We don't need a rhyme or a reason to explain what it is we don't like. All of our sensory responses stem from the gut. FOLLOW THE GUT! Sometimes, you just don't like something... or someone. It can be a color, a movie, a person or the most insignificant thing you can conjure; if it's not for you... it's not for you. But our senses can often leave us pondering. Why?

Redditor u/Thomaslovesdonuts wanted to discuss the things that just get under our skin... and there doesn't need to be logic involved by asking.... What thing ticks you off for no logical reason?



Stopping the microwave before the time you set is finished and then not resetting it so it blinks 0:20 sec forever. designlevee

This has put my marriage on the edge lol. blackbeardrrr

Just Go. 

When someone says they are about to leave, and take forever to actually leave. ghost0427

I don't understand this, this just makes me more angry that your late. If you just own up to it right away I will know when to expect you but if not every minute after what you said I'll get more annoyed with you. surelynotcool

"a better way"

Being told to do something although I'm already doing it. meowmeowfig

On that note, your coworker telling you a "better way" to do what you're about to do that ends up being the way you were going to do it anyway. Not-so-rare-pepe

​How fast time goes.

How fast time goes.

I glance at the clock... it's 6:14. Ok, no worries, I'll get to work on time...

A few seconds later I check and it's 6:20. Like wtf??? crunchycoookies

I swear, those "getting ready for work" minutes work differently than any other minutes.

"Get peanut butter, spread it on the bread. One minute passed. Get knife, cut sandwich. How did that take five minutes?!" Tesla__Coil

Back Away....


I can't stand if someone is in my personal space while I'm trying to eat. pud-sucks

I can't stand anyone in my personal space no matter what I'm doing.

I love this social distancing thing we're doing. I hope some people adhere to it once this whole virus thing dies down. brokendowndryer

Yeah. I Know. 

When I'm about to do something and someone reminds me to do it. Good job, my willingness to complete the task is gone now. glaux2218

I swear, every time I'm about to do a chore my mom would be like: "Don't forget to (insert chore here)!" And then I'd make sure to take as much time as possible before starting it just to annoy her. I wasn't the most obedient child. Kayliaf

key of C.....

Friend of mine with perfect pitch utterly hates any song written in the key of C. No idea why. maleorderbride

Music snobs hate when music seems too easy for some reason. Knowing the tricks I guess takes some joy out of it for some of them. theworldbystorm

Check your Menu....

When people comment on your food, in my job i often have meals around a "large number" of coworkers and anything outside of "what is that it looks delicious" in my opinion, is rude.

here was what i have heard recently:

"How can you eat that?"

"Breakfast of champions, eh"

""What is that? Oh noooooooo thank you, uh huh, no way."

"Oh my gosh i hate (insert food name here), i would never have that for lunch." bruteski226

Speed up! 

A dreadfully slow internet at a public place. I have seen internet in which you cannot even load google. Why do they even bother having such internet? PianistCryuff

Right? It defeats the whole purpose. I'd rather have no internet than slow crappy internet. SurealGod



People making any loud noise outside the bathroom while I'm using it. 3singleclouds

This one makes total sense, probably triggers some animalistic reflex that makes it hard to finish. wavebird__


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