People Explain Which Fictional Foods They'd Love To Try


Food is delicious in real life, but there's something about fictional menu items that go above and beyond the flavors we know. Maybe it's the character's reactions to eating it, or how perfect it looks on screen, but we've all found ourselves craving a food that doesn't even exist.

Redditor u/KingDegenerate1 asked people which fictional foods they'd like to try, and people from many fandoms came forward to discuss the food they can't get their hands on in real life.

10. A three course meal in one pack!

"The gum from Charlie and the Chocolate factory that has like a 3 course meal in it. So many possibilities"


9. At home bread making is big right now

"Elvish lembas bread. Wish I could have gotten a hold of some before quarantine"


8. This magical marshmallow

"Once in The Simpsons Bart puts his marshmallow in a cup of hot chocolate (coco) and it absorbs all the liquid and doubles in size. He eats it with a knife and fork. God I wish that was a thing."


7. The cookbook can make this happen!


"Bob's burger of the day, made by Bob and served by Linda."


6. Some good flavor profiles

"I would like to try the concept flavoured food from The Good Place. Like the frozen yogurt that tastes like fully charged cell phone or freshly folded laundry, and eating it tastes like how you feel when those things happen. Also sometimes they would do things like snort time like its cocaine or put envy on a burrito."


5. So much frosting...

"Sweetrolls from Skyrim. I know they resemble cinnamon rolls but c'mon. You know they're making them differently."


4. No soup for you!

"A soup from the Soup Nazi (Seinfeld)"


3. These cartoon classics

"I wanna try a scooby snack. If it makes shaggy and scooby do crazy **** for one of them, it has to be some good ****."


2. The one in the theme parks is glorious

"It's not food, it's a drink..,...



1. Life would be complete if Krabby Patties were real


"A Krabby Patty of course, but more specifically I would like to try it like in the episode where they add the jellyfish jelly."


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