People Explain How A Former Friend Completely Changed For The Worse


Bye Felicia....

People change, that is a truth about life. We all change, day by day. The hope is that we all change for the better. As life goes on we become other people. Hopefully we become better versions of ourselves. It's difficult when those closest to us change for the sour. But it happens and we have to go forward.

Redditor u/MATR1XT3R wanted to hear from the people who had to come to terms with their friendships by asking.... What did a former friend do that instantly changed your opinion of them?

Happy 18!


Was at an 18th birthday party. My boyfriend at the time left early because he had to work the next day, but my 'friend' told me he had lied to me and gone home with another girl. I was quite drunk and impressionable as a result and got quiet upset. Then she suggested I should hook up with one of her older male friends as revenge.

I eventually got a lift back to his place and found out it wasn't true. His mum had picked him up from the party and he was asleep in his own bed. Turns out she also liked my boyfriend and was trying to break us up to she could take a shot at him. TspkZ

Lisa, forget you.....

I told her that I was planning on escaping my narcissistic abusive parents, and she goes to tell them that I was planning on leaving... all because she wanted to be able to stay near me. I still managed to get out of that situation, but she made my life very difficult and later tried to pin the blame on me. She also managed to convince a bunch of her friends to harass my sister for details on my current whereabouts. Wherever you are right now Lisa, forget you..... :) zzoom_zoom

My friend gets out with a shovel. 

Some friend changes are good. My dog's health drastically plummeted in one day. I went to bed and he was great, I woke and he was dying from kidney failure.

Took him to the vet and he was put down in my arms while I held it together until just after he passed and broke into a waterfall of emotion.

Got home with him and grabbed a shovel. Made it to the garden and started digging. A car pulls in. My friend gets out with a shovel. Walks up and doesn't say anything. Just starts digging with me. A few minutes later another car pulls in. Another friend gets out with a shovel. I realized right then and there that I had made some incredibly amazing friends. doobiouslyhigh


Friend A was out of work. I had another friend, Friend B, willing to give Friend A a job instantly. No application or interview required. Passed along the contact info to Friend A to talk to Friend B.


Guy had no money for rent and basically stiffed his roommate who he was renting from for MONTHS! Said he would claim squatters rights if he had to. Still always had weed though!

Really showed me how lazy and selfish he really was. Stopped hanging out with that group as a whole shortly thereafter. BadLuckBaskin

Gee Ma... thanks.


I told my friend my Mum had cancer and his exact words were,

"A lot of people you know are going to get cancer so you might as well get over it." TheRealLamers

Skip You. 

Skipped my brother's wake to go out drinking. justalurkerkthxbai

Mine left to go have sex a mutual friend he'd met at my fiance's funeral. I had turned down other offers of company because we'd arranged to spend the afternoon together after. deejay1974

Rule #1

Borrowed money to pay his college tuition because he was in a bind to pay for his last semester. Promises to pay me back as soon as he can.

Buys a new car and another laptop the following week. Needless to say I was never paid back. SlydeOfHand

Rule 1. Never lend that much money to a friend. I_HATE_LIFE_2

Um. Ok. No. 

Killed his roommate. Yup... killed him because he didn't realize his roommate was gay and made a pass at him. Took him up in the foothills and killed him. Came looking for me because the mine he dumped the body in we had found several years earlier and I could tie him to the location. carsntools

Mr. Perfect.


This guy presented himself as the perfect boy-next-door. He was cute, had good grades, went to a private Christian school and he had the perfect poster family. He was impossible not to like on the outside.

And then, on the other hand, I had this other friend who had pretty bad OCD and was just all-around socially awkward. She was really sweet at heart but you really had to think through everything you said to her to make sure she didn't take it the wrong way.

I had a class with both of these friends. The girl had a crush on someone else in the class who sat nearby and made it pretty obvious. She left the room one day and suddenly my do-no-wrong friend started expressing his "sympathy" for the guy she had a crush on. He was saying shit like "oh, I'm so sorry you have to deal with that" and "I'll pray for you at my church"

The second I try to defend the girl, I'm turned into some sort of social outcast. :/ doiknowyoubro

You're a "poor" Human. 

