People Explain What The Smartest Person They Know Does For A Living


Who is the smartest person you know?

Intelligence manifests in many ways. Whether someone is smart as in their education, or smart with life experience, one thing we all have in common is that we have to make a living. But just because a person is a genius with a tough to get degree, doesn't mean they've had the luck or opportunity to be in the field they're aiming for. Some people settle into a job that may not be a perfect fit, but that doesn't make them any less smart.

Redditor u/loderman asked people, "What does the smartest person you know do for a living?", and answers ranged from the impressive to questioning why our society doesn't allow everyone the same opportunities.

20. A driver with a great memory

"Semi driver. My dad is one of the smartest people I have ever met in my life. I've worked in higher education, research and academia and nobody comes close to him. Guy has a memory like an elephant and can remember a line in a book from 25 years earlier. So crazy. Love my dad."


19. An early retiree 

"Smartest person I know retired at 40 after selling a startup to Life Technologies."


18. A restaurant manager

"Manager of a local restaurant. It's a science-based thing, where he got to go all out with nerdery and cookingz"


17. From valedictorian to pizzas


"Probably my brother who graduated valedictorian in economics at his university. He delivers pizzas, and has for about 35 years."


16. They're contribution to tech is notable 

"Civilian engineer for the navy, she's basically the reason why screens are so awesome and thin"


15. This bike shop/bar sounds amazing

"He works as a bartender/bike mechanic at a shop that is a bike shop/bar. He really enjoys his work, he works hard enough to pay for his hobbies which include drinking interesting beer and going on bike excursions around North America."


14. She's doing what makes her happy

"She's a camgirl, before that she'd got into medical school and had the highest grades in her class. She says she's much happier and much more relaxed now, she's also cleaning up since everyone has started staying at home"


13. Can't wait to watch it!

"She's writing a show and gonna be acting in said show"


12. A man with many skills

"Late to the party, but my ex, who's studying engineering. He speaks 6 languages, reads A LOT (in those different languages), always strives to learn more and has really great social skills. He's also very knowledgeable about caving, and I think he probably might do something related to that after graduation."


11. A diplomat

"Senior diplomat for a country (think ambassador, high commissioner etc. ) The guy had an incredible way with people and making them feel at ease. He can also somehow synthesise data into bite sized chunks for anyone to grasp"


10. A great teacher... and astrophysicist

"I used to know an astrophysicist. This guy was insanely smart (knew multiple languages, published hundreds of papers with science terms I can't even pronounce) and was also a professor. He had a gift for explaining things without making you feel stupid or inferior and genuinely enjoyed teaching."


9. Dude loved science

"Resident ER Doctor at a pretty famous hospital. We're all like barely 30. That dude got picked on hardcore in high school because he was a 'science nerd' but he straight up was like "I don't give a ****, I like science, what are you going to do about it"


8. It's never too late to get your degree

"My father. He started as a janitor at a plant as a high school dropout then got his GED then worked on a Industrial Engineering degree so he later got a job as one at the same plant. He later got a masters in accounting and passed the CPA test and worked his way up to CFO."


7. Everyone deserved an opportunity

"Dude drives a damn Uber. Guy is a mechanical genius - he can build literally anything as far as I've been able to tell in 20 years of knowing him. Finally got his CNC and some other certifications a while back so he could actually start making money doing what he's best at. Yet years later he's still driving a Uber.

Intelligent does not stable make."


6. A snake breeder

"He breeds snakes because it's his passion. He's extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of it and doesn't half-ass anything or ever neglect the health and safety of his snakes. He genuinely cares about his work and the snakes in his care, and makes a point to educate his audience as much as possible and answer every question anyone may have to the fullest extent. Before you ask, he may be a breeder but he's not a scumbag about it and the money involved is the least of his concern."


5. A great memory

"My sister. She's a med student, has the best memory I have ever seen and is also very humble. I wish I had her determination"


4. She found the perfect niche

"my friend who just became CEO. She started her own niche company 20 years ago and now runs a company. She's unflappable. There's nothing she can't solve, fix, tackle or figure a way around."


3. They work at Quantico!

"My brother is an aeronautical engineer with a masters in business. He works at Quantico, Virginia. He's way smarter than me."


2. No justice...

Last I knew, four jobs and barely surviving.

Sometimes, there is no justice.

1. Enough said


"She's a scientist at NASA"


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