People Explain Which Things Absolutely Terrified Them As A Kid That Actually Aren't Scary At All


Oh kids are silly....

Oh to be a child again and bask in the innocence. What a time that was, however, not without it's pratfalls. I remember from my earliest memory until about ten I was obsessively afraid of the dark. I went to sleep with the lights on, I had to have the lights ablaze before I entered any room, day or night. When the sun set I stayed as close to home as possible. The dark inside and out was a no go. There was just something too frightening about the unknown of the darkness that closes in.

Now, I can't have a peaceful slumber unless the room is so pitch black that one would fall over and break a neck trying to find a light switch. I turn off lights in every room possible because... well the electric bill, hello. And the sun now is a poison, bring me a sexy moon. What a 180!

Redditor u/thepsychoticpacifist was wondering who can have a good chuckle now when reflecting on traumatizing episodes of yore by asking.... What terrified you as a kid that isn't scary now?

Grandma's House....

old grandma GIF Giphy

My grandmother's wallpaper at night.


Every time I have a ghost dream, it's always in my grandma's house, and always in the room with the rose wallpaper.

No idea why.


Black Mirror....

My bedroom as a kid was a den converted into a bedroom/laundry room and one wall was covered in a black mirror with gold paint flecks, very 70s. But at night the shadows combined with the dark glass and paint made me imagine faces, figures, etc. It really scared me and I would line up my stuffed animals along my bed to protect me.


Hail Mary.... 

My grandmother had an old wooden wardrobe and the pattern of the woodgrain looked like a face. Did not like staying there. She also had a Virgin Mary statue that glowed in the dark. My brother hated it despite my gran trying to explain it's Jesus's mum and she's not an evil ghost or something.



psycho janet leigh GIF Giphy

Opening the shower curtain, I was SURE there was some monster or murderer waiting for me behind it.



Catching fire. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to get set on fire at all, but the amount of Stop, Drop, and Roll lessons I got in kindergarten made me think this was going to be a once-a-year thing at minimum.


Wow! I hadn't even thought about how much they drilled this into us. Better safe than sorry yeah, but man it did kinda freak me out.


Conversations with Pops....

Asking my grandpa a question. Man was he intimidating to talk to as a kid. Now I love talking to him when I can.


Honestly, I can relate so much. My grandpa now has Parkinson's and his vocal cords can't move as much so it's extremely hard to understand what he wants to say. Conversations don't come as easy for him now so he mostly listens. I wish I wasn't so intimidated as kid!


Off the Walls....

Paint. I thought if you got it on you it would never come off since it never came off of the walls.


When I was 13 my parents let me paint my room lime green. I painted myself, snuck out, and stood outside my friends window to scare her. Almost gave her dad a heart attack. I wasn't even allowed to finish my room. It's still half green.


Flying Demons

pics bees GIF Giphy

Bees and wasps. To be honest I still prefer they don't buzz around me but when I was little I remained a SAFE 5 meters away from them.


I've only been stung once. It was by a bee in 4th grade when i was sitting down listening to the teacher. I wasn't moving in the slightest but that little beast still stung me. Over a decade later I'm still terrified of them.


Mr. Boogedy's Place....

A straight row of fully grown trees.

Grew up in the desert. Trees were around but not packed densely and were mostly palo verde trees or palm trees. But there was a row of trees that looked like what I consider most would imagine "typical trees" look like. And that one row of trees was also in close proximity to a large prison. My brother told me that's where Mr. Boogedy lived and where the escaped murderers would hide when they'd break out of prison. (Oh yeah, did I mention we had a guy break out of prison and murder the town Librarian when I was a kid).

So... yeah. Tree lines.

Edited to add:

In my haste last night I did not go and fact check my childhood memories. I had conflated escaped inmates and the librarian murder into the same story. It's not. What I was confused about was the memory of my Dad picking me up on my walk home from school (normally I would walk past the library) because he knew that the search for the murderer of the librarian was ongoing.

And there were a few times we locked down the school and the rumor mill was that there was a prisoner escape. I have no idea on how I could verify that or not. Although, there have been prisoners that have taken correctional officers as hostages and a librarian at the prison as a hostage in attempts to escape.


The Darkness....

art windmill GIF by hoppip Giphy

There was a huge abandoned windmill in our neighborhood that once pumped water from the river.

At random, the windmill blades would start to turn at night, never in the day. As kids that used to hang out nearby, it felt like the windmill was haunted as it "came to life" at dark hours.


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