't even remotely sustainable. Life as we know it won't be able to continue 100 years from now, and all the technological advancements in the world can't overcome basic physics or basic human psychology. As a species, we're screwed.


"I'm an immigration attorney..."

I'm an immigration attorney, so given the state of things in the U.S. right now and the specific facts of my client's cases, it is the ones I lose where I know they are going to be killed when they get back to whatever country they came from. Those are the ones that keep me up at night.


"My financial status..."

My financial status is crippling my sleep to the point I can't sleep in the bed with my partner and I look at my screen on the couch sweating and waiting for the impending doom.


"I work in healthcare..."

I work in healthcare, and due to the pandemic I've been living with my mother. She's a grade school teacher, and because of their absolute asinine need to reopen on schedule, we've both accepted corona is simply a "when", not "if".

I'm terrified to know we're both going to get it. She's in her fifties with a heart condition and I'm in my thirties and healthy, but who knows? Could be a walk in the park, could have lasting health problems, or could die.


"At any point in time..."

I have cancer causing strains of a disease. At any point in time it can decide to mess with my life and I can have cancer again.


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If you're looking for your soulmate, it can be hard to really gauge who is truly “the one", especially if they've had back luck in the past. Trust me, it took many attempts to figure my romantic life out before finding my husband. But when you know, you know--and once you do, everything just beautifully falls into place.

Anyone that has found their soulmate usually can pinpoint the moment they had this realization. Here are a few real-life stories.

DeepDarkSiege asked: How did you know you found the one?

Sometimes it’s truly the usually mundane things that lights up your romantic life. In the words of the musical Company, “it’s the little things you do together that make perfect relationships.”

​The true test of any relationship.

When I found myself enjoying the little things - just because I was doing them with her.

Grocery shopping, running errands, just the mundane stuff that makes up every day.


My husband will wander off in the grocery store and then peek around the corner of an aisle at me and say weird stuff like "hey lady" or "looking good" or just nonsensical screeching. Or he will come up and smack my butt and run off. It's so immature but I always crack a smile.


This is so important!

Peanut Butter Animation GIF by Jif Giphy

I realized that if I happened to be doing or experiencing something fun, I always wanted her around to share it with. That, and we argue well and don't hold grudges.


I love the fact that me and my GF resolve arguments like mature adults and we never stay mad at each other.


​You feel like an old shoe.

Everything feels effortless.


This sums it up exactly. So many of my friends and family stay in failing relationships for so long. Everything is fraught with drama and disagreement.

On my 2nd date with my now wife I told her 'You feel like an old shoe.' Comfortable and familiar, easy to get along with, happy to talk with for hours or enjoy hours of silence together. When the fights happen they are brief and uncontentious, and there's no lingering bitterness. Also, she totally understood and accepted the romanticism of being called an Old Shoe.


Chemistry is one of the most important elements of a relationship (accidental pun there).

​There is always hope.

Initial chemistry. I was doing the on-line dating thing, and had been on a dozen+ dates of varying degrees of awkwardness and disaster. I was fed up with it.

I logged onto the dating site to delete my account and embrace the Billy-no-dates life, when this woman gave me a nudge. I was kind of blunt and said I was done with it all, and didn't want to go through another 2 to 3 weeks of on-line chat only to meet up and have nothing to talk about.

I said if she wanted to meet up and name the place fine. If she found that too forward and a red-flag then also fine. She said she'd also experienced similar problems and also wanted to skip straight to the IRL meet.

I am not that chatty. But we met up at about 2pm at a local pub. We were there until kicking-out at 11pm. It flew. I had a sore throat by the end of it.

A few weeks ago we celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary.


So sweet.

couples love GIF Giphy

The chemistry between us was unreal, my wife said the first time she met me she had the overwhelming urge to hug me. 18 years later we're still awesome together.

She just always says as soon as she first saw me she knew we were meant to be together. We often read each others minds, I can heal her with my hands when she has pain and the sex even after 3 kids and 18 years together is still like being a pair of teenagers.

She's my best friend, my soul mate and my lover. I would love to be a millionaire then I could just spend every minute of every day with her forevermore. I'm blessed.


Sappy, but sweet.

I can fall asleep when he's cuddled with me. As someone that hasn't had the best relationships, it's the first time I've felt safe enough to just let myself be at rest. The first time I saw him (we were long distance for 6 months), my whole being felt at peace.

Yes it's sappy as heck, but honestly this is the first time feeling this way.


That’s how you know.

Meeting my spouse felt like seeing a loved one after they'd been gone on a long trip. I felt the same way when our child was born. No magical Disney moment, just 'oh, there you are. I've missed you and I'm glad you're back.'


Not to mention the bigger gestures that truly blow you away as their partner.

Thrown into the deep end.​

Introduce Season 2 GIF by The Bold Type Giphy

I am extremely lucky, as my father and I are absolutely best buds. He was diagnosed with cancer and it quickly spread throughout his body. He has been slowly declining over time. I know I found the one when my then-boyfriend (now fiancé) came to meet my parents.

Low and behold they were throwing me a surprise party and he got introduced to 30 family members. He was thrown into the deep end! He was kind and respectful to everyone. But what really took the cake was he sat down and talked to my otherwise very gruff, but long-winded dad. He talked to him for 2 hours, about life, love, my dad's experiences and I saw my dad give a few loud long laughs. It was rare those days.

He's remained close with my father as he nears the end and his constant effort to create memories and bring my dad joy speaks so much about who he is as a person.

We are getting married next week and I couldn't have found a more goofy, kind, loving and respectful man.


What an amazing person.

I knew she was the one when my best friend who was a father figure went to the hospital and his organs were failing. They gave him 2 days to live and it all happened to fast that I called her and said we'd have to cancel our dinner plans with her mom (I was crying on the phone explaining why) all she said was "which hospital" and I told her the location.

I got there before her and held my dads hand. This diamond of a woman comes in with a chimichanga and large Fanta orange soda, no ice (my favorite) she sits right next to me and feeds me as I am holding my dying friend's hand crying hysterically. While he was loaded up on morphine she made a smart ass crack to me and actually made him chuckle. It was a half chuckles but he heard her! I will marry this woman. Mark my words.


A good partner always does this.

Knowing this person passively inspired me to be a better person, try harder in my efforts, and take risks to push myself as well as enjoy my life. I realized they were "the one" when they felt the same way.


As for me, I knew my husband was the one when I realized I never got sick of his company. Usually, I get exhausted being around people, and I need a break. I never have with him--he's just such a delight to be around.

And if you haven't found the one and this article is making you sad, don't lose hope. Everyone's timeline is different, and you never know when you will meet your soulmate. Don't lose hope--it'll come when you least expect it


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