Earlier today, I revisted an interview actress Kathleen Turner gave to Vulture in 2018 wherein she spoke about her life and career, focusing in particular on how her career trajectory changed following her rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis in the early 1990s. She kept the disease a secret for years and suffered in silence. Living with chronic pain exhausted her and made her irritable which, in turn, gave her a reputation for being "difficult" in the industry. And you know what? That interview reminded me that women are thrown away without a care in the world while men are given chance after chance... When was the last time you saw her headline a film, especially as an "older" actress? (I thought so.)

After Redditor Appu asked the online community, "What 'double standard' irritates you the most?" people weighed in.

"Some businesses..."

If you're 2 minutes late on your break you're reprimanded harshly, yet you get stuck behind at work for an hour because it's busy? Just part of the job.

Some businesses don't even pay you.


"The government owes me..."

The government owes me about $5,000 in benefits, and they are 5 months late to pay up. When I managed to get someone on the phone about it, they told me there is nothing I can do besides waiting and hoping that they'll pay me the money they owe me at some point.

Can you imagine what would happen if I was half-a-year late to pay my taxes? Police would literally be kicking down my door and I would be carted off to jail.


"Men's jeans..."

On a bit of a lighter note than some.of these...

Men's jeans have functional pockets (and even having pocket in the first place.) Most of the clothes I find have either no pockets or what's more frustrating is they have fake pockets.


"When somebody..."

When somebody in my family or friends are wrong, then "haha let's move on". Or the person simply mentions a random mistake I did years ago, and I instantly become the center of attention.

When I'm wrong, they make sure to tell everyone as loud as possible and keep mentioning it for years. Every damn little thing.


"As a man..."

As a man, being felt up/sexually assaulted in bars, work, other places and having it not being taken seriously, even being seen as comical.


"Women can get hired..."

Women can get hired in "professional" jobs with short, dyed hair. I've seen women working office jobs with pink hair in very unusual styles.

Those same places would almost NEVER hire a man with long, completely natural hair. Somehow, that is considered "unprofessional."

I'm a dude with long hair, and i'm extremely lucky to have the job I do, as it's a field that traditionally shuns all but the most "clean cut" people. I could do something else making a bit more money, but screw any job that wants to put a price on bodily autonomy.


"Women taking care of the children..."

Women taking care of the children is seen as natural and responsible, but a dad taking care of children is "babysitting" or seen as creepy and problematic.


"You have to leave..."

You have to leave a letter of resignation for most jobs a couple weeks in advance, but they can let you go without notice.


"You either die an overachiever..."

When underachievers and slackers do a bare minimum and maybe go out of their way one time, they get praised. Someone who busts their ass day in and day out really only gets praised if they shoot for the moon and do something extraordinary.

Everyone needs encouragement. People just seem to gravitate towards only encouraging the underachievers in the hopes that they try harder, when the overachievers need encouragement just as much to stay on the path they're on. This applies in so many situations. School, work, parents with their kids, etc.

You either die an overachiever with no recognition or you live long enough to become a slacker because you know that if you can't beat them, you should join them.


"Nobody is perfect..."

The idea that common place people can be awful whenever they like but role models, politicians or celebrities have one misunderstood situation or comment and it's a permanent black mark on their career.

Nobody is perfect but we hold those in the public spotlight to ridiculous standards that we don't hold ourselves too.


"My company..."

My company doesn't have a formal dress code, but men are 'expected' to wear close-toed shoes and long pants at all times, even in summer. (It's IT so it's mostly jeans and sneakers, but still, no shorts or sandals allowed).

Whereas women can wear crop tops, sundresses, skirts, and sandals whenever they want.


"This is a toxic one..."

This is a toxic one and it especially happens in my culture. Basically people who are older than you can talk smack about you but you can't talk them back because you'd be considered "disrespectful" and "rebellious"....wtf? Being older than me isn't an excuse for being a bitch. It irritates me so much.


"She made fun of her roommate..."

Knew of a girl who was incredibly insecure about her body-type, suffered from body dysmorphia, shared her story with dealing with eating disorders and admitted to not fully loving what she sees in the mirror

She made fun of her roommate for not working out enough and having a couch potato body. Like sweetheart if you're touting body positivity you better be all about it. If you're calling someone else disgusting just cause they're not thin, you shouldn't be surprised when someone calls you disgusting for the same reason.


"Parents being allowed..."

Parents being allowed to have their phones at work/leave early for the kids/get preferential choice for holidays off.

It pisses me off to no end. Just because I don't have children doesn't mean I don't have family. I've got an elderly grandparent who I help manage the care of. I've got two senior cats who might need more vet visits. Also it is in no way fair that parents can push extra work onto their childless coworkers. I understand emergencies happen and things can fall through, but when it is a CONSTANT issue it is not fair.


"Workplaces in diverse societies..."

Workplaces in diverse societies are okay with everyone else coming to work with natural hair except black folks, then turn around and make snide remarks when black women [in particular] have to switch up their weaves and hairstyles so often.

Make it make sense.


"Why are men allowed..."

Why are men allowed to be topless outside when it's hot, but women aren't? Just cause our boobs have function to them? Wouldn't that just make more sense for ladies to go topless? In case we need to feed our babies? Cause that's literally what boobs are for?!? Don't get me wrong, as a queer chick, I find boobs to be pretty awesome. But it's unfair that men are allowed with no problem to not wear a shirt when it's hot and it's a huge issue when women do. Hell, I personally know men with bigger boobs than me! And they're allowed to just parade around, tits flopping in the wind.


"Or worse."

Taxes! Do you owe? You don't know? Do you think we know? We don't, do fill out these forms. Now that it's done we can tell you that wasn't what you owed and now you are audited. Should have paid someone so you can pay us.

Or worse. You paid too much in taxes, and now, you have to pay more to the government or accountants to get your money back.

Taxes just have all these vultures around them that demand money to be able to either pay or get paid by the government.


"People who seem to think..."

People who seem to think that going to bed late and getting up late is lazy where as going to bed early and getting up early is productive.

If you sleep 8 hours either way who gives a damn.


"How many parents..."

How many parents will allow their teenage sons to have girls in their room, but won't allow their teenage daughters to have boys in theirs.


"If I then treat you poorly..."

You can hate me for being strange and outside the societal norm and treat me badly as a result without censure.

If I then treat you poorly for that, it is unacceptable and I'm just being an arsehole weirdo.


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