It's the little things. The little things bring us the most abundance of joy. We especially find joy in the oddest places. What brings you contentment may bring another person anxiety or a case of boredom. How others are affected by your choice of glee is no concern for anyone... unless it's life threatening. But life threatening definitely isn't boring. Let's try to find excitement and passion however it comes. Sometimes a little boring is enthralling.

Redditor u/avesy90 wanted to see who was confident enough to fess up to liking somethings that may not be as popular to the public at large by asking.... What are the most boring/mundane things that excite you?


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Receiving packages and opening them. I wish there was a word for the feeling I feel when I see the ups truck pull up at my house.


Small Things. 

When I throw away the old kitchen sponge and take out a new one from the pack.

It feels like you finally have the tools to clean your dishes the way they deserve to be cleaned, instead of being touched by that bacterial-infestation-waiting-to-happen that was the old sponge.

Also, I really like chess. It bores most people to death, but to me it's just beautiful. Some of the classic matches throughout the ages are honestly a form of art.


Next to Godliness....

Honestly I am not a tidy person in general. But organizing my house is amazing.


I love it when when small spaces are efficiently organized. I lived off my motorcycle for a year and took so much pleasure from it being all packed up and everything in its place. Same with the truck and the garage. My wife is a creative and in the house... stuff on every flat surface.

Pic of the bike all packed up, looking across the Salar in Bolivia


The Race.

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When dew/rainwater is sliding down a glass window I always imagine it to be a race. I choose to support one droplet and get mildly disappointed if it loses.


For the Birds....

When I'm in a flight, and looking out the window at night seeing where all the lights are especially when you can see a big city. Something about seeing that from that view amazes me.


It's a view usually reserved for birds, it always strikes me as profound we are stubborn enough to take flight, and people complain about the experience. You just FLEW, you ain't supposed to be up there homie, have some respect.


Professional Dumpster Diver....

When I was a kid, I loved garbage.

Not the trash under the sink, i'm talking big freaking dumpsters, garbage trucks, anything that held massive amounts of trash was for me.

I would get hyped on trash day. Seeing the garbage truck roll down the street, looking on as a mountain of trash would get compacted into nothing, I lived for that.

I knew the garbage-men by name, I dressed up as a garbage-man on halloween for a couple of years, just an unreal fascination with garbage. Used to watch documentaries about the dump, I even made my parents drive by the city-dump so I could see trash mountain.

When I was 7 I started liking soccer and became a normal child.


6 hours of work a month in 10 minutes.....

Am an accountant. Made a nice spreadsheet that was all linked/updated automatically with a macro. Does ~ 6 hours of work a month in 10 minutes.


I make my husband look at my spreadsheets, they are works of art. Color coded with perfect formulas that flow to other cells with even more formulas. A good spreadsheet build is almost as satisfying as a good roll in the hay. Both put me to sleep with a smile.



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Finding change on the ground.

Back in high school, I kept a cup in my locker for any coins I found around campus. When Friday morning rolled around, I almost always had enough loose change to buy a donut from the business students' donut stand.


just look up...

the sky. i always think the sky is beautiful. i could stare at it for hours.


I live in the Netherlands where there's a lot of light pollution so night skies are usually gray and dull. Last week I saw a beautiful mix of sunset, cloud formation (wavy blankets) and a night sky at the same time and just enjoyed the moment. I was wondering how many others were enjoying the view too.


off to slumber....

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The feeling when you are reading a book in the evening and your eyes start to feel heavy and you can already tell it's gonna be hella easy to drift off to sleep tonight and you are gonna get a full 8 hours. The trick is to just keep reading and not put the book away. I leave it in bed with me.

I have woken up laying on top of my book before, lost my page and/or bookmark countless times, etc. but it's totally worth it.



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