People Explain Which Items Of Clothing They Will Never Wear Regardless Of Their Popularity
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Try as I might, I've never quite taken to clothing with crazy patterns or designs on them. Perhaps some people can pull off a button-down with a fruit-and-veggie pattern plastered all over, but I feel kind of silly if I try one myself. Those who manage to pull it off though: Good for you! You do you.

After Redditor SorryforBadEnfiish asked the online community, "What do you refuse to wear regardless of its popularity?" people shared their opinions. Fashion certainly has a way of polarizing people!

"You know what's not sexy?"

High heels. Too painful. You know what's not sexy? Orthopedic problems.


"I don't like being a billboard..."

Clothes with big logos. I understand it's a status symbol, but it's not something for me. I don't like being a billboard and I don't like people knowing where I likely bought my clothes or how much I paid for them.


This is the one.

Brand names––especially giant brand names––are no bueno.

"Some are more subtle..."

I just don't get the appeal of ripped jeans at all. They don't look good, they seem less comfortable, and you're letting the cold air in. And they seem to want to charge you more for this privilege.

The other big one for me is the jean shorts where the pockets hang down below the bottom of the shorts. Some are more subtle but a lot of them are almost cartoonish looking now, with huge white pocket fabric bulging out (funny how they never seem to make pockets this big on actual women's pants). It just looks so freakin stupid.


Hey, hey...

You'll have to pry my ripped jeans out of my cold, dead hands.

"I didn't spend 12 years of my life..."

Jumpsuits. I didn't spend 12 years of my life in leotards just to be an adult who still has to take off everything to pee.


"As a woman..."

Shoulder pads! As a woman, I already have pretty broad shoulders. I don't need to look like a football player!


Shoulder pads need to stay in the 1980s, where they belong.

Let's burn all those terrible photographs of people wearing shoulder pads while we're at it.

"I get that they're comfortable..."

Sweat pants. I get that they're comfortable, but I just don't like the way I look in them. Also, I like having pockets that don't let my phone fall out of my packet every 10 damn minutes.


"They hurt..."

Wired bras. They hurt, they're uncomfortable and for some reason, I have an irrational fear that they cause breast cancer.


"I was so pretentious..."

I was so pretentious in the very early 90s that I refused to wear Doc Martens because they were brand-name combat boots. Didn't stop me from wearing low-top Chuck-Ts, but I rationalized it was ok because they were men's.


"It looks nice..."

Fake fur. It looks nice but doesn't work as well as the real thing. I know how to take care of actual fur too, the mimic is completely different, and won't protect me from the roaring -10f/-24c winds that happen every winter. It also doesn't last nearly as long and isn't water-resistant.

Long story short, I'm far enough north that the mimic has no real purpose.


"Any tight clothes..."

Any tight clothes, but especially leggings as pants. I'll wear them under a dress but they just don't feel right with a shirt.


As I finished this article...

...I saw a man pass by wearing a sweater that said ABERCROMBIE on it in giant letters. I was immediately reminded of a bright yellow Abercrombie sweater an aunt purchased for me one Christmas. I must have been about 13. I felt RIDICULOUS wearing it because I felt like a giant billboard. Trust, it wasn't fun.

Have your own thoughts on the clothes you see out there? Feel free to tell us all about it in the comments below.

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