People Explain How They've Successfully Gotten Over A Crush


I've moved on..... thank God.

Love ain't easy, often it's downright brutal. That is just the harsh truth. When we develop feelings for another we find ourselves vulnerable and that's just part of the game. Once a crush develops, the heart is diving in fast. Sometimes it all ends in a grand love story and most of the time... in crashes and burns into a dumpster fire. Getting over matters of the heart is one of life's most arduous tasks. There is a light at the end of this tunnel however. Redditor u/twanscarfacer- wanted to know that there is hope when trying to move past a crush by asking.... Have you ever successfully got over a crush?How?

The Pedestal Fall....


Sometimes when you actually get to know a person, you realize that you had an unrealistic or idealized idea of them. fuzzyextractor

This so hard! What you don't know about them, you fill with perfect ideas of them in your head. Olivewhales

First Steps....

Oh yeah. There as a girl I was completely infatuated with a few years back - we had an electric connection. I'd never felt something so visceral as this before. And in some ways I haven't since. We danced around the idea of dating because none of us ever happened to both be single at the same time... and once we both were she was on the cusp of moving away to the other side of the country.

At first it was difficult getting over what could've been. But looking back I honestly have started to feel like I dodged a bit of a bullet. In retrospect, despite our similar tastes, mutual attraction, and tendency for quality flirtatious banter... all she ever talked about was herself, and she probably used me as a meal ticket more than once (a fact that didn't dawn on me at the time since she worked a very trendy, but low paying job, and I worked a very square, but high paying job - and I'm naturally a very generous type of person).

Still... sometimes you meet someone who just tugs at your heart strings in a way that you can't really describe. CloudsTasteGeometric


By finding a new one. chamametchi

The law of conservation of crush states that a crush can neither be created nor destroyed; it can only be transferred from one object of infatuation to another. Villeneuve_

Other Fish....

I remember how many time I have been "in love" in my life, totally convinced that I would only ever have feelings for this one person, and then remember how in each and every one of those cases I ended up getting over them.

There are a lot of beautiful, interesting, smart, wonderful people in this world, and the only way to meet the ones that are interested in you is to move on from the ones that aren't. Zack1018

Cold Turkey.


Break off all contact. Just imagine that they died or moved to another country with no internet or something like that. Sometimes we can be friends with our exes, but sometimes it's better to go cold turkey. Notmyrealname

Space Between....

Time. PartiallyAdequate

And distance. The less I see them, the less I think about them. Out of sight out of mind. I live in a another state now and after several years, I don't see or think about her anymore. milknot


You can't really put a timeline on it, everyone's different and every situation is unique. I've often seen the equation "half the time of the relationship is what it takes to move on" and I call bullcrap. But ultimately time does win out. You just have to keep strong until it does. And typically in the end you'll look back and wonder what all the fuss was about. ghostofhenryvii

The Shot.

You shoot your shot knowing it won't hit target. Do it anyway to get it over with. Then you can move on forever. WitnessMeToValhallaT

This! Exactly what I did. I asked her out, knowing she'd say no. Once I got rejected, I lost all interest. I had a crush on her from the time I was 6 years old to the day I asked her out around 18 years old. anominousoo77

I don't know all the situations, but it's probably fair to say that the shot missed the target, you just didn't see it go by. For the sake of healing and everyone's heart, it's always best to try and move forward. If you're supposed to be with someone, the universe won't let you mess it up. NTMunit10

Go through It....

I don't know the context of the situation but I find that as time passes the rejection (breakup or what have you) shifts slowly into bittersweet nostalgia and innocence. Sometimes I wish I could feel as intense as I did then, so definitely let yourself go through the motions and fall in love, don't hold a grudge and cherish the good memories that's what stands out in retrospection. <3 SadBluejay5

"How to Fall Out of Love"


There's a book called "How to Fall Out of Love" which details all the way you, too, can get rid of that pesky crush.

Basically, it gives you tools to change your obsessive thinking pattern about that particular individual. Behavioral modification does work. mischiffmaker


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