People Explain Which Things Society Seems To Accept That Totally Freak Them Out


What is wrong with y'all?!

One of the greatest things about life is the ability for us all to have differences of opinion, well that used to be an asset before 2016, now it's an old fantasy. However, there are a few deal breakers for some people. Society doesn't dictate everyone's thoughts on what is good for all. Many people sit back in shock about what others will overlook or deem appropriate. Like khaki pants and jolly ranchers. Somethings no sense.

Redditor u/loadsofquestions_ was wondering what societal acceptances some of us can do without by asking.... What is something that everyone accepts as normal that scares you?

Shut it Off...

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Having the news on all day long.


My dad tells me he "watches news to relax after a hard day at work." I can't even understand how that works.


Don't be Used....

Being exploited at work.

Working free over time hours

Having short lunches

Not using their full PTO

We are humans. We are better than this.

Edit: Do not tell me to get another job unless you are hiring me in Toronto. Do not say "just don't being exploited." Exploitation is not the victim's fault. It's extreme manipulation where employers are granted more rights than employees. I can get fired and it'll be written off as something else because I'm disposable. There is a pandemic and we have opened because I am disposable. I easily see 300 different families a week. If I sue they'll just get a better legal team and stifle my suit. Laws don't help unless we provide proper means of enforcing them.



People love to say "You are in control of your life"... but when you are being bullied, people say "just ignore it and it will go away." Now you are relying on the bullies to get bored with you. Which may take years.


It's also not true when people say that you'll forget about it once you become an adult. People don't understand that bullying is a traumatic experience, which trauma sticks with you for a long time, and will possibly never go away. For some people, the memories of childhood bullying instills the fear of being bullied again as an adult in the workplace.



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Saying no or telling someone i don't want to do something, setting boundaries. Stuff like that is hard to do. I keep thinking of how I'm disappointing the person, hurting their feelings, or making them angry.


Moody Blues....

Teenagers having depression.

So often, I see adolescents struggling with depression or other mental health concerns, only for them to be brushed off as 'mood swings' or 'teenage angst'. Nobody wants to take action for those kids until it's too late, and I wish that would change.


The Circle

The rapid increase in mass surveillance combined with the gathering and use of biometric data.

Im not usually a doomsday conspiracy theorist, but sprinkle a little advanced AI on top of that and I'll go make myself a nice tinfoil hat.


Watching our rights slowly get taken away and people consider it normal is definitely one of my great terrors. Like privacy. I mean, less than half a century ago people would have considered it conspiracy theories to say that companies know everything about you, your location and crap, and they sell your data all around.

On that note, there's a book called The Circle that is basically like a modern version of 1984. It's terrifying, and the reason so is because I could actually see it happening.


Teens Away

That you should have a career/future planned out for yourself before you finish high school. Why do people do this? As if people don't change as they grow, and that your ambition stay the same. You expect teens to decide what they're gonna do with their lives before they can even drive?


I always hated that fact. That beginning of Grade 12, 18 years old, i am too young and a child. Can't decide most things for myself. But the moment i finish school i suddenly have to already have a 5 year plan, with multiple interests in universities, jobs etc.


After I'm Dead....

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The fact that most of the current generation of working people in this country won't be able to have their own homes.

I know a couple that will finally have paid off their home AFTER retirement.

It's a real shame, and it's not in America either this is a worldwide issue for some reason, Europeans and the Japanese have it just as bad.


 50% of everyone....

Not caring about doing the right thing, or the well-being of other people.


The scariest thing to me is knowing how many people out there either don't have empathy or consider it weakness.

You start noticing as a kid that some people are absolutely heartless about pets or frame everyone's misery as 'not their problem.'

Then as years go on you realize it isn't like 1 out of every 10 people that are like that but more like 50% of everyone.


Own Up to It!

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Ignoring the truth because it makes them uncomfortable.


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