People Describe The Things They've Noticed That They Can Never Unsee


My Eyes! MY.... EYES!!!!

If only we could turn back time in seconds. Ten seconds to redo a moment is all we really need. Some moments are seared into our psyche forever and it's haunting. And often it's mostly simple things. The simple things are the most annoying because we wouldn't have otherwise noticed and just have been more content. Let me just stay naive... Let's compare notes....

Redditor u/DingleBerryWalt wanted to know about the things so many of our eyes have witnessed and wish we hadn't by asking.... What is something that once you "noticed" it, you can now no longer "unnotice" it?

Ludwig Speed King....

A bunch of Led Zeppelin songs, like Since I've Been Loving You, Houses of the Holy, and All My Love have a squeaky bass drum pedal. Apparently, the bass pedal John Bonham used was called the Ludwig Speed King, and there was no way to oil the inner mechanisms. ThePhantomEngineer

10 Minutes....


I'm sorry in advance...

McCollough Effect: "The phenomenon was discovered by Celeste McCollough in 1965. McCollough found that staring at colorful gratings for too long can affect vision for months to come. Turns out, looking at these gratings for more than 10 minutes can have the effect last over three months."

I tried it and it lasted about a week or two whenever I looked at anything resembling bars such as a fence. Ps991

Lips Together.

My wife pointed out that sometimes makeup artist will draw lipstick outside the lips to make the lips bigger, different shapes, etc. I freaking see it everywhere now. TrevyDee

Those Scenes...

Bad green screen in movies, totally breaks immersion. PersephoneXXX1209

Driving scenes are the worst for this, especially in older movies/shows. Doesn't help that the driver spends the scene slightly wiggling the steering wheel while spending maybe 1 cumulative second actually looking at the road. TheGoldenTurnip

Study the Design...


When I went to university when I was younger I had to take a design class, I was in university for web development so this seemed related. I was immediately turned off from the class because it had nothing directly related to web design but was just a class on design principles.

I grew to cherish the lessons I had learned and it made me realize how poorly designed most consumer crap truly is. Sit in a vehicle but its hard to see out the back window? Shit design. Buy a blender and want to clean it only to find it awful and difficult?

Crap design. Want to log in to your governments website and change your settings but it only works in IE8. Crap design.

You get the point. Anytime in life you notice something or some product acting as a hinderance to you is Crap Design. Remove these products from your life as soon as possible and do your best to not reward these companies with your money. wh33t

The Alrights....

People's verbal ticks. Once I notice someone uses a word or sound without noticing (like umm or uhh), I have trouble focusing on anything else.

For example, I have a co-worker that uses "alright" as a filler word and I don't think he realizes how often he says it. "Alright, we ran the test and, alright, once we pulled up the data, alright, we found that such and such didn't read like we expected, alright, so we pulled up the first time we ran this test, alright, and what we saw that time, alright, was..." I've gotten to the point that I just count his alrights instead of actually listening to him. ellWatully

The Flecks....

When you watch a film at the cinema, even though most are digital transmissions, they still have the odd white fleck you sometimes notice. This is the watermark that uniquely identifies that film being played. So if it is pirated and put on the web, then the film companies know exactly which cinema it was played in. awjre



The eye vibration. Whenever actors want to seem super emotional and intense they kinda vibrate their eyes back and forth really quickly. No one knows what I'm talking about but I swear it's true. DerpWilson

Listen Close....

Back in the the late 2000's a song by M.I.A called Paper Planes was insanely popular, making the soundtrack to Slumdog Millionaire and got tons of radio time.

While the song was catchy, it annoyed the hell out of me because of the production. Whenever the verse cut into the chorus, you could hear her starting another verse very briefly before the chorus gets edited in. It's subtle, but once you hear it it'll ruin the song for you.

First time @ 0:56

Second time @ 2:03 ohhamburgers


Ever notice how all stars seem to have the same 'spiky' shape regardless of their size?

I notice it whenever I look up at the night sky now. The shape you see is completely unique to your eyes' own geography (how the small lines on them smear the light). So they will all look slightly different to each person.

That's also why when you are looking at telescopic pictures of stars you can sometimes tell what kind of aperture they use to take the pictures. For example Hubble telescope pictures usually have fairly distinctive four-point stars. Enali

"EAR" no Evil!


Mickey Mouse's ears are, by design, always facing the camera. If you watch almost any Disney show with Mickey in it, his ears will migrate around the silhouette of his head. In certain instances his ears will even switch sides. Oseirus

Weld Away. 

When you're a welder you notice how crappy most welds are that hold crucial components together. mmushymouf

Look Away.... 

Actors glancing down for their mark. Once you're aware, you look for it in every scene. It's most easily spotted in Sitcoms. SemperFiGuy

This reminds me of season 1 Fresh Prince. Apparently Will had a habit of mouthing other people's lines in scenes and I can't unsee it now - he does it in the episode with Don Cheadle (Ice Tray is the characters name lol). lanakane55

Yes or where to end up after walking into a scene, which is usually where you'll catch an actor glancing. Sitcoms are most vulnerable to this sort of thing because the production schedule is super compressed and they don't have a lot of luxury to edit out or around takes for little things that aren't particularly distracting. ewreytukikhuyt344

Hit Mute...


I know a lot of common sounds will always sound very similar but once you've watched enough movies you will notice that most films use the same sound effects for their films. cars breaking hard, people gasping, guns being racked, all of these films use the exact same sound effects for some reason. ThatKiwiBloke

Eye Contact. 

How humans naturally break eye contact when talking to each other. Every ~3 seconds, they glance away. Now every time I talk to someone, I notice them glancing away. Supposedly it's a way to communicate in a non-threatening manner as staring = intent, either sexual or violent. keiome

Oh Grey....


Vet tech here... I recently realized that one of Grey's Anatomy's background noises is the noise a fluid pump makes when it needs to be reset. It is a noise I am very familiar with and one that grates on my nerves. allieg1016

They way they say cefazolin grates on me. I'm used to cefAzolin and then they say cefazOlin. Its enough to take me out of the moment and want to correct it. spiritrain

Be Full....

Empty cups.

I don't know why most shows and movies can't be bothered to put a liquid of any sort into coffee cups for scenes. You can tell when someone is holding a cup with something in it or just acting like it, and fake sips never come out well. Sometimes you can literally see the emptiness. Lotus1123_

Let others be HEARD! 

How often people interrupt each other during a conversation. bobby2047

I grew up with 5 siblings in a rather loud household. You sort of HAD to interrupt in order to be heard at all. I noticed this in my latest reunion with my siblings, there's sort of an 'art' to pinpointing when someone's aaaalmost done talking, when the important words are already said, you just trample over the end of their sentence and say YOUR addition to the conversation.

We're all used to it by now, it doesn't bother us, it keeps the conversation fast paced and lively, but in my current relationship I had to realize that it's super rude if the other person isn't used to it. I had to retrain my brain to be more patient. I saw this happen in my sister's relationship too her s.o. gets pretty frustrated when she interrupts him. alexkay44

"We Delivery" 

A sign-maker for a local Chinese restaurant made an error when creating the lighted sign for the business.

It reads: "We Delivery" (instead of "Free Delivery").

They let the Chinese restaurant have the sign for free if they accepted it "as is." I'd never noticed the "We Delivery" until it was pointed out. Back2Bach

Oh Danny Boy....


Daniel Radcliffe's awkward acting jaw. (He juts it out a bit giving himself an under bite look). ChikingWarrior

Yes! He blinks one eye at a time! He seems to have it under control now, but if you watch early Harry Potter, it's unnerving. HelmutMelmoth


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