People Explain Which Children's Movie Straight Up Terrified Them As A Kid


This is "G" rated?!

Movies are magic. They take us to far away lands and introduce us to people that will forever change us. However, now and again, we meet characters that leave more of a scar than a smile. I still to this day have to watch "The Wizard of Oz" with the lights on because of that green woman and her flying ghouls; even the strings of her theme music get me--although I do love the musical. We all have those films that follow us and say they're targeted for children and family fun, but they have a few soul shaking moments.

Redditor u/amlou26 was wondering who else has been left traumatized by supposed "children's" entertainment by asking.... Which "children's movie" actually terrified you as a child?

I'll take an Apple....

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James and the giant peach was material for a lot of nightmares.


The Real Boy


A man kidnaps children and takes them to "Pleasure island" where they misbehave, smoke and drink until they transform into donkeys so that they can be sold off. Luckily Pinocchio escapes just to be eaten by a freaking whale.


There's a scene where the guy with a black beard puts Pinocchio inside a bird cage. For some reason, that one scared me most that the donkey transformation.

I think it's because Pinocchio gets betrayed by him with a change in music and illumination that makes it feel scary.


Anjelica's Face

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By their nightmares, sometimes. That movie, The Witches? Especially when the Grand High Witch pulls her face off and reveals her true visage?


Keep your secret....

The Secret of Nimh. That owl still creeps me out.


Ahhh yeah... Don Bluth... Man. His films were dark for kids.

Even something like Land Before Time. People reference Bambi a lot as it being dark for killing off the mother. The thing is tho that it happened off screen. We literally see Littlefoot's mother die as she's having her last conversation with him... just... wow.



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Spy Kids really messed me up. The part where they play the song backwards and it goes "Floop is a madman, help us, save us." The idea of all these normal human spies transformed into these creatures and forced to dance on TV. still screws me up actually.


I'd rather a zipper....

Coraline screw that buttons man.


I didn't watch this movie until I was an adult and it still scared me. I'm so glad my parents didn't let me watch it as a kid, I would have been terrified.


Saw a lalaloopsie doll at goodwill the other day and it made me think of that damn movie. Idk how they ever got popular with Coraline around. Ugh.



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The Brave Little Toaster.

Because of the vacuum choking on itself among other things.


This song slaps.


Phone Home....

I heard from a few friends that E.T. terrified them as a kid. I can see that... it is crazy that possibly one of the greatest kids movie ever made actually scared some kids.


Even as an adult I can't watch E.T. I've never seen the full movie to this day because it still freaks me out.

I had recurring nightmares for months after my mum decided I should be watching more children's movies and tried to force me to watch it. To put it in context my dad didn't care what I was watching and I was fine with stuff like Jurassic Park, Alien or The Ring. Zero nightmares. But E.T. messed me up. Absolutely traumatic.



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Mother told me The Neverending Story gave me many nightmares and suddenly began peeing the bed again.

She said they were the kind of nightmares I was very difficult to wake up from, even though I normally woke easily.

Saw it again a couple of years ago (25 years later) and nothing from the movie phased me, but there were definitely moments where I suddenly became weirdly uncomfortable, as if my subconscious was screaming.


That Dip Scene....

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Watching it as an adult there are so many double entendres I doubt it's a kids movie.

As a kid I loved all the cartoons, but when the bad guy pushes his eyes out and gets dissolved in acid I was very scared.


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