People Explain Which Things Are Seemingly Okay If You're Good Looking But Creepy If You're Not


Fifty shades of being hot!

Let's just talk simple truth.... pretty people seem to have some advantages in life. How unfair is that for the rest of you? ;) People want to say looks don't matter but let's be serious; if Christian Grey had been poor, living in a trailer and was 100lbs overweight, nobody would let let him tie them up. At least not without being paid. People with that little extra something in the looks department can get away with things that many get others arrested.

Redditor u/minimaltrain2 wanted to discuss some unfair realities of life that pertain to rewards for one's aesthetic by asking.... What is cool if you're handsome but creepy if you're ugly?

Sexy and Clumsy

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I have a friend who has women literally swoon over him. Like, I thought that sort of stuff only happened in movies and cartoons until I met him. He is also clumsy as hell. He has spilled drinks over women, knocked them over, accidentally hit them because he was using his arms too much when telling a story, etc. I've never seen a woman get mad at him once. If anything, they're glad it happened.



Let's say you have a higher tolerance buffer in a lot of contexts.


Seriously, people give you way more benefit of the doubt when you're handsome. Imagine if Danny DeVito and Henry Cavill walked by a woman on the street and ran after her chatting her up and asking her out. One would be considered a total creep, but when you're handsome like Danny DeVito it'd be considered bold and romantic.


Oh the Shade

Certain eye glasses. If you're hot it's stylish but if you're ugly you look like a creepy offender.


Aviator shades are tough. People want to wear them because they look cool (Top Gun and all their favorite celebrities promoted them). However, you have to actually have the right shaped face to frame them well.



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Dude same. My friend is like movie handsome. Walked into a club with him and he casually said "how are you?" to the bartender, she goes: "well I'm way better now you said hi to me" and proceeds to give him free drinks all night. The hell.


Tom & Sam Swoon

Facial hair.

A moustache can work if you look like Tom Selleck or Sam Elliott, most of the time you look like a sex case that is probably on a register somewhere.

Beards can also look great on a good looking guy but on a not so "conventionally handsome" man, they can make one look like a deranged street person.


Old Chatter

Okay Im going for the creepiest answer award:

Talking to children....

Edit for boring bonus anecdote:

I had an empty seat next to me on a long distance bus, a small girl was put to the bus all by herself by her granny because the bus was fully booked or something and only the girl got a ticket, granny asked around who could look after her for the trip. I would have liked to as I've worked as a kindergarten teacher, but being a dude, waited in silence a long while until a young woman in front of me volunteered. The girl's parents were thankfully waiting for her at the destination city so it's not like she was abandoned, but it was a weird situation. The end.


being moody

Literally anything that can be construed negatively or positively can be decided by a person's attractiveness.

Standoffish and unfriendly? Strong and uncaring decisive. Or nasty and arrogant.

Quiet and anti-social? Somber and stoic and deep. Or weird and uncomfortable.

Talkative and loud? Magnetic and charming. Or childish and obnoxious.

I could go on but the point is there. Of course society isn't as black and white and there are other attractive elements that decide this difference in perception between physical appearance, that is assuming to a degree personative charisma (or an attractive personality as well) but that doesn't change the fact of natural over-exaggeration in negative and positive perceptions of attractive and less attractive people.


One Eye

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I like to wink at the driver of random cars when I take a left turn in front of them at stoplights. There's always a tiny moment when you make eye contact as you pass them. It's become second nature now to wink.



365 Days... Imagine it with an ugly guy. So basically, kidnapping.

Edit: I don't like the movie and I don't think it's cool, but I have some friends that like that movie and don't think it's creepy or something so that's why I wrote it.


Still, basically, kidnapping. By everyone except extremely delusional women/teenagers with odd fantasies.


The Big Screen

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Being the male protagonist in a romance movie.


Or Passengers with Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence. If that was John Goodman who woke her up from cryogenic sleep because he didn't want to be alone, that movie becomes a thriller.



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