People Explain Which Conspiracy Theories Were Later Proven To Be True


Did you know that Stanley Kubrick staged the moon landing? Or that the Earth is flat? Or that Donald Trump is secretly Andy Kaufman in disguise? Okay I made that last one up. Honestly, there are so many weird conspiracy theories floating around the internet.

But what happens when a conspiracy theory is proven correct? Here are a few stories, straight from Reddit.

u/0univars asked: What's a conspiracy theory that later got proven to be true?


The Bruce McArthur story is a weird one. For 7 years there was a conspiracy theory of a serial killer specifically targeting gay men around Toronto was floating around; but it could never be proven, until eventually enough evidence came up implicating him and he got caught in a sting operation.


Solid Dodgeball reference.


Armstrong was using an elaborate international blood transfusion scheme to cheat at bike racing.


Just rewatched Dodgeball recently. The Lance Armstrong scene did not age well.



Project MK Ultra.

The CIA really was experimenting on unsuspecting citizens to determine the effects of LSD, specifically as relates to mind control.


My mother tells me of how my grandfather was one of those test subjects in a local psychiatric hospital. She also told me that the doctor who administered the study later committed suicide.


Talk about gaslighting.

When I listened to the Slate podcast Slow Burn about Watergate, they mentioned how to a lot people, it seemed to be the first vindicated conspiracy theory since it was first reported by tabloids and whatnot.


When I hear people freely use the word "gaslight", I have to remember Martha Mitchell. Now that woman got gaslit.


Not the birds!


Government surveillance is the most obvious one.


They're charging the birds as we speak.


This one is sad.

Rosemary Kennedy was shut away from society because of a botched lobotomy

Her family didn't know about it for 20 years.


She suffered due to complications of lack of oxygen at birth. Rose Kennedy was told to keep her legs closed longer because a doctor wasn't readily available for delivery.


Didn't know about this.

The Lincoln Assassination. That was a true conspiracy, with shadowy meetings and plans and everything. Besides Lincoln, they planned to kill the VP Johnson and Secretary of State Seward.

Unlike movie conspirators, most of these guys were dolts. The VP assassin chickened out. Sewards would be assassin succeeded in seriously wounding him but failed to kill him. JWB succeeded but was caught and killed a couple weeks later.

They were all rounded up, and in the heat of the times were executed. Even Mary Surratt, who owned the boarding house where they met, was hanged. The doctor who set Booths leg, broken during the escape, got 20 years in prison.

People don't think of it as a classic conspiracy, because there wasn't a government or state sponsored hand behind it (try as they might, the Feds could never find any proof that the Confederate leadership had anything to do with it). But it was a conspiracy none the less.


And now it's a meme.


The Epstein case really opened the door to conspiracies for me. I lost all trust in our government. Like this man had dirt on tons of high level politicians and celebrities and magically "kills himself" before he has to testify? And nobody seems to be aggressively getting to the bottom of it?

What's also shocking to me is how little the media covered it and how it's pretty much already blown over. What else has the government covered up?


Oof, fair.

That government agents keep asking this on reddit to see if there are any new leaks.


That is an actual possibility.


This one is insane.

That China harvests organs from their prisoners. The first rumors came out in the early 2000s, but everyone dismissed it since it came from Falun Gong practitioners, which were like a Chinese Buddhist cult.

If you lived in any major city, you'd see them passing out flyers and protesting in front of Chinese embassies and no one believed them. 20 years later, we all know it to be true.


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