People Explain Which Seemingly Innocent Recordings Have A Truly Dark Backstory


The story from behind the curtain.

The proof is on film... or is it? The world has been consumed by random photos and videos of strangers doing all sorts innocent and seemingly nonthreatening heinous things because of the internet for decades now. We come across some innocuous, unknown tale told through a lens and we all become obsessed and then the video goes viral faster than wildfire. But there is more to the story. The origins are often far more nefarious. All I'm going to say is.... go watch "Don't F@@k with Cats!" The End.

Redditor u/D3dshotCalamity wanted to get to the origin truth of some videos that have been circulating by inquiring.... What video or recording is perfectly innocent, but becomes terrifying when you look into the story behind it?


This surveillance video of Timothy Pitzen , it just looks like he and his mother are checking into a hotel but in reality it is shortly before his mother kills herself and leaves behind a note saying Timmothy is safe but will never be found. He is still missing.


Anne Marie's Voice

The song Anne Marie sings in 'All Dogs Go to Heaven' about wanting a loving home. While recording, the voice actress, Judith Barsi kept crying. Her home life was awful. Her father was abusive to both her and her mother and would often threaten to kill or hurt them. Judith died before the movie came out. She and her mother were killed by her father and then he killed himself. She was 10.


When in Vegas

This is David & Louise Turpin renewing their wedding vows in Vegas with an Elvis impersonator.

3 years later, their 17 year old daughter escaped from the house that she had been locked up and abused in along with her twelve siblings, and called the police. When authorities arrived they believed her to be around 13 years old, as she was so malnourished. Their eldest daughter, who was 29 years old weighed just 82lbs (around 30kg).

For years the parents had imprisoned, beaten and strangled their children, allowing them to eat just once per day and shower just once per year.

Either David or Louise's Facebook profile was public and had a lot of pictures of the kids, who all had the same crappy haircut as their dad. It was screwed up.



One day I saw a news report on a woman's body dropped in a lake. The police were still looking for the body. They interviewed a man who said "that could've been someone's mother." A few hours later they find out the body was that man's mother.


Dear Carmen....

Carmen Miranda's last performance

Carmen Miranda, the famous singer and dancer of the 1940's, performed on the Jimmy Durante show on August 4 1955. At the end of her performance she briefly dropped to her knee but popped back up after wards.

She later died of a massive heart attack that same night.

Edit Happens at 24:02 my fault for not putting it earlier.



There was a picture of a 16-17(?) year old girl floating around very briefly years back. It was just an innocent picture of some teen posing for a photo.

Look deeper into it and it turns out the girl was from a rich family and had a drug problem. She got into an argument with her dad, stormed out and stole his car, did a bunch of drugs then crashed into a bridge going hella fast. She was killed instantly.

As sad as that is, the screwed up part is why the photo was being passed around.

Somehow the photos taken as the scene of the crash found their way online and horrifically cruel people decided to send out fake memorial emails to this girl's family. Opening the email seemed innocent enough. A heart felt subject about how terrible this was, a photo of this girl before she died, but scroll any further and there were the pictures of her corpse with messages taunting her loved ones.

I found one of these messages and her body was not in one piece. It was mangled. Seeing your daughter's corpse is one thing, seeing it in that state is something else, but to have people playing with it online for no other reason than to hurt you is unthinkable.



This video of former officer Craig Peyer giving safety advice that was created in response to the murder of Cara Knott:

Peyer had murdered Knott by luring her to a isolated area just off the freeway.


That's not Granola...

My mom and I recently watched one of those 20/20 shows, and they were talking about a woman who went out drinking one night, and was never seen again. She had gone back to one guys apartment, but hotel footage showed her leave shortly after arriving, and the guy in the apartment swore he didn't do anything to her.

But they kept interviewing this one guy, who was the last guy to see her alive. They stopped at a gas station, and he claims that she started talking to another guy, got in his car and left.

He played the whole "If I had only known, I wouldn't have let her go!" act, with tears and everything.

Well, there's footage of him at his job a couple days later, and the footage is super generic. He has a cooler on a rolling cart, and he's putting it in a freezer (he worked for a food production company). When the police interviewed his boss, they asked to see all of her footage, and she obliged.

When they got to that part of the footage, him putting the cooler in the freezer, she told police to stop. She said that those coolers were used to store granola bars, and there was zero reason for those bars to be put in the freezer.

The girl's body was in there. He took it out back and burned basically everything in a barrel down the alley a couple days later, but it was before the police had seen the footage. And he had bleached his entire van before police could search it.


In the Pool

This video of a Russian influencer. In her birthday party at a swimming pool she had the idea of pouring dry ice in the water for the visual effect. 3 people died intoxicated because of all the carbon dioxide. news



The Dating Game.

The concept appeared innocent enough: a woman chooses a bachelor out of the three available contestants and they go on a date.

However, the game in 1978 turned dark when serial killer Rodney Alcala was nominated to be a contestant and actually WON the game. The contestant refused to go out with him on the date because she thought he was actually creepy afterwords. She dodged a bullet.



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