Made fun of the poor kid and his family. BarcodeNinja

As someone who grew up not exactly "poor" but watching my two very hardworking parents stress together about every bill and every school trip (to the point when i got older i started pretending I didn't wanna go on the trips because i finally realized it was money) I have zero time for anyone putting people down for their financial situation. nerfdriveby94

No Talk.....


Borrowed a vehicle for a week - returned it full of trash with both door handles broken, and stinking of smoke. When I asked him about it, he said he didn't have time to clean up the mess, and his kid broke the handles, not him. We didn't talk much after that. melston9380

"catching up" 

She asked me to lunch under the guise of "catching up" but it was actually just to recruit me for an MLM. A random dude showed up with a power point presentation and everything. I left and never spoke to her again. Bxwitched161

Be Kind. 

How they treated their wife when they didn't think anyone was listening. Good-Lettuce

Yeah I had this with my grandpa. Grew up thinking he was a kind of cool hero and then the older I got the more I heard his bullying remarks towards my grandma. Every year I noticed it more and more, and when I spoke to my parents about it they grimaced and said that it had always been that way. I just hadn't noticed because I was young. Funny how life experience lends such totally different perspectives on the same person. Fly-Fleance-Fly-Fly

I did not hate him prior to this.

After overhearing (via eavesdropping) my new, slightly higher salary: he decided that meant I should loan him money since I was "rich" from a job I wouldn't start for a month.

When I refused to do this, he texted me while I was having dinner with my new coworkers that he'd always secretly hated me and knew I hated him. And a bunch of other manipulative bs.

I did not hate him prior to this.

Suffice to say I cut him out of my life and show that text to any unfortunate mutual friends that believe his sob story about how I'm a moron. They usually cut contact with him after reading it lol. inact

Not Funny....


I had a friend that I knew was dumb, but I wasn't sure how dumb. Then he pulled a gun on my wife as a joke. I almost killed him when I found out. ArcaninesFirepower

I guess that's a two for one. 

An old friend once showed up at my house the night he found out the girl I was sort of dating was also hooking up with my other friend. He brought a bottle of whiskey and told it to me straight even though the other guy was his best friend. We weren't actually that close before that but it was a solid thing to do and our mutual friend was fully aware what he was doing.

I guess that's a two for one. Jenova66

Ok C....

I had two best friends that hated each other. C was fine with me hanging out with L, but L hated when I hung out with C. I made sure their paths never crossed to keep the peace. One random night L gave me an ultimatum...L or C. So I chose C because who the heck do you think you are? 25 years later and I'm still really good friends with C. Don't give me ultimatums. BustAMove_13

Sucks. I missed him. 

Was close friends throughout high-school. Even got one of his drawings as a tattoo. Lost touch after HS. Found him and emailed him about 15 yrs later. His reply, 'Hi DD, glad things are going well. Let me tell you about this great product I'm lucky enough to be able to offer people like you.". It went on an on, a pyramid scheme. I never wrote back. Sucks. I missed him. DeathsDesign72

Forget You.

Ditched me at a bar after someone punched me. He thought i was going to call the police on the venue so he insisted he take my phone. It took me 2 weeks to get my phone back, and his dad was the one who gave it to me - which I only was able to do because I called my own phone myself, since the "friend" in question ghosted me.

Needless to say, forget that guy. Bobbinapplestoo

stay off drugs....


Had an old friend that got into drugs. I shipped out to the military, and hadn't heard from him in a few years. Apparently he was sent to rehab down in California. I was at the gym in Kansas one day working out, and I received a message from him that he needed $100, because he lost his wallet and phone. So being a good guy, and he'd never asked me for money before, I wire transferred him some, to help him out.

Turns out I actually helped him escape rehab, and the whole thing was a lie.

He's doing better now I hear, but it didn't sit well with me, and made me feel guilty for helping him escape, and disappoint his family.

I've pretty much cut all ties of communication with him. Drugs change people it's crazy. PNW_Bro


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