People Explain Which Inventions Should Exist But Unfortunately Don't Yet
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Who's excited for the future?

People in the 1950s were, and here we are! The future is an ever-shifting scale, with the idea once we arrive in this vaguely described timeframe "everything will be figured out" being more complicated than we think. Not everything is transport rays and flying cars, turns out, and creating new works is more uncertain than ever.
Doesn't mean we can't dream about it! Join these people as they gather their wishes to discuss what they would love to see created, and perhaps why it's a little outside the realm of possibility

Reddit user, blank, wanted to know what the world was missing out on when they asked:

What should exist, but doesn't?

Some invention ideas are simple, as in, "Why hasn't this always existed?!"

It's Always Felt Like Magic

"The microwave from Spy Kids"


"what it do"


"They put a little package in it, pressed a button, and two seconds later they had a full Big Mac meal"


....Where The Hell IS The Remote?

"A "find your remote" button, on your tv"


Keeping The Inspiration Train Running

"Dream recorders"



"I get most of my inspiration from dreams so this would be great"


This Feels Like A Problem With Their Machine

"Completely frosted pop tarts."


"So long as we are mentioning fully frosted things... looking at you shredded mini wheats."


Bark! Bark?

"A dog to human translator"


"And cat !"


Then there's these inventions, which might feel a little outside the realm of reality, but that's kind of the entire point. Wanting something that isn't here yet, but should be.

Hockey Players And Combat Sports Competitors Everywhere Would Thank You

"Tooth regeneration. We can break a bone and it will heal itself, but crack a tooth and you're f-cked…"


"Simply put, making a tooth involves many many layers of tissues(dental lamina, follicle, papilla, etc) from two different origins(the ectomesenchyme and mesenchyme) communicating with each other via signal molecules from 300+ genes. This interaction goes on for more than a decade until a tooth is fully formed to its root. One of the professors I know specializes in tooth regen research, and he actually confessed he regrets ever taking on the subject because it is way too complex and even he doesn't know if it'll ever be possible."


Insulin, Anyone?

"Man made pancreas. Would really help us diabetics"


Not Widespread Enough

"AI controlled stoplights that eliminate unnecessary waits. Nobody should stop at a stoplight where cars are not already passing in front of them."


"They'll probably make you watch commercials while the light is red though."


"Don't give them ideas."


"Exoskeleton for disabled/elderly people."

"Hey, grandma, can you give me a push? My car is stuck in a snow bank."


"I support this. That we as creatures grow frail and slow as we survive more and more years is BS. We should just continue to grow in power and ability. Grandma deserves to be ripped. Age should be a level, not a time limit."


What about those things that should have been around to fix a problem for what felt like years, but for whatever reason we're all still waiting on.

Companies Taking Advantage Of No Skips

"A website naming and shaming companies who put 15 second or more unskippable adverts on YouTube, with links next to each one to other companies who have similar alternative products."


"I keep getting gambling ads on YouTube right now that are unskippable. I live in Australia and I reckon it should be illegal to advertise gambling but our current government take donations from gambling industry and will do nothing about it. Also I don't gamble nor search for gambling so I don't know how I'm being advertised to either."


But What Aren't THEY Telling Us?

"Modern diseases eradicated by science."


"Only to have half of the population refuse to take it because they heard the ingredients in the cure will turn you into a mutant"


...Oh Yeah! This Is Annoying.

"A way to rewind/fast forward digital content to where you can get exactly where you need to go. On cassettes and VHS you could actually do this, but on digital format it can only approximate within a few seconds either side. I get cassettes/VHS is antiquated, but at least they had that aspect of it was fine. IDK why digital content won't let you get to the exact frame you need to get to."


"This one is actually true. We're in the 21st century, yet I have to rewatch 5 seconds of sh-t I don't want to see every time I rewind something."


The future is coming.

Maybe not as fast as we would like it, but it's coming.

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