Movies really provide strong storytelling options, so it's confusing when they aren't utilized property.

Have you ever been in the middle of a movie and just have the thought, "What actually is going on?"

Plot holes are the secret to ruining a movie.

u/minecraftplayer48 asked:

What simple plot hole ruined a whole movie for you?

Here were some of those answers.

Money Don't Make No Sense

Bruce Wayne being "completely broke" in a Dark Knight Rises because his share trading was allowed to stand DESPITE THE FACT THAT THERE WAS A TERRORIST ATTACK ON THE STOCK EXCHANGE.


Yeah WHY Is It Only Murder?

You can leave the country. The Purge.

No one tries to do fraud during those hours, what a waste of potential.


I can just imagine a super massive hotel right on the Canadian border charging thousands for the one night of the purge: 'hide out in wonderful Canada while the worst people you know go psycho on each other!'


No Weight Loss Gurl

Ant-Man: they specifically say early in the movie that his mass won't change, only the space between his molecules. So he'd always weigh 200lbs. Later on in the same movie Hank Pym has a freaking tank on his keychain. Also the fact that the ants can carry Scott. I know ants are strong but HE STILL WEIGHS 200 POUNDS!!


They Just Made That Up

In Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, they explain that if you give away the magic compass, it releases your worst fear. Jack's worst fear is Salazar and his crew, so they are freed from the Devil's Triangle when Jack trades the compass for rum. But Jack willingly gave away the compass multiple times in the previous movies, and Salazar was not freed.

But to be fair, the exact words were "if you betray the compass", and since Jack plans out everything, maybe in the previous movies he knew he would get the compass back. In DMTNT, he trades it away forever.


It Was Never A Possibility

The film Tiptoes. Yes, the one where Academy Award-winning actor Gary Oldman walks around on his knees pretending to be a person with dwarfism.

The whole premise of that film is that a couple (both average-sized) find out they're having a kid, and it is revealed that the fiance's family are all dwarfs, which freaks him out, with the idea of his child being a dwarf too. Throughout the film it's them coming to terms with the possibility. can't 'carry' dwarfism. It is a dominant trait. Either you have it, and are visibly a dwarf, or you do not have the gene at all. Watching this as a dwarf myself was the dumbest experience I've ever had.


They Didn't Think This Through

Jeepers Creepers. The monster guy has a scary truck with a licence plate that says "BEATNGU". Are we to believe this demon-monster went into the dmv or where ever to get this? And why would he drive anywhere? He has wings.


Who Needs This

Gravity. So many mistakes. The one that stands out is George Clooney floating away at rapid speed after he detaches himself from Sandra Bullock. That just doesn't happen. He'll still be going be going at the same speed as he was before. Who tf is pushing him away?


Just Really Got Over It

In the american Ring movie the key plot point for the ghoul is that she's at the bottom of the well and the last thing she sees is a ring of light as they slide the covering over the top.

The well top is thick brick. The round wooden cover is larger then the hole - obviously, or it would fall down and be a terrible well lid. They clearly slide the lid over the well.

It should have been called The Crescent. I couldn't get over it the whole movie.



In back to the future 2, if the old man Biff went back in time to give himself the sports almanac, how did he go back to the future to put the time machine back for Marty and the Doc? At this point, wouldn't he only be able to go into the now new future where Biff is rich?


It Was Only One Guard

28 Weeks Later.

Really, no one was guarding the wife who had just been rescued from the infected zone? They were wary of her enough to strap her down, but not enough to order a guard to watch her even though they did so for the two kids? Right.

There were NO guards all the way in the building when the dad got infected until he got out and bit enough people to create a group of infected?

Also, when they locked the civilians in the room, why was the dad alone when he banged on the back doors that sooo coincidentally his son peeked out of? As though he wandered the place by himself and found himself there.

So somehow he's special managing to retain some form of sentience even after getting infected? I would think after he got infected and started biting people, he would just disappear into the hordes of infected.

It completely pissed me off. I stopped watching halfway through.


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