People Explain Which Jobs Exist Simply Because People Are The Worst


Do you ever wonder why a job exists? You know, like the very specific jobs that you don't understand? Sometimes, it's just because people really, really suck. And these Redditors will tell you.

u/A_CATCHY_USER_NAME asked: What jobs exist purely because people are d**ks?

REALLY good ice cream.

I visited an ice cream shop in Boston that had a bouncer.

Yes like a bouncer.

Yes the ice cream was that good.


Was there a cover charge? What exactly did the bouncer do?


Those shopping carts are EVERYWHERE.


Those people who have to bring the shopping carts back to the right place.


I mean they have the trolley parks throughout the car park. Someone would still need to collect the trolleys from the trolley parks and bring them back to the store front.

But yes some people are d**ks and leave them out. I get such anxiety seeing one sat on its own in the wind. Just asking for a nice ding in the side of my car.



Child Protective Services as a whole shouldn't need to exist. But since a chunk of society procreates and doesn't properly raise their children we need CPS.


Eh I would argue accidents happen that can orphan kids without someone being a d**k. I see the point though.


Much needed.



I'm my experience, reddit mods ARE the d**ks. They remove far to much, any time it goes against their personal standards or values. They are supposed to stick to the rules, but usually the rules are written to give the mods power and they always seem to want to use it.


Down with cheaters!


Casino Surveillance. If people didn't lie, cheat, and steal my job wouldn't exist. Friendly tidbit..... We catch employees a lot of the time also.


Yeah but the casino cheats too. I mean the whole establishment is a constant d**k to its customers, so I kinda understand why people try to cheat.


That's true.

Customer service call centers.


Sometimes things break or go wrong by mistake. Customer service is there to help.


Mount St. TrashBag

Litter clean up guys.


I feel so bad for the maintenance workers at my apartment complex. The management has sent out messages multiple times trying to instruct residents on how to use the trash compactor (its the easiest thing. If you just open and close the door when you throw your trash away the second time it closes will activate the compactor).

People still cannot figure this thing out and about every 3 days Mount St. Trashbag has started forming all over again. Then the mountain of trash gets so big it blocks the compactor completely so other residents have no choice but to just pile there own bags on top.

These poor workers have to sit there and throw away peoples disgusting trash that has been festering in the Florida sun into a compactor that is literally 5 feet away.


Very different things.


Gum removal from concrete - roads and pavements etc.


Had to reread this comment. I thought you said 'GUN removal from concrete'.



Tour guide at Auschwitz.


Been there last month, I can confirm that. The amount of people taking selfies in prison/dead chambers are disgusting.


That's gross.

Anything to do with theft/fraud recovery.


Can confirm. What's lots of fun is when people try to claim fraud on their credit card just to get out of paying for charges that they made.


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