People Explain What They Truly Need That They Don't Yet Have
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Life is all about searching for that one thing that'll make it all worthwhile.

While this sounds like some motivational meme you might see on a health gurus Instagram page in Brush Script font, it's a fact we can all admit to ourselves. There's something we're searching for, striving for, and always on the hunt to lock down. Could be something tangible, that we can hold in our hands, or it could be something metaphysical, unable to be grasped but able to be felt.

Whatever it is, it varies from person to person.

Reddit user, Beacon_of_Truth, wanted to know what key element is missing from your life when they asked:

"What do you need that you don’t have?"

Maybe the thing you want the most is something tactile, able to be held with your hands. There's nothing wrong with that, because after all you can't drive a forklift with your imagination.

You Ever Seen A Sad Person On A Jet Ski?



"They say money can't buy happiness. I call bullsh-t."


Lifting Things Is Fun

"An EP-CPD20L1 Lithium Electric Forklift"


"That's some specific desire."


"We’re still happy just driving LPG Cat forks at work. The new line picker is fancy as heck but that’s also just a Cat."


Keep It In Tune

"ugh a good guitar finally. I started to learn the instrument from a blank slate 1 year ago and in that time I recorded 12 songs (5 are good, 2 are real good, 5 are just bad, but still finished-bad, which is better than a non finished something) and am actually advancing pretty rapidly. Takes a solid 30 minutes to get the strings tuned juuuuust right because it wavers in and out constantly, no matter what so my work in those 30 minutes is finding any sweet-spot for it to work out to where I can stay in key longer than 4 minutes. I mean this thing is beat like it owed someone money."

"I love the thing, I'll cherish it. It was there when I absolutely had to have it and I will never pitch or sell it, but holy sh-t I need an upgrade."


What's Yours Is Mine And What's Mine Is Also Mine

"A dog that can tell the difference between my slippers and his chew toys."


"Believe me, it already can."


It's not always something you can grasp. Maybe it's ethereal, beyond the touch of what we think we're able to hold onto. A true friend, a loving family, or the love of someone special.

Who needs junk when you have kinship?

Following The Good Times Only

"Good friends who are actually there for you."


"Most people wont be when you really need them to. It's not mal intent or anything, they just follow what is pleasant and feels good. The weirdos who stick around to try to be a good person are rare, even though almost everybody thinks they're one of them"


A Connection That Won't Break​

"Connection. True friends I don’t dread seeing or interacting with."

"Not feeling like I’m letting my family down. Being able to feel like I have a purpose for living."


This Is Why The Internet Was Invented

"An emotionally attentive dad"


"I may not be your dad, but I'm damn proud of you. Whatever you are struggling through, you will make it and you have my support."


Make The Choice That's Right For You

"A loving and fulfilled marriage. Not whatever crap I have now."


"Should probably get divorced then... or find a way to salvage your marriage. Hope you find your way."


You might be better off wishing for a genie than for any or all of these things to come true at any point in your waking life.

Right Then And There

"A time machine to go back to when I was 19.75 years old and make better decisions with my life."


"Imma need to borrow that when you're done."


It'd Be Really Cute to Have

"It’s a toss up between a miniature giraffe, or a functioning Congress filled with reasonable adults."


"Good luck with the mini giraffe then"


"One of these are totally unrealistic. The other is a miniature giraffe."


Sunnier Days Are On The Horizon





"You have to have the wherewithal to call and make a doctors appointment and then go there and explain how hard it is for you to get off the couch."


"Then when you finally do reach the point of getting medication it could just turn into a tedious game of trial and error if what they suggested didn't work."


So Long As It's Not Twizzlers. (Keep Up The Fight.)

"Remission from this f-cking cancer. "

"The beach and a hug.:

"Red vines if it's not too much."


It's out there, the thing that'll make you happy. Maybe it's an physical "thing," something you can possess, or maybe there's a someone holding onto the bonds you need to strengthen your own life.

Keep looking. It'll come to you.

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