People Explain Why They Broke Up With Their Best Friend
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Keeping a best friend into adulthood is one of the hardest tasks. Your own responsibilitie interfere more frequently, thus preventing you from spending time together as often as you did in, say, school. With practice, and a little bit of time, you might be able to solidify that friendship to weather the rocky waters of adulthood.

Then, there are these stories, where almost out of nowhere friendships needed to die.

Reddit user aurallisun wanted friends to be frank when they asked:

Why did you stop being friends with your best friend?

You Open Up, And They Turn Away

"I opened up to him about my mental health issues, and after a day or two he messaged me saying he couldn't have that kind of negativity in his life. This was literally the first and only time I told anyone about it."


Gone Without A Word


"He moved house in the middle of the night. We were kids and it was the 90s, he didn't leave a forwarding address and I don't think he knew he was about to move."


You Can Only Give Your Best Advice

"She got mad because I told her it wasn't a good idea to move to a new state with a guy she met online for less than three months. It's been over a year and I haven't heard from her. At this point I don't care to find her(I know she's still alive) because our relationship was toxic as hell."


Expecting The Wingman Treatment But Getting Nothing

"When I was a teenager, I couldn't talk to girls; I'd just lock up around any girl that I thought was remotely cool, and not say anything until the situation had passed. One of my best friends at the time had started hanging out with a group of people from a local college; he told me that there was a girl in that group that I would hit it off with. He said he had talked to her about me, and she wanted to meet me and hang out."

"I agree to meet him and this group of friends at a restaurant. I get there, he introduces me to her, and it is immediately apparent that he never said a word to her about me. This is the first time she has ever heard my name, and the look she gives me is one I would at best describe as disinterest. We sit there for an hour (I of course say absolutely nothing), she leaves, and everyone proceeds to laugh about it; that went well, great job, etc."

"It really felt like he set me up just so his new friends could get a laugh at my expense. I've never wanted to beat the crap out of someone more in my entire life. That was about 20 years ago. I haven't spoken to him since, and I never intend to again."


Hurts At First, But Then You Move On

"she slept with my, then, boyfriend."

"I eventually forgave her years later."


Five Minutes And Infinite Away

"We had been friends from high school and she met some people that saw her sexually for the first time. She got into a relationship with a really sh-tty person who cut her off from her friends. I tried to hang on but he didn't like any of her friends. Eventually she got heavy into alcohol, and her boyfriend was abusive (emotional, mental and physical) which made her even more dependant on alcohol and that became her life. She would always say she wanted to change but she never followed through. I truly believe she said those things because she felt that's what she was SUPPOSED to say not what she really felt."

"We drifted apart and I only heard from her when she thought her online boyfriend was cheating on her with me because we had similar phone numbers. We live literally five minutes away from each other and we don't talk anymore."


Calling You Out On Your Birthday

"On my birthday (while I was celebrating it with my family), after two really stressfull weeks at university studying for the most important exam of my career, my friend decided that was a good moment to send me a couple of DMs on Twitter b-tching about the fact that I hadn't paid enough attention to her and the game we were playing with at that moment (we used to roleplay a lot with some characters we created before)."

"To this day I don't know what got into her to have such a stupid ourbust. And even though a friend that we had in common and myself tried to explain to her about my exam she didn't seem to get it and actually I've never got an apology from her."

"That was all that took for me to end our friendship of years and I don't regret it, she was a selfish person after all."


Uteruses Before Dude-eruses

"He took the "Bros before Hoes" phrase and flipped it."


I Keep Changing, They Stay The Same

"I went into the Army. We had Christmas Exodus - leave during Christmas and New Year's - and in the days leading up to that, our 1SG told us the following:""

"When you go home, you're going to meet up with your old friends, and it won't take long before you think to yourself, "huh, they really changed." Wrong. You changed, they stayed the same.

