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Reddit user, u/amoss_303, wanted to know how the ending was ruined for you when they asked:

What movie got ruined for you before you got to see it?

The Most Infamous Of All

The 6th Sense, some kid told me the ending in class while all the hype was still there


Right before my wife and I got married I found out that not only had she never seen it, but I quickly understood she had no knowledge of a twist whatsoever. My mind was blown, but at least I got to witness her genuine reaction when she put it together. This was 2015 by the way. No idea how she avoided it.



My dad came home from watching The Force Awakens and spoiled Han's death for me. Took me until after The Last Jedi was released on DVD for me to actually sit down and watch The Force Awakens, by which time my dad had a) forgotten that he spoiled that reveal for me, and b) forgotten that I still hadn't seen it.

So I've now watched Force Awakens with it being much less impactful and interesting, and haven't managed to work up the heart to continue with the next two. I'd been looking forward to the new movie coming out, but didn't feel like watching a movie that specific day Dad went to see it. Then he spoiled it and it's kinda ruined my interest in the entire series a little bit 😕


Never Trust Public Message Boards

Someone on the Smash 4 stage that allowed you to see public messages and pictures wrote Han Solo died in The Force Awakens...I was going to watch it that night.


...And Hopefully You Still Haven't?

A Quiet Place.

I was doing an education observation at my old high school and some geek in band class talked about the ending right there in front of me.

Until thay day I had never punched a kid.


Curse You, Franchises!

Star Trek II. I had known that Spock appeared in TNG so therefore his death at the end of TWOK wasn't as much of an emotional moment for me.

I can imagine it being one of the most shocking and sad moments when it came out however.


It Drains All Meaning From The Story


My mom brought it up, and even though I told her not to spoil anything REPEATEDLY that night she kept telling spoilers and why she thought the movie was bad. I've still never seen it, and even though I can't remember much of anything she said I just have no desire to watch it now. I could have loved it, hated it or just found it meh, but It just won't mean anything to me now.


You Have To Have Watched ALL The Movies Before Ever Watching The Simpsons

I still haven't seen it but Citizen Kane.

Thanks Matt Groening.


Check Your Copy, Netflix! Geez...

Most recently. Sergio.

I knew nothing about the original story.

The day I planned to watch it on Netflix I went on to see if it was there and then I noticed that there was another version of Sergio right beside it. I clicked on the other version. Turns out it was the documentary which in the tagline

Spoiler alert says that the dude dies in Iraq.


Fail Him, Sir! Fail That Man!

We were about to watch 12 Angry Men in english class and as the teacher is talking about it some guy says "he gets off!" and the teacher just scoffs at him for spoiling the ending for everybody lol


When The Trailer Gives It Away.

Not a movie, but the next season of Stranger Things. They answered the biggest question from the last season in the first few moments of the trailer and cut all suspense.


Don't Want To Say Get A New Husband, But...

Shutter Island.

I was watching with my husband and about half way through, he asked "Isn't this the one where Leonardo DiCaprio [insert twist ending]?"


Breaking The Key Rule Of The Movie

Fight Club.

On the plus side that movie is definitely fun on the second viewing (which was my first).


Whoever spoiled it for you didn't follow the first rule of Fight Club.


Spoiling It As IT HAPPENS

[Monty Python and the] Holy Grail

Spent two weeks camping with a kid who knew the whole goddamn script.


The very first time I watched it, my boyfriend's cousins joined in shortly after.

Think an assorted chorus of 15 or so voices announcing or reciting every single joke and gag 10s before it happened on screen.


A Legendary, Lost Reveal

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

I really wish I could've seen the Darth Vader reveal when it came out but alas, I was a decade too late...


My dad told me the whole plot to Star Wars right before we watched it together when I was little. Even at that age (7 or so) I was so pissed off that he spoiled the Darth Vader reveal. Like, he wanted to explain how shocking and impactful it was to see it in theaters but I could have just had that experience myself. Did the same thing with Sixth Sense. Whyyyy


Dad! Again??

Force Awakens. Some a--hole I knew texted me "Han solo dies" and I was pissed.


My dad and I went to one of the early Thursday screenings of that, so when we left there were hundreds of people lined up still for later screenings. My dad, being the excited Star Wars nerd he is and not at all intending to be malicious, loudly yells "I can't believe they killed Han Solo!"
The people around him were so, so mad.


*thinks about it for 6 seconds* Oh Yeah...

Free Willy.

The poster is the ending. Always thought that was weird.


Trailers?! Again!?

Cast Away.

I had seen a preview for it ... which showed the final outcome of this suspenseful movie. Why??


Seriously, Movies, What The Heck?

My dad spoiled the original Planet of the Apes just before I was about to watch it


I still can't believe the movie is spoiling itself with the Staue of Liberty Advertising. The whole point is that the characters arrive on an ALIEN planet, and then it's a literally last-second twist.


Awful Human

Infinity War got spoiled for me. I still went and saw it, but goddamn was I pissed about the Spiderman scene being spoiled.


Same! I saw a meme that spoiled it the NIGHT it came out.


What An Awful, Awful Human

Avengers Endgame


About to go watch the movie with my girlfriend who wanted Starbucks. Two baristas behind the counter. One of them was talking about how they don't want it spoiled for them while the other was talking about how great it was.

This b-tch proceeds to stop what she's doing with five customers in line, ignore her coworkers wish, and blabs to her exactly what happens in the movie including who dies.

I look back and there is a middle aged mother visibly frustrated and sad, not only that she can't get her pink drink fast enough, but because the one thing she had to look forward in the week was ruined.


Nope. Nevermind. This Is The Worst Person.

My Physics teacher had Avengers Endgame ruined by a student. They wrote 'Iron Man dies in Endgame' on the last question of their test 2 days before my teacher planned to see it.


"Did you do it?"


"What did it cost?"

F on final for both terms, mandatory 20 hours after school suspension



It's Not What They Say, It's How They Say It.

Basically any movie that people sit and say "you havent seen it? Oh my god you gotta see it."

Maybe it hypes it up too much, or maybe Im just an a--hole and when they say i have to, I instantly decide I'm not gonna like it just because they say i should.

My brain is an idiot like that.


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