People Explain Which Spoiler Completely Ruined An Experience For Them



In this day and age of rampant social media, it is a near miracle to keep anything a secret. Whether it's a planned marriage proposal, death, an extramarital affair, a party or the ending to films, tv, and books... nothing is under wraps... the glory of a surprise is no longer sacred. You got to be in it in real time or quarantine yourself from the world. The ruin awaits us all almost immediately.

Redditor u/xXPeebsXx wanted to know how they've suffered through the destruction of surprises when info was leaked by asking...

What spoiler made you the most mad?



Imma George You!


Someone wrote 'George kills Lenny' on the 24th page of the copy of Of Mice and Men i was reading. MM556

not overly thrilled.​....

Just prior to the Phantom Menace was released a tv presenter interviewed Liam Neeson about his part in the movie. With one of the question being "how do you feel about your character being killed off?" Wasn't a live stream so they could have cut the question as well... not overly thrilled. rennicks

Bathroom Silence! 

Not me, but I lived through it.

Minutes after seeing The Force Awakens I took a pee in the cinema's bathroom. The guy two spaces next to me asked me about the movie.

"You liked it?"


"How did you feel about Han dying?"

At that moment a guy taking a dump screamed "YOU FOOLS, I HAVEN'T SEEN IT. SCREW YOU!!!"

The End is No Game. 

Endgame. I was going to have a total social media blackout when the film was released, but I guess it was released in another country first because the day before the film was released, I scrolled down to the comments in a YouTube video, and voila, 'Black Widow dies.' Guess I should be grateful it wasn't the other big spoiler though. Luke-616



"Snape kills Dumbledore"

I never even read the books but I remember it was a thing where people would shout that at other people in line at bookstores. I felt so angry on their behalf. compIicatedbusiness

Too Soon! 

I went to see Parasite in an independent theatre that played it with only like 5 minutes between screenings.

Some poor family saw the last ten minutes thinking they'd walked in a minute or two late. NosebleedHaver

That seriously sucks. Watching it from start to end and not knowing it was such an experience for me. Shame that they didn't get to experience that absolutely madness on their own. malhans

What About Opie?

Was watching Sons of Anarchy... friend walks into my house, sees I'm watching it and says "oh has Opie died yet?".No Opie had not died yet. YourMumsABatteredSavI

was driving to class and the local radio station spoiled this the day after it aired. I haven't listened to them since. Grokmar

What happens on the Club....

Fight Club.

I had watched the whole movie. Had been really into it. It was getting near the end. Near the inevitable big reveal. My girlfriend at the time says, in a sing songs voice, literally 15 seconds before it's shown on screen, "multiple personalities."

Worst damn timing possible. Just ruined the whole first time I watched it. She didn't understand why I was so mad and how i hadn't figured it out. I would have rather just had it spoiled before I watched it. asher1611


Huffington Post spoiled Jamie from Game of Thrones' death, in the article title, before it was even aired in most places around the world. It was the middle of the day here, there was no possible way I could have watched the show, and yet scrolling through my feed there's a major spoiler there already.

The worst part though? There's no way to contact them and complain. The Facebook page had comments disabled, the website doesn't allow you to contact them (except if you have stories), and there's nothing else you can do.

It was atrociously bad journalism. I'm still pissed. JackofScarlets

"Let's Go the Mall"


When TV Guide spoiled the first appearance of "Robin Sparkles" in How I Met Your Mother.

They had a preview of the episode showing Cobie Smulders in the 80s singer get-up and pictures from the "Let's Go the Mall" music video.

I was excited because I love 80s pop.

Then the episode aired. It was set up as a mystery with no mention of singing. I realized that the music video was meant to be a surprise ending. Screw you, TV Guide! JugOfVoodoo


Who else needs to vent?

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