People Explain Which Rules Of Etiquette They Wish More People Followed

A common phrase among the older generation is, "Chivalry is dead." Typically, this accompanies a video shared on Facebook of a man not holding a door open for a mom and her three kids. While you could make the argument that we've moved on as a society and women, especially, are more independent, there are some aspects of society where people could be a bit more polite.

Reddit user, u/ItsAnOakyAfterbirth, wanted to hear about:

What's an etiquette you wish more people knew of and followed?

Be A Better Driver

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Zipper merging when going from two lanes of traffic to one. It's so easy but so many don't get it!


Or not speeding up when changing lanes. Match or exceed the speed of the lane you're going into. Making the guy behind you tap his breaks, is what slowly turns into those random slow downs in some random spot for no reason.


Share With Other People

Don't be a hog with free food. I used to work as a manager in a factory and I bought the team of 33 people about 25 pizzas. It cost over 200 bucks to feed them and we had enough for everyone to have 4 slices (half a pizza) and then some more afterwards if needed. I had stretched the budget as far as it could go so I couldn't buy any more pizzas with the work credit card.

I asked everyone to grab half a pizza each and most people did. Then I watched a few of the guys search through every box and find the 4 biggest slices they could find. They literally flipped every box of pizza to find every larger slice. One of them had basically a whole pizza by doing this with some larger than normal slices.

Now fair game I did say 4 slices but they went out of their way to do it. They ate those and were back for more before anyone else had another go and we ran out of food pretty quickly.

I ended up going and buying another 5 pizzas with my own money and giving them to the guys who only had a small go at it.


The Ultimate Litmus Test

Return your shopping cart to the return stall.

Dont leave it in a parking spot. Don't put it in the bushes. Don't push it till the security wheel locks up at the edge of the parking lot. Don't let it go in the middle of the lot to roll wildly across the lanes just to hit cars randomly.

And take your garbage with you. Including masks.


My Face Is Up Here

Put your phone down when talking to someone


It is so weird when my family is having dinner, and the only ones not on phones are the children.

But yeah, I completely agree. I was going to go to the cinema with someone, and for 45 minutes on the bus-stop he was just on his phone half listening, so I just said f-ck it and left.


We're Not All Cows

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Chew with your damn mouth closed, no one wants to eat next to someone while their lips are smacking and bits of food start flying out, its very disgusting.


And gum! I had to share an office with a ~60 year old woman who chewed gum with her mouth open. I had such violent fantasies about her I scared myself


Clean Up. The World Isn't Your Mother.

Take your rubbish home and don't litter. Basic human life skill. Damn it drives me mad.

My first award, thank you!


If It's Not Yours, Don't Touch It

Do not lean on someone else's wheelchair or "help" by pushing it without asking. It's ridiculous how many strangers do that to my wheelchair.


Guys, Come On, We Can Aim

If you get piss on the toilet seat in public bathrooms, wipe it up.


If it makes you feel worse, there are people who purposefully piss anywhere but the bowl. We had a few at my old job and it was f-cked.


Let People Out. Seriously.

Not to block the doorway when people are exiting a large gathering.


Person in front of you walks into the store, stops immediately after entering to look around, often times with a grocery cart blocking the entire path.



*Spatial awareness - don't stop in the middle of aisles or sidewalks to look at/for things, move out of the way so people can get around you and anything else you're standing by.


Be Respectful. And Not A Jerk.

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When debating, don't assume or put words in someone's mouth. Clarify instead. Agree with what you agree, and disagree with what you disagree and explain why. If you were incorrect, acknowledge it.

These days people are valued by the amount of opinions they have. I think we should not form premature opinions. Be always open to being proven wrong or learning things you didn't expect were true. The only way to really be sure about a truth, is by being open to being wrong all the time. If a belief withstands every evidence that exists, then it's probably fair to say it's true.


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