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There are many peculiarities around us that – unless they are specifically pointed out to us – go completely unnoticed.

When I learned that the logo on the box of Toblerone chocolates had a stealth bear on it, I brushed it off as random nonsense.

But then, lo-and-behold, when I started looking for this elusive bear, its silhouetted profile jumped right out at me and clawed its way indelibly into my brain.

You can see the bear prominently and expertly etched into Switzerland's iconic Matterhorn mountain illustration next to the word, "Toblerone."

Why a bear? It turns out that he Black Bear is synonymous with the country's capital city of Bern, where the delectable chocolates are produced.

Do you see it? Look Closely.


When Redditor wu-ba-lu-ba asked, "What can't be unseen once you notice it?", readers pointed out a variety of things they never knew were there before, including hidden patterns on playing cards and something very intriguing about Wolverine's mask.

Prepare to have new worlds opening up to you.

Hidden Symbols In Popular Logos

"the fed-ex arrow."


"The Amazon arrow is a smirk. Because they know. They own us all, all our desired, all our needs... Their empire grows silently larger, and there they are... Smirking at us."


The Colonel Is Gumby

"That the colonel from KFC looks like a giant head on a tiny body. (It's actually his tie.)"


Fried Chicken Omg GIF by KFC UK Giphy

A Sonic Nuisance

"Out of sync sound on a movie or tv."


"This gave me anxiety reading it."


The Secret Eight

"On a normal deck of playing cards, 8 of diamonds is arranged in a way where the diamonds form an 8 in the middle."


"King of hearts also is the only king without a mustache."


Bad Editing

"Continuity in film/TV especially seen with people's drinks one shot it's full the next it's half empty then full again."


Something About His Smile

"Tom Cruse has a front Tooth. His front teeth are off so he has a front tooth."


Who We Look To

"The fact that when people laugh, they often, subconsciously, will look at the person they feel closest to or are most interested in, i cant not notice it now that i know about it."


Let's Sleep On It

"The word 'bed' looks like a bed."


Kinky Heroes

"Wolverine's mask is two batmen kissing in front of iron man"


Regretting asking this after seeing that..."


A Tarantino Trademark

"Quentin Tarantino's foot fetish."


"Tarantino has a very obvious liking for feet. If you watch almost any one of his films, you can spot some closeup feet shot that doesn't serve any purpose. Also there are things like the foot massage scene in the pulp fiction. Oh an the dude drank champagne from Uma Thurman's stiletto."


Snot Pretty To Look at

"A booger hanging on the nostril of the person you're talking to."


"And it's too awkward to tell them, so I fake sniff my nose, or rub it hoping they do it too so the booger falls out."


Talks With Hands

"Someone on here mentioned that Trump looks like he's playing an air accordion with his hands when he speaks, and now I notice it every time."


"Yah! Someone with talent should add sound!"


"They already did here."


A Latte Take In

The Starbucks logo looks like a mermaid has had her tail ripped in half down the middle and she's holding her tattered bits up either side of her head."


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