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Many people seemed to have lost their faith in humanity, and the pandemic certainly did not help matters.

But if you look around, there is inherent goodness around us. We just have to bring it out in a time of perpetual despair.

Recently, I had a doctor's appointment, and I can tell the staff was weighed down and swamped.

The receptionist gave me quite a chilly reception and never once acknowledged me by looking away from her computer. I can tell she's seen tons of people that day and was emotionally tapped out.

Something I've always tried to do when interacting with people in a hectic work environment was to acknowledge them by their name. That's what name tags are for, aren't they?

So when the lady gave me forms to take home, I said, "thank you, Eunice."

Like magic, a different person revealed themselves and Eunice said after taking a beat to exhale, "you're welcome, darling."

I cracked a stupid dad joke and she laughed and then told me to have a good day as I left. I heard her greet the next patient with warmth.

Now I'm in no way in any shape or form a People Whisperer, but I do know even the smallest positive gesture goes a long way.

And when tiny cracks appear in the armor, you can see a glimpse of humanity.

Redditor bye-lingual asked strangers on the internet:

"What does never fail to restore your faith in humanity?"

Taking Care Of Those Who Can't Speak

Showing kindness towards our fellow man should be common practice. The same goes for those who cannot fend for themselves in dire situations.

"During the fires Australia dropped food for the animals that forests had burned down. They probably would have died without it."


"During that time, there were so many people using their 4WDs to pull animal trailers full of farm animals to safe locations. My coworker had a bunch of cows, sheep, and horses in her backyard for weeks after the fires from people who lived in the affected areas."


Love Of Animals

"The Dodo. They have a youtube channel of animals either getting rescued or just being absolutely ridiculous. It's always nice watching animals living their best life."


Volunteer Work

Actions speak louder than words, especially from those who give their time to help others.

Visit To A Children's Hospital

"People who dress up like movie/comic book/videogame characters and go to children's hospitals to cheer them up. I feel like that's a true act of kindness and the people involved may not get a single dime off of it, but they get a lot of happiness and gratitude from the patients and their families."


Rebuilding A Home

"Community volunteers got together and raised money to help a young family rebuild their home after it was destroyed by fire just before Christmas."


The Lady At The Register

"This is silly but one time when I was younger, my mother sent me to the store to buy a box of cake mix, some decorations, and candles for my birthday party. (I was around 12ish, the supermarket was a 2-minute walk). They ended up costing more than I had on me, so I told the woman at the register, and she removed some of the items. However, while I wasn't looking, she put the groceries I took off back in the bags. I didn't realize until I got home, and it never fails to make me smile because it was such a nice thing to do."


Random Acts Of Kindness

Unprompted gestures of goodwill go a long way. The smile says it all.

It Takes No Effort

"Just people being kind to one another. Maybe it's paying it forward in a drive thru line, or holding the door open for someone, or even a compliment that makes someone's day."



"When someone tells me something I said to them or did for them changed the course of their life towards a happier way of living. And vice versa. When I consider the little things people of done for me or said to me that impacted my way of life positively, it makes me feel happy. Just seeing humans being genuinely them and changing each other's lives."


Wholesome Interactions

"The sweet shopping cart wrangler at my grocery store always has a smile; the puppy next door can't get enough of me when he sees me and I love it; my next door neighbors (4 and 6) who ask me to help them make chalk art. Even Siri is so sweet when I thank her, it's 'think nothing of it' or - my favorite - 'Back-at-cha' My social bubble is tiny!"


So you see, giving up on humanity is not an option. There is good all around us if we know where to find it.

And with a little bit of coaxing, the light of humanity can outshine the darkness.

While you're at it, adopt a pet. Because there is nothing like a cuddly puppy who will be grateful to have been chosen by you. Besides, animals are great humanity coaxers.

Just sayin'.

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