People Explain Which Current Trends They Absolutely Despise
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We live in a strange time. The internet is king, and unfortunately, that means dumb ideas spread and become trends. And some of them are absolutely cringey, that you can't help but roll your eyes every time you see it on your feed.

Here are a few of the most hated trends. Let's see if you relate.

GreiviousPanda asked: What “trends" do you f*cking hate?

First up, why are people so desperate to get likes on the internet? It can lead to doing some really stupid things.

Retail workers aren’t paid enough.

"Pranks" at the expense of retail and food service workers for likes on social media.


Work is already hard enough without morons making it worse. They don't even compensate you, or give you any money.


Please stop doing this.

Double Tap Smile GIF by Jasmine StarGiphy

Causing chaos in public for likes.


Like those kids who would "trip" and destroy jugs of milk.

Like. It's such a waste of milk, and some poor minimum wage employee is going to have to mop that sh*t up.


Get validation in another way, please.

I'm beyond annoyed with the "no one will share" memes on Facebook. Really? Why do people feel if their stupid sh*t isn't liked or shared their existence means nothing?


It's propaganda, no I'm serious.

They use that stuff and whatnot to spread their agenda, and some of those pages get money for their likes and views, they effectively farm money and likes from people with a guilty conscience.


​I don’t know why, but some trends have a bit of a pretentious vibe. Is it just me?

I can assure you, my bananas are fine.

hacking hack my life GIF by truTVGiphy

The "you've been using blank wrong".


I agree. I can open a banana how I like. There is no correct way of doing it.


No but see you can put your finger through the gross black bit at the end you normally wouldn't interact with at all AND the stem is a handle because we all know how difficult holding a banana is.

Upside-down banana thing drives me crazy, especially because 25% of the time eating a banana in public results in some "helpful" person sharing this "amazing" life hack.


The answer is usually no.

"Am I the only one (Something everyone does)."


Am I the only one who drinks water???


I’ve always doubted these products.

The period where everyone is using charcoal products. It's really horrible for your teeth and I really don't know about the other products that are supposed to "improve" anything.


Also, let's stop putting activated charcoal in food. There's been more than a few cases where people didn't realize that activated charcoal will cancel out whatever medication you're on.


A lot of trends, however, are just plain annoying.

The literal worst.

Oh Yeah App GIF by Kinda FunnyGiphy

Those stupid f*cking ads with those puzzles that are nowhere in the game. You know those ones where it shows you gotta pull these bars to do it and not being in the game at all.


I think my new favorite fake ad is the one where there's a hot female "youtuber" in the corner and she's "playing" a mobile game that that is 100% touchscreen... with an Xbox controller. Literally just a paid actor watching an advertisement pretending she's playing it.


Blame TikTok for that.

The "oh no" song circulating everywhere on social media, even in videos that have nothing bad in them. That song has been overplayed, and wasn't even that good in the beginning. (IMO)


For me, the "oh no" song is slowly being replaced by that stupid Eminem sound where people shake their head at the camera. I want to chuck my phone across rhe room.


Stop toxic hustle culture!

Gig work and the push to be hustling all the time.


Being an artist sucks for this. I know a lot of other artists who monetize everything, and I just can't do that. I don't have the mind for it.

Most of what I do is just for me to enjoy the process, and I have no idea how to make it sellable, and while I'll do commissions and if someone asks I might be able to quote a price for something, I just can't be like 'check out my work everyone! it's only $[insert price here] so buy it now!!!!' I am just not in any sense a salesman or businessman.

Especially when people say things like 'you should sell that, it's so good!' it's like, how about instead of saying I should sell it, offer to buy it instead. if everyone who thought I should sell "my art" actually bought any, I might be more inclined to try selling more.

Really, I just like drawing.


Just because something is trendy, doesn't mean you should do it. It's like lemmings- soon we'll all be hurling ourselves off cliffs to our impending doom, just because the person in front of us did. Messed up metaphor, but accurate.

Be you, y'all! Don't feel pressured to do something because it's trendy. A lot of times, it's just plain silly

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