Not all friendships are meant to last. Sometimes, there's a good reason for it, like maybe moving away to start a new job or falling out of touch because your babies are taking up all your free time. Whatever the accepted reason, you value the time you had together, reminisce on the good times, and move on.

However, there are those times when the friendship falls completely off the rails and you're not sure how everything went wrong.

Reddit user, FemaleThings, wanted to understand why a friendship fell apart when they asked:

"How did you lose your best friend?"

A friendship is built on trust, so when that trust is betrayed and burned, it hurts all the more because you gave something to someone you can never get back.

A One-Way Relationship

"I realized that they were my best friend, but I wasn’t so much so theirs. Made evident when I started being bullied in high school and she immediately turned on me, as if she had waited for this opportunity to ditch me"


Never First Priority

"Similar here. I was the backup friend. Any time she found someone 'better,' she'd completely abandon me. Would even avoid me sometimes so her new friends wouldn't see me with her."

"Then either they'd get tired of her or she'd get tired of them and guess who's coming back to be friends with me like nothing happened? She is. When she didn't have anyone else, she was an awesome friend. But when she had anyone else, she'd do things like ignoring me at my own birthday party so she could text them."

"After high school she'd sometimes randomly message me acting like we were going to be best friends again, then drop off the face of the Earth like usual when something better came along. Eventually she just never showed back up, and by then I was fine with that. I was done with dealing with that."

"Did give me serious trust issues that took years to work through tho."


Thinking They Need To Move On

"when we both graduated high school, she blocked me on everything (phone, socials, etc.) without any reason or notice. we weren’t fighting or anything and i wasn’t annoying either. idk it was just weird."


Sometimes the person you started out being friends with is not the same person you're friends with years later. ​

Too Dead To Be Brought Back To Life

"Her sh-tty boyfriend drove a wedge between us and ultimately ruined her life (she did some shady sh-t too). I ran into her 10 years later and she apologized for everything. I accepted and forgave her, but knew I’d never really have a friendship with her again."


Too Taken By Something Else

"Cocaine. He isn’t dead, he’s just not the same anymore."


"Same, kinda. I stopped drinking so much, quit partying and hard drugs altogether. All my best friends from that period of my life didn't. Turns out that's all we had in common and me trying to hang out with them just feels awkward now."


We All Have To Give It Our All

"I stopped trying to maintain relationships with people who wouldn’t try themselves"


You know what really kills a relationship dead? Infidelity.

And death, turns out.

Can We All Just Keep Our Hands Off Each Others' Spouses?

"7 weeks into marriage found out my best friend and husband are “together” and have been for a while. (I had known her for 5 years, he had known her for 13 years)"


"This happened to me. My wife ran off with my “best friend.” It gets easier to deal with but the pain never fully goes away."


Not All Best Friends Have

"Old age. Was a great dog."


"Same here. 13 years of friendship has flown away from me."


Sometimes, It's Neither Of Your Choices

"Undiagnosed heart condition suddenly killed him. It was and still is awful. He was only 27. I have moments that I want to share with him, just call him, set up a trip together, text a funny anecdote etc, but can't and it hits me all over again that he's gone forever."


Treat others how you want to be treated. It's really not that hard.

Also, value the time you have with your friends. The future is wide and open and occasionally that openness means you won't always be together.

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