People Explain The Most F***ed Up Thing They've Ever Done
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Mark Twain once wrote, "If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything." Coming free with the worst thing you've ever done can free up your conscience and help you come to grips with not only the "what" of it all, but also the "why."

As in, "Why did I like to burn my neighbor's Barbie dolls?"

Reddit user, u/Salted_Porkchops, wanted to hear about the worst of the worst when they asked:

What is the most f-cked up thing that you ever did?

A Fight Too Far

During a fight (in a wrestling tournament) I did something to to a kid that f-cked up one of his legs pretty bad. The ref asked him if he wanted to quit or keep fighting, he chose to fight. Second round begins and he chooses top. Coach says pull his leg to your chest and just finish it and I did exactly as I was told. The kid began yelling, 911 was dialed, and he was taken away. I show up for day 2 and I see the kid in a cast and crutches. I go up to him and apologize for hurting him. He was cool and understood a fight is a fight.

Don't get me wrong, I lived to hurt people on the mat. My goal would to make their life a living hell, that's they'd pin themselves just to end the suffering of that fight. But that kid was a different fight, maybe because I knew I had already broken him (literally). I don't know, but that's always something I feel bad about.


Definition Of Not Thinking Through Their Actions

I once scared a feral cat from the 4th floor of an apartment. The cat fell straight down the elevator grill. I still remember the loud thud when it fell right on the steel base. I don't know what happened to the cat after that. Maybe I've done much more cruel things but this one's up there.


The Dead Make Great Drinking Buddies

When I was about 18 me and my friends started to spend nights outside drinking some beers. I live in Europe so we legally are allowed to drink alcohol at that age. Yet you do not want to get busted by your parents or someone who would rat you out to your parents.

So we needed to find a solution on how to drink without getting busted. Our genius idea was to break into a cemetery at nights to enjoy drinking in peace. The cemetery is kinda big and has a lot of trees. So hiding from when the security team made it rounds was pretty easy.

It might not be that f-cked up, but for some people it might be scary or disrespectful. I need to mention that we never messed with any of the graves.

tl;dr Breaking into a cemetery to be able to drink without getting busted.


Should've Checked If Someone At School Spoke The Language

Learned inappropriate words of another language and starting yelling them around school as a kid. Got my lunch breaks taken away.


Learn From A Young Age

When I was 6, I thought a friend's dog was so adorable and for some reason that sparked aggression so I would squeeze the dog super tight every time I saw it. at one point I even shook the poor dog cause it was "so darn adorable". I didn't realize that it hurt the dog until later when my parents told me that squeezing/shaking dogs is not a way to show affection to them.


Sounds Like You Might Actually Have A Conscience

I didn't do it, but I didn't stop it from happening, so basically I take the blame anyway.

When I was 13/14? My boyfriend and his friend decided to unscrew the salt shaker in a restaurant/diner we were in. I didn't know what he was doing until we got up to leave and he told me what the purpose was (to prank the next person sitting there or whatever).

When we were out the door, an elderly couple came in and I think they sat at our table we just left. It breaks my heart thinking about it, and it's been over a decade now. I think about how I should have went back to tighten the lids back on, or told them about it somehow...


Obscure Opinions People Are Fully Committing To | George Takei’s Oh Myyy

We all have a set of beliefs about even the smallest of topics. Like sandwiches should have structural integrity. That's something we can all agree on, right...

"Suffice to say, I was not an OK kid."

When I was a kid I would steal my neighbor's barbies, take them home, undress them, and damage them in creative ways like melting the head and reforming it into a square or switching all the limbs. Then I would put fake blood in the affected areas and leave them on a half size gallows I built out of those big legos out on our deck where it was in easy view of the neighbors.

suffice to say, I was not an ok kid.


You Were Probably Just A Delight As A Child

Playing with matches when I was about 10, I lit my bathroom on fire. I was able to put it out, but I ruined a good portion of the bathroom. That same year I thought it would be great to have a skating rink in my basement so I flooded it to try and freeze. I just caused massive water damage.

I have regrets about how much money I cost my parents.


Nature Vs. Nurture

Probably shooting dogs in afghanistan.

Altho they no longer really act like dogs once they're wild there and revert back to their wolf tendencies. Pack mentality and will attack cause they're hungry.

Still it's a dog tho so kinda feels bad to shoot them.


You're The Reason We Can't Have Nice Things

Flooded a bathroom with a mega-turd.

There was a bathroom in every floor in the engineering building. The bottom two floors were always full and/or out of toilet paper.

I really had to go, so I went to the 4th floor since it was almost always empty. Proceeded to annihilate the toilet, finished wiping, went to flush, kicked the handle like always and didn't realize it got jammed, the poop didn't go away, the flush handle was stuck, water started overflowing, I ran out.

The worst part? There was a guy in the stall next to me... I never wore those shoes to school again, no way to ID me.


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