People Explain How They've Successfully Stopped Phone Scammers From Calling Again


It seems like scam callers are becoming worse and worse these days. Our phones start to drown in a series of unwanted calls, with no end in site. So what's the best way to stop it when the block button stops working? These Redditors will tell you their secrets.

u/F19AGhostrider asked: Have you ever successfully stopped a repeat marketing or scam phone call? How did you do it?

No handlebars.

I took a call from the "I hear you've had an accident that wasn't your fault" call that I get about once a week. It's automated at first, but as soon as I said yes I got put through to someone.

I spent 20 mins explaining how someone reared into my lane and crashed into me and it wasn't my fault, at the end when they asked me for details of the damage I explained that they bent the handlebars a bit but the bicycle was mostly OK. They hung up on me and I haven't back from them for about a month.


New York, America.


Got a call from "the social security administration". I asked for the company's address and he paused and then said "New York, America".


Big brain time.



"Hello! Federal Bureau of Investigation, Telemarketing Fraud Department, how may I help you!"



Excuse me while I steal this.


That's incredible.

I'm sure another scammer will call again since it's just an act that all of them do, but I got a social security scam call. They told me they had found 22 pounds of cocaine in a Toyota Camry with some blood in the front seat because they always say that exact line. I responded:

"Oh my god that's terrible!"

"So are you telling me that this was not you who left the car there?"

"No that was me but I had 30 pounds of cocaine in that car. Are you telling me that 8 pounds just went missing?"

So he was very confused and I was accusing him of stealing it, then he started swearing at me until he hung up.


And we all wore onions on our belt.


The thing that gets them is wasting their time. They are getting paid to make calls so the longer you keep them on the better. One thing I like to do is start a rambling story that goes no where like Grampa Simpson does on 'The Simpsons'.

You know: "Survey? Yes, I've taken some surveys in my time, why, I even worked on one. Now I think it was in '06, or was it '07? No, it must have been '06 because that was the Winter I crashed my Buick. God I miss that old car! It was such a beautiful shade of green like the jungle, now, I've been to the jungle and BOY do they have mosquitoes..."


What are you wearing?

I always hit the button to speak with a person or get more info, or sometimes they call with a live person to begin with. I put on my 'sexy' low voice and say 'hey baby, how you doin?'. They usually hang up immediately. If not my next response to whatever they say is 'that sounds really hot, what are you wearing?'.

Pretty close to 100% hang up and don't call back.


Not your friend.

I tried to troll a guy who was clearly calling people to get their bank account information by saying they were giving away money to help college students. He was from India and was dedicated to his job.

I tried to piss him off for about 30 minutes but he kept interrupting me and I eventually told him to f**k off and hung up the phone. He kept cutting me off saying "But MY FRIEND...MY FRIEND!"




I got a call, started reeling off this massive script. Finished probably after 2 minutes of solid talking, and I politely sat through the whole thing.

I paused and said "... Sorry?"

She said "again" and started the whole script again from the start.

Another 2 minute solid talk-wall later, I said "... Sorry?"

This time, there was a bit of frustration in her voice. "AGAIN" and once again did the whole 2 mins again, aggressively this time.

"... Sorry?"

"F**k this" and the call ended.


Numbers game.

Just play dumb and eat up their time.

They are playing a numbers game and don't want to spend 30 minutes with some good that gives them nothing.

In that 30 they would rather get shot down 20 times and maybe find that old lady they can trick.


A beautiful song.

Answer the phone. Connect to an agent, mute your phone and carry on with what you were doing. They quickly take you off their diallers when you waste their agents time.


I'm mostly the same, but I've stepped it up. Answer, connect, mute the same, but when a person picks up and starts speaking I rapid fire press numbers on my keypad until they hang up.

My favorite response to it has been, "Beautiful song sir, we won't call again."

They called again.


We accept you, one of us.


I got one those calls while I was at a sleep over with the boys. I answered and realised it was a scam call and we started chanting some satanic rituals and I think they got scared. Or then they just didn't want to waste their time listening to our s***ty chant.


A good grandchild.

My grandma has a landline in her room that she uses to call abroad to her friends because she's 88 and good luck teaching her how a cell phone works. Her English is also extremely limited, as in even when she can speak in sentences her accent is really thick. Some people have been calling and they keep saying they need to speak to my mom (her daughter). Mom's at work, so I'm the next in line. (I want to say I was 20?)

Call was from people saying they needed to talk about our taxes or something. I know this is fake because all tax stuff through my dad and his cell. My grandma comes to me, looking very confused because she hears "taxes" and thinks we're in deep shit. She wants me to speak with them. I try telling her that it's a scam, but she tells me that they say it's very urgent.

I give in and get the phone, they tell me that they need some information for taxes. I inform them that they have the wrong number, and they try telling me that they are from the IRS and that they got this number (we never put the home phone for anything. Never.)

I got fed up and basically said "you tried telling my grandma, who very clearly doesn't speak good English, that her family was in trouble. We do not list this phone as contact information. This is borderline elder abuse (did say that), and that if you were really from the IRS and HAD to call, you would not insist on speaking to someone who clearly wasn't the taxpayer. We didn't get any mail, this is a scam. We are on the Do Not Call List, and if we get a call from you again, that they will be reported to the FCC. Do not call my 88 year old grandmother ever again."

Now all our spam calls are in Mandarin Chinese. This is good because none of us speak it.

Tldr; caller tried to scam my 88 year old non-english fluent grandma, got told off by a future law student instead.


Nice try.

I've gotten calls from "social security" and "the federal crime administration." Best way I've dealt with them is to say I also work for them and to ask which floor they're on, it'd be easier to talk this out in person. When they hedge, I remind them of a memo from HR about collegiality and how they should be a bit nicer.


Smart idea.


If you get the call on your cell, answer then pull up the keypad and start tapping 0 repeatedly. I hit it about 4 times per second. Some systems can tell the difference in the sound between a landline tone and a cellular and they will hang up and remove your number. On the systems that don't, 0 is usually programmed to go directly to a human. Just keep tapping until a human picks up and when they hear the beeping they'll hang up, and sometimes they will add my number to the do no call list themselves. If they want to try and talk anyway, I just let them and keep tapping 0 over and over so they can talk through BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP. So far I haven't had anyone last longer than about 20 seconds before they hang up.

I've had my number for a long time and was up to 10-20 spam calls a day. Adding my number to the do not call list didn't help at all, but since I started doing this it's down to 1 or 2 per day and some days I don't get any at all.


Or you could take the silly approach.


But I love messing with the people on the line

"Are you of 21 years of age or older?"

"No sir, I'm only 2 minutes old due to me being a hot pocket."


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