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For all the complaints certain, right-wing individuals have about "cancel culture," they've certainly been doing it a lot longer than they think.

Maybe it was bad service, or maybe something killed a loved one and you've never forgotten the awful feelings that followed. Whatever it is, you withdraw your support, tell all your friends to never go, and to never spend money on it. A classic boycott sends a message you don't approve of something and you don't want anyone else to either.
The original "cancelled," so to speak.

Reddit user, u/PleaseStepAside, wanted to hear about what we should be avoiding when they asked:

What are you boycotting till the day you die ?

Boycotting something in today's environment can feel tricky. Unless you're absolutely specific with what you don't want, odds are the companies are so interconnected you can't break away completely. Still, it's the effort that counts.

No Taxes? No Problem.


"Billionaire company who pay absolutely no taxes in my country. This is morally bankrupt."

"They put independent coffee shops out of business while contributing absolutely nothing to the economy."


"Used to work at Starbucks. They don't care about their employees at all. I've had hot coffee thrown at me and corporate didn't do anything because I "didn't make the moment right"."

"B R U H."


It Belongs In A Museum. Or Back Home. Not In A Store.

"Hobby Lobby"


"Same. I disagree with their views on religion/health insurance, but I consider their theft of antiquities just as bad, if not worse."


They Own So Much



"Good luck with that. Nestle owns dozens of other companies. A lot of them i didn't even suspect they're Nestle's"


"Even if you can't avoid them completely, changing you buying habits to avoid them as much as possible makes a difference. If you manage to only spend $20 a month on them instead of $200, then that's $180 less going towards them."


You're Already Two Generations Behind

"Anything made by apple. It's overpriced, proprietary BS that created a massive culture of consumer electronics waste for the sake of being trendy."


"I agree with you, but if you're rocking a Samsung device instead, you're not with the good guys, you're just supporting the SECOND greatest villain."


Made The Switch And Never Looking Back


"They went from being the most delicious, popular and trusted chocolate & lolly makers in New Zealand. Then the American company Mondelez bought them in 2013. They changed their chocolate recipe to include palm oil and they're reputation went down the drain. They took the palm oil out with the public out cry but it's never tasted properly like chocolate ever since."

"Now, the chocolate is bad, they closed the factory that made confectionary unique to New Zealand, and they revealed their questionable ethics when they abandoned the fair trade agreement."

"Whittaker's for life now."


Don't Support A Company Who Hates

"Chick-fil-A I've been boycotting them since the '90s I started because they refused to hire openly gay people back in the day it seems like most people have forgiven them for this and forgotten about it entirely however I do not forget or forgive"


"I visited the US a few years ago from the UK, and was so tempted to try some Chick-fil-a because everyone said to and I probably won't be over to the US again. But, I'd never ate there for the same reason, because of the company's anti-LGBT history."


Everyone's got a reason for their boycott. Maybe they've been wronged in the past, or maybe it's the boycotted individual's impact on the world at large.

Whatever it is, you feel better no longer supporting it, don't you?

Shop Local When You Can

"Designer anything (if it's found at a thrift store, it's fair game), I havent seen anything that isn't over priced and overrated. I will always buy local whenever possible."


Former Anti-Vaxxers Explain What Actually Made Them Change Their Mind | George Takei’s Oh Myyy

Well, When You Describe It Like That...

"Public hot tubs. People soup shouldn't ever be encouraged."


A Magazine Made To Make You Feel...Something.

"Cosmopolitan magazine. When I was 15 in the early 2000's I consciously decided to never purchase or read any of their magazines or any magazine like it. I felt all they did was prod at young girls/women's insecurities and encouraged a woman's self loathing/dissatisfaction to flourish"


"I conducted an experiment with an issue of Cosmo, Vogue, and another mag whose name escapes me. I sat down and pulled out every page that was a double-sided advertisement. In all three cases, I was left with what amounted to a comic book's worth of pages. Why would I pay those prices for so little content?"


Don't Have It



"This is one of the reasons I am never supporting cow's milk again. Veal is a product of the dairy industry. Dairy cows have to be impregnated every year to produce our demand for cow's milk. They can't use the male calves and they're too expensive to keep around and feed so they get used for veal."


Get Out Of The Way Of My Buttons!

"Mobile ads that purposely play the game wrong to make you download it"


Keeping Him In The Billions

"Amazon, haven't bought a thing off it yet and never plan to. Refuse to increase that creeps wealth"


Wait For It...

"Smoking, been raised around it all my life and I despise it with a passion."

"Also James Charles."


And then there's these, people with legitimate reasons who feel they can no longer support something.

It Kills. That's All It's Ever Done.

"Cigarettes. Destroyed my father and mother life"


"Can relate. My grandfather died from smoking related lung cancer. I was a little baby back then and I never got to see him."


Buy Rosarita. Way Better.

"Goya. Won't forgive them for supporting trump so brazenly and overtly."


Bad Car Design


"they wanted to save a few pennies on a spring that holds the key in place while driving. so they built cars for ten years that would turn off, lock the steering and eject the keys while driving."

"a lady down in Texas even spent time in prison because she was blamed for GMs crappy merchandise."


Yeah. Yep. Yeah.

"Lifelong Republican here... the Republican Party."


"Yeah, I feel kind of bad saying this but everyday I wake up happy as I remember the fact that I dont live in a US style democracy."


Whatever reasoning you have for not supporting something, stay strong. You don't need it.

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