People Explain Which Movies They Assumed Would Be Terrible But Ended Up Being Fantastic

I recently watched the new Disney movie Onward, and was actually pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it.

I have nothing against cartoons, but lately a lot of Disney trailers come off as bland to me. It's a great turn around when a hours long film turns out not to be a waste of time.

Redditor u/colerarso asked people "Which movie did you start watching thinking it was going to be terrible, but ended up being great?" and many had recommendations for films that are secretly some of the best ones out there.

20. A Hanukkah movie 

"Eight Crazy Nights. I was like 10 and with my brothers two years older and our step mom forced us to lay down and she put on a cartoon which ended up being hilarious to us."


19. An unending franchise

"Tbh Fast and Furious, then I got hooked and the movies have influenced my taste in cars, video games, and other movies"


18. The best anime adaptation?

"Detective Pikachu. Long time Pokémon fan, the movie seemed childish. It was surprisingly funny."


17. A sci-fi romance


Thought I got the whole story by watching the trailers (like every other movie), but it developed beyond that and into a much more interesting story than I'd first anticipated."


16. Zac Efron is more than a pretty face

"17 again? Not sure, but I was thinking it's gonna be some stupid rom com **** I watched with a date, but I actually really enjoyed it. Not a masterpiece or anywhere near mind you, but expectations were subverted and it was a pretty good movie. Also gave me the impression that zack efron is not just some pretty boy, he's got good comedic timing and maybe some chops down the line."


15. I couldn't get into it as a kid either

"This might trigger a lot of people. When I was younger, I thought Avatar: The Last Airbender was bad. I decided to watch it later on about 2 to 3 years later. Now, the show is one of my favorutes and I'm obsessed with it."


14. This movie trailer was epic

"The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. At first glance it looked super dumb, but after I watched it I LOVED it. It's got some weird quirks but overall a fantastic film."


13. A Kevin Hart movie

"Ride Along. I've never been a huge fan of most of Kevin Hart's movie (his stand up is hilarious), but that one was actually pretty great. Pretending to be the bad guy in the end, then being shown up by Lawrence Fishburne is one of my favorite scenes in a movie ever"


12. This deserves a wide theater release


"Velocipastor- it is about a priest whose parents are killed and suddenly gains the ability to turn into a dinosaur after a trip to China. I watch A LOT of bad movies but was honestly impressed it managed to be funny and still be a **** movie that didn't take itself too seriously. You can watch it for free somewhere."


11. A touching story about brothers

"Onward, I thought it would be just another overrated Disney movie( not all Disney movies are bad btw) but it is really good watching it it's good"


10. This instant favorite

"I didn't really have any expectations for In Bruges. I for sure thought it was going to be another movie everyone massively overhyped but it became one of my instant favorites."


9. Inconceivable!


"My dad 'forced' me to watch the princess bride with him when I was seven. Pretended to dislike the movie because I was stubborn. I loved it."


8. Give the Cornetto Trilogy a chance

"Hot Fuzz. My son took me to see it when it came out. I knew nothing about the movie going in so I wasn't expecting it to be terrible, but I had no expectation of the amazing, clever and totally bonkers treat that was in store for me."


7. This clever slasher series

"Happy Death Day. It looked like a mediocre slasher film but it turned out to be very clever and very entertaining.

The sequel is more comedic but also surprisingly good too."


6. More than an average kids' movie

"When the first "How to Train Your Dragon" movie came out, I went to go see it with my younger siblings. I was expecting some generic kid's movie with stupid/immature humor as it's focus, but I was surprised to find that the movie was actually really good. The soundtrack and the touching storyline were a welcome surprise, and to this day I still enjoy that movie."


5. It's horror but not really

"Cabin in the Woods had a great take on horror movie tropes. You go into it thinking it's gonna be a classic horror movie and the it takes the tropes and builds lore around them. So ******* genius. If you don't like horror movies then I highly recommend you watch it as it's not really a horror movie."


4. Perhaps the best mystery film of 2019


"Knives Out"


"This quickly became one of my favorite movies. I love dialogue driven movies that you really have to pay attention to. I catch something new every time I watch it."


3. A date night hit

"The Green Mile. I had just met a guy, and he wanted to go to a movie for our date. I was really bummed. I didn't like going to the movies. I wanted to go out clubbing or to a bar, I wanted to drink, be loud, and laugh. But...I reluctantly went on this date - to the oh. so. boring. movie. I was surprised how much I loved the movie!!! Not just the movie, but the whole theater experience!! The popcorn, the candy, everything! I hadn't been to a movie in years. I married that guy."


2. It stands out against other superhero movies

"Spider-Man: into the spider-verse.

My friends talked me into seeing it while in theatres. Was expecting a generic super hero movie. But got a true animation masterpiece."


1. The best revenge film series ever

"John Wick. Hear me out. I hadn't seen ANY trailer for this movie and my husband put it on. I was busy with some emails when he started it so I miss the first minute or two. From the part where I started, John loses his wife, there is a funeral, there is a cute puppy. I'm starting to suspect that my husband has gone insane and we are watching some sappy romance where some chick in a pixie haircut with blue hair is going to teach a brooding man with a cool car how to love again. When Theon breaks into his house and does the unspeakable, I turned to my husband and said 'God I hope he wakes up and kills everyone' and he did, and it was glorious."


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