People Explain Which Things Are Far Unhealthier Than People Think


And you thought calorie counting was the best way to go....

Living healthy is not an easy task. Working out on the regular takes massive commitment and most healthy food tastes more like poison than pie. What's ironic is that over the years all the things we were assured would help us stay fit and clean and bestow upon us the ability to live to 200.... has often been a lie and far more perilous to our wellbeing than that bag of Skittles we craved. Being healthy is a lifestyle not a fad and there is much to learn.

Redditor u/zaid2801 wanted to know what we really should be focusing on when trying to get ourselves in order for our healthiest lives by asking.... What is a lot unhealthier than most people think it is?

So Granola

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I once saw a chart showing the disparity of what average people thought about the healthiness of an item versus a group of nutritionists. The biggest disparity by far was granola bars. Which made sense.


Get Up! 

Sitting. The deskjob kind. Just a couple of years on a slightly off center cushion on an office chair can give you chronic lower back pain. It's a b!tch going through the process of strengthening your lower back again.


Absolutely. I had an office job for only six months and apart from gaining 20 pounds I had developed a chronic pain in my left arm from bad posture (was leaning on my left arm while it rested on the desk most of the day).

Felt like an old lady at 27.

Now I work in hospitality again and walk around 10000 to 20000 steps per shift. Lost most of the weight and feeling so much better.



Repeatedly letting yourself sunburn for the sake of a tan.


Here in Australia, skin cancer is one of our leading causes of death. The sun here is a lot more intense, and the UV radiation is higher.

Our parents' and grandparents' generations didn't wear sunscreen or exercise caution when they were younger, and it's pretty common for them to have skin cancers regularly cut out of their skin.

We have sun safety drilled into us from a young age now. In primary school (what we call elementary school), if you didn't bring your hat during the warmer months they wouldn't let you outside to play during recess and lunch.


Deep Breaths

Anxiety: the effects are physical as well. As someone who comes from a family prone to high blood pressure anyway, it is a constant concern.


I thought my anxiety wasn't that bad until I was asked to give an impromptu lecture/explanation in college to the students. My hands, voice and entire lower body (from the toes to the hips) started shaking. Though the professor commended my efforts, I needed some time to relax back to normal.


Drinking Suga

Double Cola, Gem Cream Soda, and Ski Infrared | The Store on… | Flickr Double Cola, Gem Cream Soda, and Ski Infrared | The Store on… | Flickr

Fruit juice.


Big Sugar: Let me introduce myself.


Eat your greens....

Non-fat packaged foods. You'd be much better off eating the fat that was already there rather than eating all the sugar that replaced it. Mono and poly unsaturated fats for the win! (Found in plants)

Saturated fats (animal) in small moderation

Trans fats (manufactured by humans) consumed as little as possible

Edit: there are some exceptions to these general guidelines as pointed out by fellow redditors. In short, eat your greens, lean protein, and complex carbs and listen to your body. It'll thank you!


Home Life. 

Living with toxic people. Whether it's your SO, parent, siblings, friend or anyone. It causes severe health issues, just just mental but physical too. Life is not meant to be a constant state of walking on eggshells. Being with someone toxic will give you anxiety, depression and a lot other illness. You will age faster. Stress shortens your life. It will literally kill you.



Tripping I Feel It GIF by moodman Giphy

Everyone talks about how fat is bad and the diet industry is predatory about it,

But holy hell SUGAR is the real culprit. There's so much unnecessary sugar in freaking everything, and it can really screw you up.


Grams of Crap. 

Starbucks.... some Frappuccino's have 70 GRAMS of sugar.


Anyone who gets anything but the most clean-cut basic coffee from a Starbucks or similar is kidding themselves that they aren't slurping a dessert everyday. Same with sugar filled energy drinks.

As someone who likes their caffeine but isn't a coffee snob (and if someone's getting Starbucks coffee, they aren't a coffee snob either) I make a thermos of coffee with instant espresso powder. All the caffeine you could possibly want at a fraction of the cost and time and tiny tiny fraction of the calories.


Dry Up

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The salad you drenched in dressing.



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