"And he was right! My friends, hey, they're great guys, but I wasn't super close to them before, I definitely wasn't close after just a couple months of basic training. I think everyone in my platoon felt the same, even if they kept it to themselves; everyone was just a little wonky that first week back, and it wasn't just because everyone got dog-sick on vacation, too."


As Long As The Thread Lasts

"Was a cop wife for twenty years. When you divorce you not only lose your cop family, you evidently lose your best friend who is married to a cop. I learned a valuable lesson. Friendships built on a common thread last only as long as that thread remains. Heartbreaking."


Help From An Absent Friend

"It slowly fell apart. She moved to live with her partner and we slowly stopped talking as often until rarely talking at all."

"I knew I was done when she asked me to help find someone to film her wedding-that I was not invited to."

"But she's happy with how her life is and who am I to judge for that?"


It's Never Worth The Time Of Getting Nothing In Return

"He got busy with his own life and I got busy with mine, and as much as I tried to keep in touch, he never did the same. I hear from him once in a blue moon, but whenever I try to make plans, he dodges me. I just finally came to the realization that a friendship isn't worth my time if I'm putting in all the effort and getting absolutely nothing back."

"It's sad, this is a guy I spent most of my young and teenage years with, practically lived at his house."

"We spent every waking minute together and had so many awesome times. I guess life just had different paths for us both. I don't begrudge him for anything, I don't think he has intentionally cut me out, I think he's just caught up in his own journey. Maybe one day life will bring us back to the same place and we will spend time together again, but maybe not."


"If you don't grow together, you grow apart."

"We lived together during our early university years. I was not in a good place when we became friends. A couple years later, I picked myself up, got into really good shape, was accepted into the degree program I wanted and found an extremely awesome job. She said she couldn't continue being friends with me because I didn't need her. If you don't grow together, you grow apart. Years later we were still Facebook "friends". She deleted me when I got engaged. I noticed and asked her why, she said she didn't care anymore about anything in my life."

"It took me a long time to get over that last part. No one needs that in their life."


They Move On To Other Things

"When I was young, it was because my best friend grew out of playing with dolls before I did. All she wanted to do was wear make up, and so she got new friends who all wore make up."

"It's been twenty years since I saw her last, but I'll never forget that. Young me was heartbroken."


A Misunderstanding From Nothing


"My husband and I went on vacation with her and her husband. My husband and I did some gambling and won a decent amount of money. They did not gamble at all. When we got back I found out they had told everyone how much of a b-tch I was because I had not offered to pay for their half of the vacation with my gambling winnings."

"When I confronted her she did not deny it. I didn't want to be friends with someone that thought money played into our friendship or that talked like that behind my back."


And Sometimes, There's No Explanation...

"We were friends for almost 10 years. Every once in a while, we'd have small arguments, but always come around and told each other everything."

"Over a year ago, we went to a party. I didn't drink, but he did. He got extremely moody, wouldn't talk to me and kept disappearing to a room to be alone. Kept brushing me off every time I asked if he was okay. He left the party early without telling me, and I sent him a pissed off text because we had agreed earlier to cab home together."

"The next day I call and text. No answer. A week passes. More texts, still no answer. I go to his house. His roommate says he won't speak to me. He deletes and blocks me on all social media. I call and text him more, saying I'm sorry for whatever it is I must have done, still no answer. I message his friends, asking what I could have done and they have no idea, all he's saying is he doesn't want to see me."

"At one point I fell into a depression. Am I such an uncaring person that I couldn't even know that I did something wrong? Or was our friendship even that great if he was willing to drop me so suddenly without explanation or goodbye? It's a weird, scary thought when someone who knows more about you than anyone refuses to even speak to you ever again."

"It's been over a year and still no word. I went to a party the other day that I heard he'd be at. The host told me that as soon as he heard I was coming, he decided not to come. It's probably one of the biggest heartbreaks of my life."


You've got to know when to hold 'em, fold 'em and when to walk away!

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