We are living in very trying times friends. Often it feels as if every day is another struggle to survive. And the good news is.... many of us are making! It is taking strength, fortitude, prayer and tons of vodka and therapy through ZOOM but we're doing it. One day this will be a distant memory and we'll laugh and share stories at two feet distances instead of six; about the little and big things that affected us daily. Hopefully before the next pandemic strikes. For the next one we'll be ready.

Redditor u/Flagstaff2017 wanted to get together and discuss all the issues we've grown weary about during this time of Corona by asking..... What annoys you the most about the pandemic?

Missing a percentage....

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Can't get any decent 99% isopropyl to clean my glassware.


Yo just buy 99.5% alcohol on amazon. Just a bit with some salt does wonders!


oh shut up already....

The commercials. Good lord if I see one more commercial with "wE CaRE aBOuT yOU" -_-


I'm surprised a company hasn't attempted "purposefully negative PR" yet. If a company straight up said in a commercial "we don't actually care about you, but we need your money to provide our service and pay ourselves" I would totally use them.


Midnight Shopper

This is admittedly somewhat selfish but I miss being able to go to the store at 3 a.m. when nobody else is around, basically.


I was a midnight shopper too. Thankfully, my grocery store lets me order my groceries ahead of time now, and loads them into my car for me when I pick them up. I don't even have to get out of the car. Its very nice.



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Moving to a new area right before and being unable to make friends.


Thissss I've felt so alone. I had plans got go to different art classes and things but everything got shutdown. I have zero friends 🙁.


Close my Ears...

I am just tired of talking about it and it somehow creeping in to every single conversation. I work in a large hospital in a large city, and I have to deal with it at work every day. I don't want to have to constantly discuss it when I'm not on the clock, too.


Shut Up Already.....

Manage a convenience store. Seems like a third of things I try to order are on back order.


Same and same.

And nobody believes it. So they start bitching up a storm while their saliva spatters on the improvised plexiglass shield that is all the owner will pay for, because they "have asthma and can't wear a mask" while I stand there in a mask for the sixth hour straight while my chronic bronchitis is giving me hell.

The past couple of weeks, I've just kept the second register open (one person per shift, but we have two registers), and I let them rant but keep serving other customers. Some of them get absolutely livid that they can't hold everyone up while they have their say and storm out swearing they won't be back. By my count, I've only actually lost two regular customers so far doing this, so I guess they found somewhere else to buy their 99-cent 3-pack of blunts. Boo-hoo.


Leave Google Alone....

The other day I tried to google something biology related (I think it was a question about antibodies or something) and literally every result was about coronavirus. I know I know poor me I had to use google's advanced search first world problems etc... but it's like just because coronavirus is a pandemic right now does not mean every microbiological question that someone googles is about it.


Sing Out Kids

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As someone who works in live music and whose partner is a musician, the lack of shows.


Kindness.... or lack thereof....

It might just be me, but the lack of respect people display now.

I work in a warehouse that isn't open the the public. Never has or will be. We're not a storefront, we have no signs beyond basic markers for delivery drivers. Orders have always been done either via email or a phone call.

And yet people will just walk in and order stuff now and expect it to be done then and there.


Read my Face

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As a soft spoken person, it's very annoying that it is even harder to hear me with my mask on. I will continue to wear one as long as necessary, but I look forward to the day when people can read my lips and facial expression fully to help cover the gap for my soft voice lol.


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