People Explain Which Movies They Believe Are Better Than The Book


There is an age-old adage that simply states: "The book was better."

But much like all old sayings of past, tis not always true. There is that rare unicorn of a book that is actually not as good as its movie.

Let's find out what those are.

u/Valor2S asked:

What movie was better than the book and why ?

Here were some of those answers.

The Wonder, The Glory

Big Fish. The movie explores the wondrous world of the father's outrageous stories, but the book lacks all that lavish imagery. Instead it's just a bitter retelling from spoiled child who thought his daddy didn't love him enough.


Kind Of Like Our Current Predicament

Jaws, because everyone in the novel is a terrible person, and a lot of the tension in the film is removed because the guys hunting the shark just get to go home every night in the book.


Inspired By Versus Adapted From

Queen Bees & Wannabes mostly known by its movie adaptation name as Mean Girls.

I mean they're basically nothing alike but the book is supposed to be a self help book.


What, No Jessica?

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

The book was supposed to be written as film-noir, but it ends up as a disjointed mess. the characters are there, but they have none of the charm of the movie. Eddie isn't a good man, who's ruining his life with booze after the loss of his brother; he's a drunk a**hole, just because. Roger is dead. Etc...

The plot is also different; the movie took the idea of humans and Toons interacting, and went in a completely different direction.


When Filmmaking Makes A Difference

Shawshank Redemption. It was part of a four-part novella release by Stephen King. The story was very short but very well written. I just feel like the movie really captured the spirit of the story and gave some depth to the characters. Plus, the acting was great.


John Hammond from Jurassic Park was much better in the movie. In the book he was kind of your standard greedy businessman. In the movie was was a dreamy idealist with good intentions, which made it so much more heartbreaking when the park inevitably failed.


Visions Through Time

I think Arrival was better, and that's coming from someone who really liked the short story. The movie is just better at telling that story overall.


The Better Princess Pride

Stardust. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Neil Gaiman, and the Stardust book was really good, but the movie was absolutely enchanting. I mean, seeing Robert DeNiro as Captain Shakespeare? Life-changing. Not to mention a much better ending.


Mercifully Spared

Both were utterly atrocious, but I'd have to say the Fifty Shades of Grey film was better than the book because you didn't have to listen to her inner monologue full of "Oh my" and "My inner goddess did a back flip" etc. Urgh.


Good Old Roald

Fantastic Mr Fox.

It's my favourite book of all time, but that movie is incredible. Wes Anderson just made it his own thing. The movie has so much more character. Mr Fox in the movie is so charming and intelligent, but also 10 times more arrogant than he was in the books. But he makes up for it in the end. Also, his backstory with the wolf is amazing. Mrs Fox is also so much goddamn better. In the book, she literally did nothing except cook the huge meal at the end. The scene in the movie where she fights Rat with a chain still gets me pumped up. And don't even get me started on Ash and Kristofferson. Oh my god, what a goddamn improvement from the three small foxes from the books. Ash is so goddamn relatable, and Kristofferson is so lovable. Their parts in the movie were my favourites.


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