People Explain Which Adult Purchases Actually Shocked Them When They Saw The Price Tag


As a kid, especially as kids of privilege, we are kind of shielded from the greater trauma of price tags on necessary purchases.

We know we had a bed and frame, a couch, a dinner table, a car--but we didn't know what finances were like for actually owning and operating those things.

Our parents shielded us from the trauma, but they could only do so for so long.

u/jbswu asked:

What adult purchase really shocked you once you saw the price tag?

Here were some of those answers.

Can't Just Buy A Whole Bed

I grew up poor and rarely had an actual bed, even when I did it was never a new one. When I got my own apartment at 18, I needed to buy a bed. I had no idea how expensive it would all be and how many things are bought separately.


If you're poor, secondhand stores (not freaking Goodwill; I'm taking about actual secondhand stores) are your best friend. Also, going to a nearby college town during move-in/move-out days also helps! I know a few people who do nothing during the year except refurbish stuff thrown out by college kids and resell it.


Just To Rotate

Office chairs.

Cheap ones start at £80-150. And they're dire - they'll fall apart as soon as you breathe on 'em.

Good ones - the sort you might actually find in a half-decent office because the business does not wish to be replacing them twice a year - will cost you three times that, minimum. And if you want something really nice, think more like ten times that.

Mercifully, there's a very good secondhand market.


Oh Teethcare In This Country

Vacuums, man. I just feel like they're super overpriced.

Also anything to do with dentistry. There is absolutely no reason the fake tooth in my mouth should cost almost $9000 with insurance.


And Those Are The Cheap Ones

Trash cans. I know they're not overly expensive in the grand scheme of things, but $40-$60 for a normal can?? A place I put my trash?? Sheesh.


Taxed For Being A Woman

For the ladies: bras. If I get a real comfy one I'd try to make it last as long as possible because I know I'll probably never be able to find an exact same one when it needs replacing, and they don't come cheap.


It's even worse when you don't fit into the A-DD range. I've always had a really large chest relative to my waist, and finding a decent bra is unreasonably difficult and expensive.


Couch That Topic


It's literally just a (mostly) cheap assemblage of snythetic material, some cheap plywood, and metal/springs.

"That'll be $ 2,000.00 bucks, please sir!"

Screw you world, and your over-priced livingroom furniture.


Sleeper Time

I was definitely shocked about the cost of mattresses when I furnished my own place for the first time. I had this idea in my head that they would be around $300. LOL.

My mattress is still the single most expensive thing I've ever purchased in my life.


Drinking At Home

Still recall the first time I got bamboozled at a club for table service. in high school and college you're able to party and drink an unthinkable amount of alcohol for very little money. the first time my friends and I went to a club, we were very young and naive, and got convinced to get a table and some bottles. We knew it would be slightly more expensive than getting them wholesale, but we were convinced that it was still the better value than buying individual drinks at the bar. Once the bill came, I realized just how ridiculous it was. IIRC, the total bill came out to like $1,200 for two bottles of Jameson.

After picking up our eyeballs off the floor and reluctantly paying the bill, we left the club and went to eat. As we were walking, we came across a liquor store and noticed the price tag for the same size Jameson. It was $35 for a bottle.


Just A Warmth For My Toes

Nice area rugs.

Also men's underwear (buying for my preteen son)...why? They don't have nice designs, men don't have periods so they don't do anything fancy. They don't come in special fabrics except cotton and stretchy cotton. A pack of 6 should cost $7 max.


To Stay Healthy Is A Scam

Health insurance. When I had a normal corporate job I paid about $240/month for okay coverage. When I went out on my own and was responsible for my own benefits the cheapest I could find was just under $800.

Joining my local Chamber of commerce and getting on their group plan was the only way to make it affordable. I pay about $450 now.

Probably worth mentioning I'm in the USA.


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