People Explain Which Conspiracy Theory They Completely Believe Is True


I met someone who swore to me once that the moon landing had never actually happened. He claimed it was just a hoax to display American dominance over the Soviet Union during the Cold War. "But didn't you watch it happen at the time like the rest of the world?" I asked, hoping he'd see the error in his "logic" (if you could even call it that. (Spoiler alert: He did not and in fact he doubled down.)

You'd be surprised what people believe in... Thanks to Redditor BiPolarSkeleton, who asked the online community, "What conspiracy theory do you completely believe is true?" we learned more than we bargained for.

"They claimed they knew..."

In my home city (in the UK) a heroin dealer was convicted of lacing his product with poison and causing the deaths of homeless people.

In court he claimed that the local council paid him off to get rid of some of the homeless people in that way.

His defense was "why would I kill my customers."

I have met one person that worked with the council and believes the story to be true, and years later I met some people that had worked with a homeless charity at the time. They claimed they knew it was the case but there was nothing they could do to prove it or expose it.


"That Britney Spears..."

That Britney Spears is either being held hostage or otherwise in a very compromised situation.


"Just a casual fan of this one..."

Just a casual fan of this one but that Christopher Walken knows whether Natalie Wood's death was an accident or not.


"So what is announced?"

This one pertains to my university, but some people may have the same experiences with theirs.

So students who choose my university send applications in by December. The entire COVID shutdown happens in March, around the same time university acceptances are starting to be sent out. Each first year student has guaranteed residence.

Everyone is wondering what the new teaching model will be, and it's announced that it's mixed. 30% in person, 70% online.

At this point, if you're in first year, and all your courses are online, why pay for residence? You can do class online. But the university sees these discussions, and know they'll lose A LOT of money if they don't have students in residence.

So what is announced? Almost EVERY first year has at least 1 person class. Meaning? They have to be on campus. MEANING, they have to live in residence.


"Disney absolutely believed..."

Disney absolutely believed that Hillary Clinton was going to win the 2016 election, so they started building her animatronic for the Hall of Presidents well in advance, and after Trump pulled off a victory, instead of starting from scratch they just kinda made a couple half-@ssed adjustments to the Hillary model and put it up on stage.


"Shelly Miscavige..."

Shelly Miscavige is either dead or being held prisoner by the Church of Scientology.


"J. Edgar Hoover..."

J. Edgar Hoover had ties to the mob and gave preferential treatment to certain crime families/organizations while crushing others.

Also, his stranglehold on American intelligence made him a figure presidents feared.



Well, the government is listening to everyones phone calls and reading our emails was once considered a conspiracy theory, and we all know how that turned out.


"They want to see..."

Nintendo isn't "accidentally leaking" source codes. They want to see how much interest their flagship franchises get, and from there they decide which games to push.

Pokemon Gold version's "lost" BETA/demo from Spaceworld '97 is found and people lose their minds. HUGE push for Pokemon and stoking the flames of the rumored (now confirmed?) Pokemon Diamond/Peal/Platinum remakes.

"Super Mario 64" gets the "iceberg" and the source code leaked, people lose their damn minds, suddenly their releasing "Super Mario 3D All Stars" with "Super Mario 64" on it.


"The Department of Transportation..."

The Department of Transportation bought WAY too many orange barrels, so most of them have to be stored on highways.


"I think the Loch Ness monster..."

I think the Loch Ness monster was some sort of critically endangered species that was mistaken for a "monster" when initially spotted. If there were only a handful left, they may have just died before they could be discovered by more people/caught.


"Humans need the fear of social punishment..."

Customer service ruined America(ns). Lots of people's only human interaction with those outside of close friends and family is with people in the service industry. Where they're conditioned to believe they're always right, so when they want to believe the earth is flat or whatever, they have no fear of looking stupid for believing in something ridiculous. Humans need the fear of social punishment to keep them from thinking they know better than science.


"There's already a lot of that."

Illuminati, it's not that farfetched; an organisation that wants to control the world? There's already a lot of that. A secret organization that wants to control the world? Yeah.


"I believe they faked the initial landing..."

I believe that the initial moon landing was fake. Russia and the United States were both competing to see who could get to the moon first but, from what I remember, the US was not as technologically advanced to figure it out. I believe they faked the initial landing to prove that they could beat Russia, but I'm sure they figured out how to actually land on the moon not too long after.


"Anti-masking propaganda..."

Anti-masking propaganda was spread so more people die.


"Global level stuff."

The rise of the paper straw is tied to the demise of plastic straws because the paper plant owners needed a new way to sell their product, so they funded campaigns to turn people away from plastic straws. Global level stuff.


"The government made Zoom..."

The government made Zoom so that they could spy on people a little easier. Plus think about it, Zoom got big because schools started using it, and schools are run by the government. They were probably told to use Zoom by their superiors.


"She was killed..."

Marilyn Monroe was killed and her death made to look like a suicide. She was killed because of her affair with Kennedy, they didn't want her tainting his image or continuing the affair when he was being groomed to run for President. Also heard the theory he loved her and wanted to commit to her and so that was why they killed her.


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