People Explain Which Gender-Based Double Standards Drive Them Insane


This is ridiculous!

This is 2020 not 1920 right? Sometimes we sadly have to ask ourselves redundant questions like that. Why are we still trapped in an unequal world where gender is a restraint and not a freedom? There are no roles set in stone for any one person or one gender. When will the day come that we don't have to be enraged by the ignorance of an old guard? Oof.... I should live that long.

Redditor u/_reeses_pieces_ wanted to figure out why we're still not more cognizant of the ways we're still holding back certain people through a gender bias by asking.... What gender double standard pisses you off the most?


fathers day dad GIF by Disney Pixar Giphy

Men aren't real parents, we're simply giving their moms "a day off".


Oh, you're babysitting?

Um, no, I'm taking MY kids to the park to play with them.


Big Pocket

Pockets. That's really it. All the social constructs take actual societal cooperation. The pocket thing is actually... totally fixable.


It's well known that the pocket industry (a.k.a "Big Pocket") keeps an artificial scarcity of pockets going in order to inflate the price of those pockets they do sell. But good luck trying to get congress to do something about it. All of them are, shall we say, in the pockets of Big Pocket.


Gimme Air

There's no aircon at my office so In the summer it gets really hot. I still have to wear a suit but my female colleagues can wear a sun dress. But if I wear a t shirt suddenly I'm not "dressed appropriately". It's bullcrap.


In my country there's been a few cases of boys in schools where shorts aren't part of the summer uniform, going in in skirts like the girls to protest the double standard, and its led to changes in the uniform policy. I actually worked in an office during a heatwave when a guy went in in dress shorts, and although other men mocked him, he wasn't in any trouble for it. You've got to be the change you want to see!


And You?

Mom Reaction GIF by Robert E Blackmon Giphy

Anytime my S\O and I argue, no matter how trivial, (maybe twice a year and not that bad) she puts the kids in the car and goes to her mothers. one time I said to her "what would you do if I did that to you?" her answer was call the police... and she still sees nothing wrong with her doing it... drives me nuts.


Men have Emotions

That a man isn't seen as someone who can be emotionally unstable. Sometimes we need someone to comment on our post that we look cute, maybe we need someone to acknowledge our existence, something to numb the pain. I'm glad I have a s/o now that can hear me out, otherwise I'd be back in my depression, sitting in this dank dark cave, alone.

It's much better now, I got a lifeline from my s/o and she pulled me out from depression. Best thing that's ever happened to me.


Tell the OB I guess....

Literally just got done going through this with my wife. She was late a month on her period and she was worried because she wasn't feeling right but her period is always wonky and has skipped months before. So he ordered a blood test to see if pregnant and then when it came back negative said "well if there's any other concerns let me know" like what the hell you didn't figure out why she doesn't feel good yet you stupid freaking prick.... So she told her regular doctor and not the obgyn and she said she'll order some more tests and doesn't understand why the obgyn did that at all.


Pretty in Colors...

Colors that are deemed feminine or gay. My wife got a new watch so I took her old one. It has a pink band and I've had multiple people point it out, one called me a "poof".

I got a new black band for it, but screw it, I like the pink one.


He's Being Heard....

Snl Tell GIF Giphy

Doctors never seem to dismiss my husband's medical complaints with the suggestion he's just stressed or needs counseling.


Can't have one without the other....

Some insurances won't pay for birth control, but they will pay for viagra. I guess a hard on is more important than an unplanned pregnancy.


But if women are free to enjoy sex like men are, surely society will crumble.


Gucci's Plot....

pockets dpyp GIF by Betabrand Giphy

I'm a guy, but I've always wondered and been angry at the pockets on women's jeans. WHY THE HELL would someone say yeah let me put a pocket on here small enough to carry nothing more than your average debit card?


It brainwashes us to buy handbags.


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