People Explain Which Completely Normal Things Weird Them Out

If you think for too long about anything, it's going to start sounding weird. The process of giving birth, unspoken social cues, and our daily practices are all familiar to us, but under a microscope they may sound illogical or even scary.

Redditor u/blooper607 asked people about normal things that weird them out, and people talked about the every day occurrences they just can't get past.

20. Say no to PDA 

"People kissing. If it's a couple kissing in real life or on the Tv or in movies etc. I literally have to look away or cover with my hand as I get the most uncomfortable feeling and it gives me a horrible anxious feeling. I've been in a relationship for 3 years, so kissing should be a normal thing. I can do it, but I just can't stand the sight of people doing it. And I genuinely don't know why."


19. The great big rock

"The Moon. Especially when it's HUGE. Scares the **** outa me!"


18. It's just not for everyone

"Being turned on.

I'm asexual, so i can't make sense of it. Being turned on is something i simply don't do.

But it still get's awkward, i rationally know how explicit things are."


17. You can almost imagine the brain freeze

"People biting popsicles.

I know this can be common but I get this feeling in my head, almost like a system shut down. If I see some one take a big old bite of their popsicles (ESPECIALLY FUDGE) I cringe really hard and sometimes I'll lose ability to speak or formulate sentences."


16. I can't stand the sound of coughing

"Hearing others cough. The sound of that creepy meat tube designed to suck in wind.."


15. Seeing those bones working 

"Seeing bald men's temples on the side of their head when they chew their food."


14. Now think about if you're spine could wiggle...


"Dogs wagging their tales. The day I found out that a tail is just extra spine is the day I began to rethink everything. It's just strange to me that they wag their spines when they're happy or intrigued..."


13. I rather not reuse towels

"Using a bath towel or washcloth/bath sponge twice. I have to put them in the laundry after one use. I just can't stand the idea the the thing I used to wash or dry my butt yesterday is going to be washing or drying my face today."


12. A lot of words in the English language don't make sense

"The fact that 'exploded' is a real word. I don't know why, but it just does not sound grammatically correct to me"


11. Is there such a thing as a clear FaceTime image?

"Facetiming with poor connection. For some reason I can't possibly imagine finding this normal, it's so awkward when you just see your friend all pixelly and frozen, and you just have to pretend that's everything's fine"


10. How are bodies just do what they need to do

"In general I'm always amazed how my mind controls the movements of my body: going down the stairs very fast, cut something fast, driving a car,... so many things where you don't think about it but your body performs anyway. And if you would overthink too much, you would probably fail the movements."


9. This is too deep to think about

"I get really freaked out when I think about consciousness a little too long"


"Someday your body will perish but where will your consciousness go if it doesn't perish. How long will it exist?"


8. That winter morning work flow


"Commuting to work on dark winter mornings. It's just a bunch of people crammed in a train, it's pitchblack outside, people look tired and sometimes miserable, some of them are coughing. Yet it's not like we work on a farm and really need to get to work that early. Most of us just get off the train and walk into offices and do various tasks that we might as well have done a few hours later."


7. Back in my day, it was "dangerous" to share your kids' pictures on Myspace

"Documenting your baby's entire life on social media."


6. This very specific feeling

"The way cotton balls feel between your fingers when you pull them apart..



5. The way sunlight seems to control us

"Our sleep cycle being governed by sunlight. The giant ball of rock has rotated sufficiently that the radioactive emissions from the giant ball of fire are no longer reaching us, so my brain has decided it is time to start slowly shut down until I pass out."


4. ... Excuse me???

"Does sucking the snot out of my baby's nose with a tube count? It's normal when you have a kid, but it still makes my stomach turn."


3. Everyone doesn't want to know about your personal life

"Couples taking about how they're trying for a baby. I don't need to know you're dogging it on the regular, k thanks"


2. Sloth nails do look threatening...


"Sloths. Those creepy ******* look like demons, and they are going to slowly but efficiently dig out your eyeballs and your soul with those long claws"


1. The miracle of life

"Pregnancy. Another consciousness just casually grows inside of you and bursts out screaming after nine months."


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