What feels better than sexual pleasure?

I mean, the answer is, "nothing," right?


Reddit user, Boban_the_dude, wanted to know what's better than the best climactic finish around when they asked:

What's a feeling better than an orgasm?

A physical feeling can feel just as good as an orgasm, even when it's not sexual.

Nothing like a cool drink after a hot day, is there?

A Different Kind Of "Release." Hey-oh!

"That moment near the the end of being sick where your nose suddenly clears out after being stuffy for days and you can breathe perfectly again."


"See also: Pulling a huge booger out of your nose and realizing that your breathing has been restricted for days."



Flowery Language Aside, Drink Your Water People

"Got lost out in the wilderness a few years back, drinking fresh clean water for the first time in days was something out of this world. It’s like being on the brink of death and the suddenly life fills your body again. It happens so quick as well, from deaths door to fully recovered in minutes"


"I felt like sh-t the other day and realized around 5pm I hadn’t had any water all day. I downed 32oz in a couple minutes and instantly recovered. I felt like I drank the piss of Jesus himself"



The Pain Is Gone When The Pillow Comes

"When sleep finally comes and sweetly releases you from a blinding, vomit inducing migrane."



While we think of human interaction being better than an orgasm as only limited to the sexual experience, our social interactions might go beyond the sensation an orgasm gives without any contact whatsoever.

What's The Opposite Of Gossip?

"When you overhear people talking positively about you."


"I’ve experienced this. I used to work with a gay colleague and he used to tell me all the terrible things that his religious Christian mother had said/done to him. He was a close friend of mine and he didn’t realise that I was also a religious Christian until he noticed my cross necklace (I don’t talk about my religion much)."

"I overheard him talking to another colleague once and he said 'yeah.. but there are still some great Christians out there, like [me]!”."

"Seriously made my day"



All In On The Joke

"Laughing so hard your face hurts. It’s like an orgasm for your heart and soul."


"that feeling when the joke is long gone and you're only laughing because your friend is laughing and they are only laughing because you are laughing and it won't stop"



Getting Those Feelings Back

"When someone you have a crush on has a crush on you."



And then there's these.

Yes, these ones make lots of sense.

Happy Medicine Time

"I think about "better" in terms of a huge increase in pleasure, and I can only think of one thing that has ever happened to me that was equal or better."

"Around ten years ago, I had a kidney stone, and it hurt like hell. The nurse hooked up the IV and gave me morphine, which did quite literally nothing at all to help. They didn't seem to believe that at first—I'm sure drug-seeking at the ER is a thing—but eventually, it became pretty clear that I was still in agony."

"She hit the IV with toradol. Y'all, this was the first time I'd ever experienced an IV or any strong painkiller, and I went from the worst pain of my life to complete comfort, warmth, and relaxation in seconds. I can still remember the relief."



Your Great Hunt Is Over

"When you close all the tabs from a very long assignment you just submitted"



Is This The Truly The Best Answer?

"Everyone keeps asking this and the best answer by far is always 'farting away a stomachache'."



Yes. Sleep.

"Waking up expecting your alarm to ring any second, then realizing it’s the middle of the night and you’ve got like 3 or 4 more hours to sleep…"


"... and you're able to fall back asleep."

"There, I fixed it for you."



Sleep when you can, drink water when you can and suddenly the entire day can feel like one big orgasm.

This has been an odd one.

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