People Explain Which Things Are Stupidly Overpriced
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Quality comes with price. That's a fact you can't escape. If you hire someone to fix your home, and want them to do the best job, you're going to have to pay above average prices. That's fine. Pay the people what they're worth for the great job they did. However, we live in a world where everyone is looking for their payout, even if what they've given you is less than ideal.

Don't overpay for any of these.

Reddit user DrLizardLover wanted to know what we're paying too much for when they asked:

"What is just stupidly overpriced?"

Another Collegiate Payment

"College books"

– Spooly_Boy

"Especially when they say you have to buy the newest copy every year"

– disantiyesnt

Good Thing We're Going Paperless

"Printer cartridges."

– DataPlenty

"Apparently it's because in order to make printers affordable to everyone, you must lower their prices. The cartridges are the upsell and is where the profit comes from."

– AltaSavoia

We Carry Them Around On Our Phones


"I could get an old cell phone from a dumpster that’s 10x as powerful. Why the f-ck they still charging $80 or more for these things?"

– edgeblackbelt

$50 For Twizzlers

"Foods and drinks at movie theaters or sporting events"

– Icy-Company7718

"I can answer for the theaters. They don't actually get much, if any, of the ticket sales. A lot of their operating budget comes from the snack bar."

– Head_Razzmatazz7174

Fees On Hidden Fees For Hidden Fees

"Concert tickets"

"(AKA Ticketmaster)"

– Catilily_3141

"I thought I was on the school box office site when I was on one made to look like it. I bought two reasonably priced ncaa basketball tickets and when I went to check out it went up to $70 with fees. Found the school website and checked out for $26 total."

– blackcatmystery

Costs A Lot To Be A Woman

"One bra is like…40 dollars"

– Noliel_Laicaster

"except i have big honkers so i'm forced to pay upwards of $80 for a bra because the only place I can get them in my size is Lane Bryant or Torrid"

– kelsiewest11

"Just women's clothes in general. If I'm paying $40 for a pair of dress slacks, they damn well better have pockets. I have to have black slacks for my delivery job and ended up buying 3 pair of men's pants for $20 each, just to have the pockets."

– Head_Razzmatazz7174

History Has Funny Way Of Changing Perspectives

"Lobster. Was literally considered food for the peasants at one point in history. They used lobsters as bait on ships"

– magoted

The Most Expensive Day Of Your Life

"Anything tied to a wedding"

– nickp123456

"Friend of mine needed a generator for a wedding. He booked it as a "corporate event" to get cheaper hire."

"When the company arrived to setup and saw it was a wedding they demanded extra money, because it was a wedding. Same location, same generator, same rental period."

– salmonlikethephish

Sipping The Last Bits Of Money Out Of The Dead


– Longjumping-Oil4497

"I definitely think that add-ons for funerals are sold like biggie sizing your happy meal. And the concept of memorializing a person for eternity has been sold as bare necessity. But I do know that the pomp and circumstance a lot of people need to lay somebody to rest, costs money."

"I want to see people honored in their death, but spending $5,000 on a pine box does not make sense to me"

– 444unsure

People Need Help? Charge Them.

"Mental health services. Blessings upon blessings to the mental health professionals who offer sliding scales."

– AphelionEntity

Unfortunately Astute


– Purpzie

Even Mickey Mouse Charges

"Everything at Disney"

– upper420c

A New One May Be Cheaper

"Parts for computers. Can't even buy a good platinum rated power supply without screwing up your credit rating"


A Daily Dose

"Since I am not seeing it: Motherf*cking Insulin"

– WrithingVines

The Expense Is Real

"The real question is what’s NOT stupidly over priced? Or would that not get enough comments"

– pippylongstockings67

Being A Woman Costs A Lot!

"Womens bras and other women products or sanitary products. I just felt it was ridiculous they are overpriced. I was a housewife and my ex husband was the breadwinner he would constantly get mad at me for shopping for new bras or things that i needed..."

– Boyfieismydaddy

Here Comes The Bride's Wallet

"Anything to do with weddings. You want flowers? Oh there for a wedding that’ll be £20 for a single rose."

– No-Speaker-9152

"Weddings and everything related. Normal cake: $50 Wedding cake: $500."

"Flowers: $20 bouquet. $200 wedding bouquet."

"It's just so stupid and economically abusive."

– esle-enoemos

A Roof Over Our Heads

"Housing, at least in the US lately. Why is it that we have foreclosed apartments and homes all over the place and homeless camps in every major city? I bet if landlords and banks stopped gouging tenants for every cent they can squeeze out, a lot more people would be able to afford a decent place to live and there wouldn't be this bullsh*t "housing shortage" any more."

– Far_Side_8324

Ah, The Good Old Days

"Bean Burritos from Taco Bell. Them bitches used to be 59 cents."

– burritodominator

"All fast food. McDonalds is charging 3.59 for large fries now. FFS those are pub prices, not drive-thru."

– illumomnati

America Gonna 'Murica

"Getting an IUD put in or taken out without insurance costs 1300. Takes 5 minutes to put in and it’s a piece of plastic."

– m_hahn_solo

"Wow thats so much. I'm in Canada so having it inserted, removed, and follow up appointments are free. But I had to pay for the IUD. The first time I used the insurance from college so only paid $30. The second time I graduated and didn't have insurance so I went to planned parenthood where its cheaper and paid 230. The third time I had insurance from work and it was free. Honestly all birth control should be free."

– Forever-25

Keep an eye on your wallet, since you know most of the world is keeping theirs firmly on it.

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