People Explain Which Household Items Should Be Cleaned Far More Than Anyone Does

Y'all nasty.

Don't believe me? Just keep reading. (and yes, established readers, I *am* going to keep writing articles about it. Go clean something!)

Reddit user "Foxmachine" asked:

What common household item is rarely if ever cleaned, although it should be?

Remember that I tried to warn you. There's just ... so much dirt and grime and gross.

Because Of Maggots

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"The dishwasher."

"Clean the filter, and clean the spray arms regularly." - rubaduck

"Once a month it gets the full treatment in our house. Family members are plumbers."

"Fun fact: most dishwasher pumps fail because of maggots. Clean your f*cking catcher and rinse off the chunks, people."

"Maggot eggs are eeeeverywheeeerre. You can also get mold mites, drain flies, cockroaches… it's a humid, dark environment with food scraps." - Taleya

"Hire somebody to do it the first time, because you do not want to know about the maggots." - ProudHedgehog6767

Slow Clap For This Pun

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"The bottom of my toaster is a graveyard of charcoal crumbs." - CubaGoodingIII

"More than just a graveyard, it's a catacrumbs in there." - superokaycatdad

"Can't decide if I'm angry with you or proud." - Eveystuff

Pets Deserve Clean, Too


"I used to work at a dog boarding facility and I could not believe the state of some of the food bowls people would bring in with their dog. Disgusting." - TheHowlingWool

"Agreed. My 2 cats have several bowls between them, and every meal is a fresh bowl."

"Growing up we never washed our pet's bowls. It just wasn't something the parents said needed to be done."

"I can't imagine making them eat off manky bowls now." - LtnSkyRockets

"I feel guilty that I used to never wash my cats' food bowls. Now I wash before every meal. My precious cats. The only real companions I've got." - MoxEmerald

Not Just The Cases

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"Actual pillows, not just pillow cases. You can wash pillows in a washing machine. The amount of dirt that comes out is horrendous." - JadenGlow

"You absolutely can machine wash them, but in my opinion you will LOVE the results of washing them in the bath tub with scalding hot water, a ton of oxyclean, and let them soak for a few hours."

"It really gets in there."

"Then pop them in the washing machine to spin the water out. Just did this recently with our couch covers as well... It was fantastic" - PlopPlopPlopsy

The Water Is Always Brown

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"SOFA! Maybe because it's so hard to clean?"

"Seriously, deep clean your sofa. It's really gross, it's covered in dirt from the years." - thitgahamtonghop

"I shampoo mine about once a month. The water is always brown. I can't imagine it after years." - Gingerbrew302

"Man, the spots between the seats are so full of crap and dirt, it should get power washed." - Nilyosh

If These Walls Could Talk (They'd Ask To Be Washed)

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"Walls. I went around my place last winter after I lost my job and started washing all my walls. My family was telling me it looked like I painted them." - Smil3yAngel

"I have a steam mop that has a handle that detaches so it's like a wand."

"I steam cleaned my bathroom walls because the previous tenant was a smoker and had that nasty yellow residue on the walls. Biggest pain project, but totally worth it."

"Cleaning my other walls is on my to-do list." - Spitfire07

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Opening A Can Of Yuck

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"Can opener. Look at yours and despair." - IAmEggnostic

"I literally never even thought of washing one until I moved in with my wife. Blew my mind when she threw it in the dishwasher" - 1seacow

The Swab Experiment Revealed

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"There was a swab experiment done in a kitchen and the coffee maker water reservoir had the most bacteria (more than the toilet, vom) Dark, wet and warm. The perfect breeding ground for germs." - ellenmc

"Depends on the type I suppose. An Aeropress or a simple filter holder gets rinsed after every use anyways, but that office style fully automatic big machine definitely needs some taking apart and washing out every month or two."

"I have one of those big Siemens EQ6 machines at home, and last year completely disassembled everything and washed it. The amount of stray coffee grinds in the mechanisms and other funky weirdness was unbelievable."

"Even found some mold in the far off corners." - friftar

Down Under

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"In your kitchen: The underside of your cabinets (as well as the top of them if you can)."

"All of the food you cook, saute, etc. sends tiny particulates of oil and other parts of your meal into the air. It settles on all surfaces, but you clean most of them regularly."

"The top of your cabinets is usually ignored, but it can develop quite the gunky buildup if you don't do a fairly regular cleaning. Say, once a month or so."

"The underside of cabinets – especially near your cook surface – should be cleaned every week or so. That oil and muck will eventually start to dry and cake on, attracting bugs and rodents and emitting a not-so-fresh smell."

"Get a good degreaser cleaner and give those surfaces a thorough cleaning." - ilikemrrogers

A Mini Time Bomb

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"Your dryer, it's a mini time bomb waiting for a stray spark to burn your house down. Clean it thoroughly every few months and make sure you get the lint hoses serviced as well." - zerbey

"Funny how after I cleaned out the duct, my husband didn't have to do loads twice through to dry all the way...clean your Ducts!" - PsychologicalNews573

Computer Love

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"Computer. Intake vents and all over the inside. Unplug it and very gently vacuum. Use snaked bristle brush if you have one or crevice tool. Gently!!!" - Spute2008

"My mouse is clean as it's easy to swab with a qtip… my keyboard… my keyboard is one with the dirt. You can run it through the dishwasher and still have hair stuck."

"I'm honestly not even exaggerating. I've had the same mechanical keyboard for 8 or 9 years and ran it through the dishwasher multiple times, but it's impossible to get completely clean." - ApprehensiveAd3778

This Kitchen Calamity

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"kitchen ventilator" - PhilyVargas

"Kitchen suction hoods. I heard that most fires at homes occur because of fat in suction hoods catches fire" - hetgepeperte

Not So Clean


"The track the wheels of you shower door run in (assuming you have a door not a curtain) people will clean the glass but never think to do that little track but at the bottom and it can be super gross" - KingBenjamin97

"I Use This Weekly"

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"This is funny. I just noticed yesterday that I rarely clean the inside-top of my rice cooker. Cleaned it last night and was like 'I use this weekly and have never wiped this part down.' Made me feel gross but yea" - AljamimaSyrup

Now go clean!