People Explain Which Products Were Completely Hyped Up But Absolutely Flopped When Released
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The market of product delivery is a fickle, sometimes senseless beast. There have been so many fads, inventions and ideas that everyone was sure would revolutionize the world. Moments of creative advertising and strategic planning and unveiling go into the perfect introduction. The budgets are blown are cash is thrown.

The heralding of something new and innovative is trumpeted. The hype is big and the anticipation high. Then every once in a while... THUD! What was to be the next big thing is the next big floppy disaster.

Redditoru/MexPoosyConoisseurwanted to compare notes on the items that left us disappointed, by asking:

What was hugely hyped up but flopped?

In my medium of art (film/tv/theatre/literature) the hype/flop game is the norm more times than we care to admit. Sending art to the masses is always a gamble. And every gamble has a loser.

I'll do Diet!

90s 1990s GIF by PepsiGiphy

"Crystal Pepsi."

- cujokila

"Crystal Pepsi taught me that everything is a lie. If they can make Pepsi clear or whatever color they want, then what other lies have I been led to believe?"

- MainSteamStopValve

'the thing'

"When the Segway came out I remember an expert on Good Morning America saying that they would design cities around it in the future, instead of cars. Before it was called a Segway it was referred to as 'the thing' and new information about it was treated like freaking nuclear codes."

- PaulBlartFleshMall

It's a Negative....

"Google+. It stayed in invitation only phase for way too long. By the time it was open to everyone, people forgot about it and it flopped."

- testthrowawayzz

"They also forced you to use it if you had any other kind of google account so people naturally resisted it. What they didn't understand is that people use other social media websites if they have something unique to offer. Unfortunately now it seems like every social media site is copycatting each other."

- antivn


"I still remember 3D TVs were supposed to be the next "technological leap" or something. Even the World Cup was broadcasted in 3D. Then it just died out."

- linkinstreet

"Not just TV, but that era where every movie had a 3D version in theatres. As someone who wore glasses and is nearsighted, I was never able to watch them."

- Prime4Cast


Cats GIF by Kitty Is Not A CatGiphy

"Every single toy my wife has bought for the cat."

- pspahn

Yeah I gave up on cat toys early on, and dog toys. My dogs have never really been into stuffed animals, or squeaky balls. Thank God. And I always thought the Segway was weird and unstable.

Bad Moves

Taylor Kitsch What GIFGiphy

"The Nivelle Offensive It was hyped to win WW1 for France in 48 hours. Instead it was so bad that it started a mutiny, got Nivelle fired, and had casualty numbers an order of magnitude higher than expected."

- Blametruth86

Bad Diet

"Atkins diet-esque food items at fast food restaurants in like 2008 or whatever it was. They came and they went like the wind I remember KFC tried to get in the game at the time by claiming their chicken was healthy because it was low in carbs. That went down like a lead balloon."

- TheRealOcsiban


"Juicero. The ultimate culmination of unicorn companies that make no sense."

- StaticGrav

"It was partially bankrolled by GOOGLE and I heard that people speculated that the DRM thing it had was so Google could harvest user data. That's gotta be the dumbest way to do that ever why would Google care about people's organic glorified juice box preferences."

- MurdererOfAxes

"Ooooh. When I read that word, it rang a bell so I looked it up. I remember seeing advertisements for that thing. I think I remember seeing a video of someone opening up their packets and showing it was just... A mush. That you pressed to get a drink out of."

- hedgehog_dragon

Not so Slender...

"The 2018 Slender Man movie... I remember before it came out it had like a 92% want to see on rotten tomatoes after it came out it got a 17% liked it."

- Godzillaslayler

"Honestly the movie shouldn't have been PG13. An R rating (which as far as I know was actually the original focus) would've been much better, as then the movie would've been more like the creepypasta and not like a child's fanfiction. It sucks the R rating was cut but "wOUlD sOMeOnE tHiNK oF tHE ChIlDrEN?????????????"


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The Hunt

geraldo rivera man GIF by South Park Giphy

"Geraldo Rivera's special Mystery of Al Capone's vault in the 1980s. 💩"

- whytejewel

He Lies

"That David Copperfield special where he "made the statue of liberty disappear." Forget that crap."

- love0_0all

"The one thing I'll never forget from that: they interviewed some older women and she said, "I've never seen a Statue of Liberty disappear like that one did!"

- Dogs_Akimbo

"If I remember correctly, the camera and the bleachers with the audience were on a stabilized platform. They just trucked both a few feet to the side until the statue was out of camera shot, then pulled back the curtain."

- AvengingDoorknob

Universal Fail

"The dark universe (the mummy)."

- Huge_Chipmunk50

"I saw that movie with absolutely no idea they were trying to start this off and was so frigging confused when Dr Jekyll turns up out of nowhere for no reason."

- everyonesBF

"The cast that did that photo shoot before they even had one successful film is pretty cringe to see. The marketing for the failed universe is more entertaining than the actual movies."

- Queef-Elizabeth

Bad Pitch


- archangelmv

"To this day I cannot believe it even got that much hype and money during the kickstarter campaign. Even in the initial pitch it didn't seem that impressive or interesting so thankfully, I decided to wait until it was out. Never ended up buying one, obviously."

- burretploof

Keep it Old

coke cola dancing GIFGiphy

"As any good 80's kid can tell you, New Coke..."

- keiths31

Let me see...

"I remember google glasses were supposed to be the next big thing but let me tell you I haven't seen a single pair out in the wild."

- FroppyisBae

"I think Google got a big whiff of the vast majority of the population being really mad that people could film with the glasses without anyone ever knowing. I think it scared them off. People did not want this, and there were many people who seemed ready to fight people who wore these glasses."

- jmarcandre

Keep your baby...

"TY beanie babies. Everyone thought they were going to be rich when I was in high school."

- NXTsec

"I put a new coat of some all-weather sealant on this lady's playground set for her little kids. I was 13, it was summer, got, and she asked my dad if I could help her out. 6 hours later, she pays me with one single beanie baby. "This is gonna be worth a lot of money one day. Your afternoon of work has made you rich as an adult." Freaking bullcrap."

- boydboyd

"Is anything happening?"

"The end of the world in 2012."

- toofdoc17

"My cousin texted my the day that we were all supposed to die. She said "is anything happening?" And I was like "what do you mean? No. Nothing is happening" she really said "oh, well you live in a time zone ahead of us by 2 hours. I thought stuff would happen over there on the east coast first." I freaking died. The thought of the world imploding on itself but still following time zones is fantastic."

- Natalie-cinco


"Quibi. That streaming service with nothing over 10 minutes. Launched about 3 weeks after the world shutdown."

- captaindabby

"Did anyone other than the company hype up Quibi? That thing had disaster written all over it the moment it was announced and everyone seemed in agreement about that."

- MumrikDK

Oh Garth

Country Music 2018 Cmas GIF by CMA AwardsGiphy

"In the life of Chris Gaines. The project where Garth Brooks created a grunge icon that would premiere in a movie."

- Shmallory0


"Fyre Festival is the ultimate "hyped but flopped". It's a cautionary tale of what NOT to do when organizing and/or promoting something."

- Lil_Artemis_92

"It's really just a cautionary tale not to scam people. It's organization and promotion worked totally efficiently, but it was a scam from start to end. Otherwise it wouldn't have worked and we wouldn't be talking about it today."

- markuspeart

Well on paper they all sounded like good ideas. Maybe the issue lies in the execution. Try again perhaps? Except Slender Man and Geraldo. No, just no.

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