People Explain How They Got Their Scars
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Two years ago I steamed a hole in my belly with a hot water bottle that was slightly open.

I didn't feel myself literally cooking because I have nerve damage in the area, but I still have a quarter-sized circular scar as proof!

I've got lots of scars, but my lobster steam stamp is one of my newer additions so it's kind of a fan favorite right now.

Reddit user jeffcarpthefisheater asked:

"Hey, how did you get that scar?"

and Reddit was collectively like :

"Yes, I would like to tell the story of the time I maimed myself and/or was maimed, thanks for asking!"

It's story time, fam.

Sinus Struggles

friends tv runny nose GIFGiphy

"They cut across the top of my head, ear to ear, peeled the top of my face down, carved out my frontal sinuses like a pumpkin lid, put me back together, and stapled me shut."

"Repeated sinus infections in the frontal sinuses. Hard to treat."

- phantomtrain69


"My childhood cat gave me a diagonal scar across my chest when I was 5 or so."

"She had jumped from my lap and slipped a bit, the scratch was from her back paws. I was sad when it faded many years later."

- YarnTho

"Hmm, I should check something ... brb ... Hey, my boob scar from my cat is still there!"

"That genuinely makes me happy since she passed away more than ten years ago."

"I've got another one from her on my inner elbow. Both are from the one single time I had to give her a bath because she was having an allergic reaction to a flea medication."

"She was Very Displeased with the situation."

- Pammyhead

Carrying A Torch

"My twin brother accidentally took a blowtorch across my forearm while cutting metal in metals class in high school."

- ecsa0014

"I was cutting some square tubing in shop class with a cutting torch."

"I cut it just fine ... and then immediately picked it up, burning a square into my palm."

- sentondan

Samurai Shenanigans

samurai GIFGiphy

"From a samurai sword."

"It was the first time I'd ever been around people my age drinking. A friend of mine took a fake swing at me; I grabbed the blade reflexively, he yanked it out of my hand."

"Cut pretty deep, hurt like a b*tch."

"But how many people today have scars caused by samurai swords?"

- Odd__Assist

"I also have a samurai sword scar!!"

"Mines on my right knuckle as the hand guards did not do anything for guarding my inexperienced hands. Nearly completely severed the tendon."

"I was sober and in high school."


Wild Berry

"Got severely burned by a wild berry pop tart."

"I was very young maybe 7-8. I was sitting on the counter and when I pulled the pop tart out of the toaster, the frosting was so hot it was bubbling."

"I dropped it out of reflex and it landed frosting side down on my leg. I remember brushing it off and my skin melted off with it."

"I had to go to the emergency room."

"Now 15 years later and I still have the scars on my leg, no hair grows where it was burned."

"No one told me poptarts could turn hostile. I was so young and naive, innocent to the world and the horrors it possesses."

"Wild berry pop tart showed me pain, showed me torture, scarred me for life. I shall never forget, and I shall never forgive."

- Snowfreak2507

"That's why I stick to domesticated Pop-Tarts."

- adrianmonk

The Foam Pit

Flying Major Air GIF by Nitro CircusGiphy

"My legs are all kinds of f*cked up."

"I lost track of which scars came from where, but the ones on my right leg are the gnarliest and those I definitely remember."

"A couple of years ago a friend of mine took me to an indoor bike park. Ramps and jumps and a pump track. It was a lot of fun."

"Well he talked me into going off of this big jump into a foam pit; the kind where you can practice tricks without getting hurt. Well.....I got hurt."

"I landed in the foam pit. It's just that the bike landed there first and I landed directly on top of the bike. Despite the foam padding I ripped my leg to shreds on the pedals."

"Blood everywhere. Thankfully no stitches."

"I'm glad my girlfriend at the time was a nurse."

- Extrasherman

A Cyst On My Spine

"Back surgery to remove a bone cyst on my spine."

"It was squeezing my spinal cord and I could barely walk. That resulted in two surgeries, about a 10" scar down my back, another long one under my armpit (part of the work meant collapsing my lung so they could get to stuff), and a small one on my hip that a bone graft came from."

"My surgeon was great. He rebuilt 2 vertebrae from the grafts, bolted everything together, and I wore a full torso brace for half a year."

"At my last checkup, he said he didn't want to see me again, which I was happy to oblige."

- EvlMinion

Power Ranger Practice

"It was the summer of 1994..."

"I was a Power Ranger practicing some killer ninja moves on the bed in my grandparents' guest bedroom. My head smashed into the ceiling light fixture and one of the shards got me in the leg and sliced it open."

- MichiganBottleDepot

Pizza Rolls And Harry Potter

Season 6 Reaction GIF by FriendsGiphy

"Drunkenly decided a French knife was the proper tool for opening Pizza Rolls. It wasn't."

"So I stop with the pizza rolls and grip my finger, now dripping with blood, all the way to the bathroom. I patched it up in the bathroom and went to go lie down on the couch. Except I never made it."

"Woke up on the floor to my roommates shaking me awake, saying that they 'heard a sound and called out, but got concerned' when I didn't answer them."

"I had turned the corner into the living room too quickly in my stupor and smashed my forehead into the 90⁰ angle of my doorframe. Knocked myself out."

"I cosplay Harry Potter every day now. And yeah, the finger scarred, too."

"Drunken munchies made me fight my house and my house won. Two scars, one bad decision."

- Tri4ceunited

You're up, folks. Tell us how you got that scar.

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