People Explain How A Small Lie Snowballed Into Something Far Bigger
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Just always stick with the truth, after awhile lies can be difficult to juggle. You always have to remember detail and keep the story streamlined, all while trying not to look nervous, because you are, that gives it away far too often. Even the simplest and what originally feels like an innocent, non-harmful fib, can turn into a HOLY MESS! The truth is not always easy, but it can be freeing. Lies can keep you a prisoner and spiral out of your control.

Redditor u/Vinyl_BunBuns wanted to know from everyone about the times they had a situation get out of hand because of a tiny fib by asking.... What little lie did you tell that snowballed into something much bigger?

"cigarette load"

Young co-worker and his sister would play practical jokes on each other.

She put an exploding "cigarette load" in one of his cigarettes.

He discovered it, stopped by drugstore on way home and bought an eyepatch. Went to a bar to kill some time, called home and told mom cig exploded and he was at emergency.

Unknown to him, sis confesses to mom, mom slaps her upside head and much tears and sadness and anger all around.

Co worker goes home with eye patch on, unaware of turmoil.

Much sympathy and apologies and crying, even nearby relatives had come to house to berate sister.

Co-worker has to wear eye patch for six weeks, never 'fessed up.


It's me....

I was a little devil. So my family from my mother's side is Mexican. All of my cousins are blonde and/or very, very light-skinned including myself. I went to stay there for a summer when I was around 6-7 and my cousins and I spent a full day at a nearby pool with a bunch of other kids. I was used to bringing sun screen in my back pack, but my cousins didn't even think about it since no one else was using sunscreen. As the day ended most of the other kids were okay, maybe just a little more tanned.

My cousins had major sunburns and were crying. One of them asked how come I was fine. Instead of showing them my sunscreen and aloe vera lotion I told them I used the same thing we used for mosquito bites-lemon. Yes, they tried it. It resulted in 6 kids full of blisters and no birthday party for me that year. After my first real sunburn I realize how much of a monster I am.


A Different Angle....

A few years ago, I had a date planned with a girl I had met through work. I texted her the night before saying that I had to bail because I felt like crap and that it probably wasn't going to go away by the following evening.

The next day (around 10am or so), she texted me that she was in my part of town visiting a friend, and wanted to drop off some soup that afternoon!

I had never had someone care for me that way before, which made me feel better; I then forced myself to get out of bed and clean my apartment so that it was presentable. By the time she came over, I was looking and feeling a lot better, which she did comment on, but we hung out and had a nice evening. :)

So kind of a twist on the story. I guess I'm just grateful for people who care.



I didn't start the lie but I doubled down on it. I had an Ex from another country, she was talking to a co-worker and she asked him why are black people so heavily represented in American sports (The co-worker and I are both black). Now she was a bit gullible so he told her it's because we have an extra muscle in our calves and as me and I'll show her. So she did ask me, I have fat guy calves so with a flex they are actually really freaking defined. It's always leg day when you're chunky.

So I point out the extra muscle have her flex and show her where it's missing. She went back and told him honestly I thought he would tell her it was a joke he thought I would tell her and we both kinda forgot about it. Little later the Olympics were on we ended up at a get together for the opening ceremony and she starts going into how unfair it is the US puts up so many black people to compete with our extra muscles.



uh oh oops GIF by 20th Century Fox Home EntertainmentGiphy

I can't go to your party because I'm feeling sick tonight.

A few hour later, my friends are knocking at my door with chicken soup when all I wanted was a quiet evening to read.


Extra Flow...

I've always tried to do my best to live within my means, so anytime my job offers anyone overtime I always turn it down. Eventually a few coworkers asked me about it and I explained that I had a side hustle on the weekend working with "pharmaceuticals" so I didn't need the extra money. I was completely joking and assumed that was obvious until a few weeks later when random people at work began to approach me asking if I had anything on me and what my prices were.


So many kids....

My husbands coworkers always ask him jokingly why him and I work so much so just for kicks and giggles he told our coworkers that it's because of all his illegitimate children..... well I guess a few coworkers overheard his nonsense and it spread like wildfire and now I have random people asking me if it's hard having a blended family or if I care for these imaginary children, how many are there, why is my man such a player, etc..... it's sooooo awkward but I've got about 200 coworkers that I barley know so i know for sure there is a huge percentage that believe that my husband has all these kids... the worst part is that whenever someone asks about it he just plays along so there's not much I can say or do he enjoys hearing them talk.


Sorry Tampa....

My academic department had a booth at a comic con for recruitment and research. A guy was cosplaying as George RR Martin (writer of Game of Thrones). He looked a lot like George RR Martin, was wearing the signature black hat and carrying a copy of one of the books. We had him sit at our booth for photos as a joke.

People started to line up for his autograph. Then he started to sign books, then he started to give writing and life advice. It went on for far too long and I was dying the whole time since I technically was at work. If George RR Martin signed your book at Tampa Bay Comic Con, I have bad news for you.


I've been attacked...

Robbing Season 5 GIF by The Fresh Prince of Bel-AirGiphy

I was 13 and I used to have a paper route and I couldn't be bothered to deliver one evening.

So I decided to dump them and told the paper shop owner that I had my delivery bag stolen from me when I went to start my route... they then asked me a few questions and then the police got involved and even went round in the police car to where it "happened" and if I knew who did it.


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