After months of hibernation, every city will soon be out of lockdown and on the path to the new normal. So what did we all do to utilize the time? Write a novel? Start a workout plan? Or cry, eat and drink? All of those answers are valid. Some people did actually decide to use the time wisely. And now that freedom is upon us they have new talents to share with the world.

Redditor u/JAIC2004 wanted to know who made the most of their downtime in quarantine solitude by asking.... What have you started in quarantine that you will continue after?



Staying home. Not eating out. Not stopping by the bar every chance I get. cwade84


I made a sourdough starter. Now this jar of yeast will live forever in my fridge, it's like a new pet.

Also, tracking all my expenses on YNAB! It's really reassuring knowing where my money is going and making plans to save. ImprovedMeyerLemon

The Garden. 

I have a potato garden now, it's not too big but I really enjoy doing it and it's such a cool feeling when they sprout for the first time. 11Scorpion

We planted corn and other vegetables, and they are beginning to grow. It's a long-term project without instant satisfaction, like investing. PhuckNazis

Good investment. 

Bought an inexpensive bidet and not going back. No longer have to worry about the lack of toilet paper in the area. Bought two 30 packs of washable, drying wipes and have never felt cleaner. Read somewhere, some time ago.... if you had crap anywhere else on your body... would you trust toilet paper to get it off? No noticeable difference in the water bill. Good investment. Stock-Suspect

Business Ventures.


I opened my Etsy shop back up. Closed it down about 8 years ago with little success. Back then I hoped it would become an income source. Now it's just a hobby, which makes it way less stressful :).

Hopefully after quarantine I'll still have time to actually make jewelry! Definitely didn't have time before :/ xTruthProofx

Family Life. 

Cooking the majority of my family's meals and we eat them at the dinner table with no devices, and I take them out for a walk/hike/bike ride every night as "entertainment."

This has made me appreciate what I have even more than I did, and I'm bringing us all back to the 60s complete with B&W TV to maximize the family time. billbapapa

Push It.


Daily push-ups.

I decided to do the 30 day challenge of 100 push-ups per day. I'm typically doing 110 to 120 push-ups per day now. Before the pandemic I did zero per day.

EDIT: Also, a once a month grocery trip instead of the 2 or 3 times per week trip. We started shopping every 3 or 4 weeks now and it's been so much nicer. Buying in bulk, cooking larger meals (with leftovers), etc. We've actually been saving money doing this, mostly because we aren't doing things like buying snacks on the way home after work, etc. SharkOnGames

Get Ready. 

Prepping. Even if this all ends with a whimper, even if November comes and goes without a Civil War starting, even if this flu season winter goes as usual, I'll still be prepared as much as I can be for whatever can go wrong. GE15T

The Essential.

Stopped buying things I don't need. I buy essentials and maybe a few things to help not go crazy and that's it. If you get creative you don't need to buy useless things. I wish everyone would stop buying Crap and I would sit back and watch the big malls crumble. fib16


Hopefully, working from home. I've already begun browsing job postings. My coworkers and office culture are great, and my work is tolerable. However, the commute and constant human interaction just drain the life out of me. I've been such a better father and husband for the past 2 months, and I so don't want to go back. hertz037

Run Forrest.


Running. I couldn't even run one mile without walking before the lockdown, now I'm running 7 miles each day. I've been trying to challenge myself - I've always hated running in the past but honestly now I'm starting to enjoy how it makes me feel. Never thought I could get into running but here I am. heyhellohigoobye

Slow. Down. 

I hope that I continue to enjoy a little bit slower paced life and don't pack my schedule full of obligations and appointments and events. It's been nice to just take time and not feel rushed and actually enjoy a day off. lordvoldemortnosejob

For sure. I noticed as soon as I got out of isolation, I was annoyed by the people around me. It sure made me want to stay inside more lol. Edgelord_Joey

You Got This. 

I started going to AA meetings. I have twelve days of sobriety under my belt, I'm really hoping that this is the beginning of many years clean. yourbrainonvape

On Tuesday, I'm at 9 months. Keep it up. It gets really exciting in the first few months. You can see clearly and can really start focusing on other things and appreciating parts of life you've been neglecting. homeless_gorilla

Talk to Me. 


Admitting I need help and not repressing my feelings to myself.

I was in therapy before quarantine but the therapist was not right for me (very dismissive) so I stopped around mid February. I then fell into old habits and thought I could just figure things out and things will get better.

I'm much more optimistic with the new therapist and opening up to loved ones. I feel like I'm on a road to a better me. _fablednature



Working out at home. agito90

I do hella yoga now!!! The pain in my back is completely gone unless I slack off for a couple days. I always thought it was a cop out exercise, but it's been so helpful!!! probably_not_carole

The new Rachel Ray....

I've been cooking a lot more for my mom, since she's the only one that kept her job. She's a housekeeper too, and I will admit that I didn't pull my weight around much at home since she would tell me to leave it for her later. But I'm home now, and the housekeeper shouldn't come home to clean her own home and cook her own meals.

I'm doing my best to go through all the cabinets and cooking what we have, and I think she appreciates it.

She likes trying new things, but feels she might mess them up so she's not used to cooking new recipes that aren't part of her established knowledge base. She still buys the ingredients though, and I'm not afraid to look up things online/ know how to google. I'll make some chow mein or stew from all the odd cuts of meat we have hiding in the freezer, and so far the food experiments are turning out well/tasty =).

...except the banana bread.... I don't know what happened with that... RDKibara

Spic and Span. 

Washing my hands as soon as I get home. 1000livesofmagic

Yes! don't get me wrong i was washing my hands pre-Covid but now I'm much more aware of what i'm touching throughout the day and how easy germs can spread so now i wash my hands after i unpack groceries, when i get home and i put hand sanitizer after getting into my car. soitgoes_9813

Packing On....

Weight gain. ctc_celtic

No kidding, I'm hoping to continue to do so. I've been underweight for my entire life and have been stuck in a spiral where I eat too little, which makes me lose my appetite, which makes me eat less, etc etc etc.

I finally gained 2 kg in lockdown and I'm hoping to come out healthier :)). TheRedditLogo

Do it Yourself. 

My own manicures. I have saved over $50 a month doing it myself, and it's much more rewarding. Also, my nails are healthier. I was getting dip powder manis regularly, and I had no idea how thin and unhealthy my nails were. pierogiepowers

The gel manicures prevent your nails from breathing unlike traditional nail polish. They say you should let your nails breathe after 2 weeks of gel. So, 2 weeks gel, 1 week regular, 2 weeks gel, etc. Thumbupthewhat

Because of Covid.....


Grocery pick up! I always dreaded grocery shopping, but did it any way. Because of Covid, I haven't been into the grocery store in 5 weeks and instead do grocery pickup. It's a dream. truthfrommyredlips


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