Hearts are a sensitive thing, and there's nothing worse for one than losing a crush. Discovering the person you pined for isn't the one for you can be like glass shattering in your soul, leaving you with the pieces of your lost love. There's lots of reasons for you to stop pursuing a crush. Perhaps its because you took at look at your differing personalities, knowing you would never work in a long-term commitment.

Or maybe it's because you saw your crush pee on their best friend. As stated earlier, there could be lots of reasons.

Reddit user, u/SpacedGeek, wanted to hear how your love died away when they asked:

What did a crush do that made you instantly lose interest in him/her?

Ditch The Chick And Head To Recess

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Here's a lighthearted one:

I developed my first crush when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade. This was right around the time when Pokemon were first becoming really popular, so naturally I was obsessed with them. I had the cards, the Gameboy games, etc. One day I overheard the girl I had a crush on talking to her friends at recess about how weird Pokemon were, and thus in a flash a young love was extinguished.

Fast forward about 22 years and my wife also doesn't like Pokemon, because life is strange.


Kind Of Missing The Point, Dude

Second grade: I made a card that was pink with red glitter glue. I put it in his folder and some of the glitter got on his empty homework sheet. Instead of getting a new homework sheet, he yelled at me for a legitimate hour. Never had a crush die that fast before.


Wouldn't A Text Be A Lot Simpler Way To Break It Off?

Said his parents let him live at home completely rent free until he was 31 😬😬 Also that he left an ex by lining up another place, slowly moving his things out (told her he just moved it to his parents as he had too much stuff), and then only told her on the day he was leaving. This was a TEN year relationship. So yeah, those two things instantly put me off


...Good Lord.

She told me that people only liked Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles because they felt bad for them because they were blind.


Tip Your Waiters

He insisted on paying for dinner, then proceeded leave nearly no tip. I didn't have cash on me at the time, so I returned to the restaurant later that week to give the server a full tip.

Also, he bragged about his parents paying his rent and funding his party lifestyle. Red flags abound.


They Sound Zany To The Max

Crush: Oh, I don't like anime.
Me: ..... I.... I honestly don't know what to say right now.

All thoughts of pursuing any kind of romantic relationship died on that day. We're still friends, and we still talk semi regularly, but it's never going to be anything more than that.


Arrogance Isn't Sexy

Acting like a complete d-ckhead, and when I addressed it he said "I know I'm an a--hole, but I'm really sexy" like.... Ok, suddenly, you're really not sexy at all.


Mocking My Vocabulary

She was going to a party and I said "[You] seem pretty unenthusiastic about going." She replied with "[Don't] use big words."


Dump. Her.

Threw rocks at a cat because she thought it was funny


Bragging About Sexual Conquests

This guy that I'd been talking to for a while on tinder who I thought was cool/cute but he never seemed down to meet up. One time he randomly messaged me to say he'd gone over to someone's place and they'd had sex three times. I think he was trying to make me jealous but it just made me feel a bit gross



We were five, had planned to marry when we got older with a pancake cake and everything. I was invited to his birthday party and he and his friend was climbing a tree with him being higher up. Suddenly he pees down on his friend. We never got married.


Yap Yap Yap

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I worked up the courage to ask this girl to go on a date. She said yes. On the date, she proceeded to spend the whole time gossiping about anyone and everyone she could talk bad about. I still remember the moment it clicked that she was just super shallow and mean.


Snails, When You Think About It, Are Kind Of Cute

She purposely stepped on a snail.

Pretty much died to me on the spot and i almost insulted her right away.

Can't have feelings for someone so cruel and inhumane


When The Only Thing That Matters Is Superficial Nonsense

Had a crush on this girl for about 2 years. There are two people in my school with my name, one is a slightly popular guy who was kind of a d-ckhead but people still liked him and the other one is me. I wasn't that popular or attractive, I just kind of did my own thing but I liked the most popular and "attractive" girl in our school.

One day when walking home from school she called out my name and I turned around and said "yea?" She was not looking at me. I turned around and heard her say under her breath "why would I talk to you you're unpopular. Massive turn off. Why does everything have to be about popularity[?]

You must understand that I had liked this girl for 2 f-cking years. I immediately moved on after that. Sorry for rambling


Kids Are The Worst Sometimes

When I was in 3rd grade, I was obese due to some life-saving medications. I had a crush that in my mind was an adorable and funny kid. Since I was always very expressive with my emotions, some girls sensed it and bothered him with it. In response, he laughed at me and said "Are you crazy? If she lay down on me she'd leave me like a pancake "

It was pretty hurtful, I tried not to let it affect me visibly because kids are the worst. But from then on I lost interest in him and most of the kids until I regained some self-esteem.


Doing Nothing But Hating

Messaging me about how much she hates someone that I don't know.

If you think that sh-tting on someone else because you don't like them is going to grant you brownie points you better know the person you're messaging also doesn't like em because otherwise you just come off as a petty tool.


Taste In Music Is Serious

Told me she loved Nickleback, and that Chad Kroeger was hot.

Straight up nope from me.


Nothing More Unattractive Than An "Alpha Male"

We were out drinking, he got drunk and started fighting a guy that he thought had been harassing me. The guy said he didn't harass me, I said he didn't harass me, my crush still tried to 'defend me'. Never lost interest faster.


Oof. He looks like he was looking for a fight to impress you


He was mostly a mean drunk. The fact that he chose to protect me and not attack me, seemed coincidental to me and there was no reasoning either.

At least that was the impression I got and it made me very much afraid to start anything with him.

It was very educational for me, because I had been crushing on him hard for a good 2 years, finally got what I thought I wanted and I was over him in a time span of 5min. EDIT: To add, he wasn't a bad person and it was the first time I saw him that drunk but I could foresee a future of domestic violence that evening. I'm still in contact and from what I've heard from his wife he's self-centric (another thing I couldn't see back then), but has never been aggressive towards her.


Hey...If Your Friend Single?

He asked me to help him hook up with my best friend...

...continuation At that time i thought he was indirectly rejecting me and asking for my friend's number at the same time. To birds with one stone, you know. Well, i asked my friend if she liked him and she said yes so i became the matchmaker. They dated for like three months and broke up. The guy later told me she wasn't what he expected her to be, he also told me some of his friends liked me and he didn't wanted to be a part of some 'manly fight'. Well, we became good friends ( I still had a little crush on him) but I had to change schools so i hid it and we parted 5 years ago.

I am still wondering what he is doing right now. It was a bittersweet crush, i bet he knew i still had a crush on him.


Trying To Take You For All Your Worth

She asked me if I wanted to go to a concert with her, then then she wanted me to pay for both tickets that I knew she got for free. Promptly laughed at her and told her she can f-ck off with some other idiot.

It's funny how fast the ugliness on the inside can overcome anything good on the outside. She did me a favor that day.


Never Date Someone Who's Mean To Their Mom

Season 3 Hug GIF by The Simpsons Giphy

He was mean to his mom. Demanded money from her so we could go out (in front of me), and then called his grandma to get some more money so we could go out. So uncomfortable.

Edit! Let me add more details. We were both around 21/22. I met this person, drove from the Midwest to Dallas with him, and was essentially stuck there for 2 days before my train was scheduled to leave. This behavior was not acceptable at all, and I felt uncomfortable the entire time!


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