Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, and gender in general is from imagination.

Still, for those who fit into their assigned roles in society, there is somewhat of a dichotomy there. What ARE women thinking? Why do men have ZERO life skills?

Honestly, if we had those answers, we'd be living in 3020.

u/salt_mommy asked:

What about the opposite sex confuses you the most?

Here were some of those answers.

Somehow it Just Works

Where does the junk go when you put pants on? They've tried to explain it to me but I still don't understand. It sounds so incredibly annoying to have it down one of your pant legs, or even in the middle. And how does it go into jock straps? Does it just curl up? How does that not hurt?


Generally It's Not Your Relationship

How my boyfriend can talk to his closest best friend every day and hang out with him for long periods of time... and still not know a lot of personal details about his best friend's life.


Deep-Seated Fears

Why after dating my partner for 3+ years, she still thinks, when i try to initiate sex, all that i want from her is sex. Like yes in this moment i want to have sex, but that does not negate all the other non-sex things we do that i enjoy doing. But right now, yes, I want to have sex with you.


Just Listening Is Powerful

Took me a while to realize when my wife complains and vents she really doesn't want pragmatic advice that would deal with the issue. She wants to be understood, believed, comforted.

Once I learned that my life got considerably easier. Married 40 years.


Naming Your Wants And Needs

Why can't you just tell me what you want? If you want me to do something, literally all you have to do is ask me to do it and I will do it. Want me to rub your back? Just say "hey babe, will you rub my back?" Don't sit with your back to me making pouty noises and then get mad when I'm not automatically rubbing your back.


A Simplifcation Of Gender Inequality

Why you pay so much for haircuts? Like, not getting special treatment. I'm talking why do you pay 3x as much for a 6 minute trim?

Why do you not have usable pockets in 90% of your pants?


Seems Abusive But Ok

My wife can say no to having sex. That's fine, I get it.

But when I say no to sex cuz Im not in the mood, suddenly I'm either gay, cheating on her, or no longer find her attractive.

Sometimes Im just tired and dont want sex. Whats wrong with that? Most women just dont get it



How they can stand wearing makeup all the damn time.

I had to do it for theater a couple times in high school and it was extremely uncomfortable. If all women suddenly stopped wearing makeup that'd be fine with me.


Which Stereotypes Are Harmful?

Kind of specific, but why are women so sarcastic when you do something slightly "manly". Example: my gf wanted me to carry up a suitcase that she said was heavy, I picked it up with one arm and go to the room. Upon getting to the room she says, "you know you wouldn't be any less of a man carrying it with two arms." At first I was like "What are you talking about?" but then I realized and said (because it was true for me) "Oh, it wasn't that heavy."

And then she replied in the most sarcastic tone "Ok, Big. Strong. Man." And I was sitting there thinking no matter what I say she won't truly believe it wasn't that heavy to me. Just an FYI ladies, we aren't always trying to impress y'all 24/7, some stereotypes exist for a reason.


The Speed Of Thought

How men can think about nothing. I... I just can't understand. There's never been a moment in my entire life when there wasn't something going on in my mind. I am always thinking about something, even shit like remembering when I got the wrong answer in 4th grade or wondering if bears can be gay. There's never nothing.


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