People Explain Which Of Their Country's Traditions They Wish Would Die-Off


That is so many centuries ago...

Do you ever find yourself asking "what century is this?" I feel like most of us are aware but there are far too many traditions that are being followed by people and countries trapped in another time. Certain "traditions" are beyond obsolete and cause more harm then good. There is some serious evaluating to do. First... who even started these ridiculous ideas? And why?!

Redditor u/metA-Arceus9o9 wanted to get into chatting about everyone's homeland histories by asking.... What Tradition in your Country can Die Off?

Kid Money.


Using kids as a retirement plan and making them "owe" you for giving birth to them, so said kids have to give you a cut of their monthly salary and take care of you when you're old and sick. coturnixxx


We call it Crab Mentality. Basically, when you're trying to move up in the world, people are gonna talk crap about you and drag you down and ruin you just so that they can move themselves up and take that thing you wanted. It's practically "tradition" in the workplace but it can screw off this universe forever. JennaWraithe

Punch Face. 

Yellow car. You see a yellow car, you have to shout it out and hit someone else. The bruises I used to get. obekymrad

We had "[color] punch buggy" every time we saw a VW beetle (Quebec/Ontario area), may have been more common because I remember seeing it in one of the lilo and stitch movies but I haven't heard it in years. yukimurakumo

I'll RSVP Yes! 

Indian marriages are glorified but I hate them, especially the noise. They just have a band of people with drums and trumpets to announce to everyone in the city that they have a marriage in the family. Also what's with fireworks to mark any celebration(not just here), it just causes noise and air pollution. P.S. if you actually do get the chance to go to an Indian wedding, do try as many dishes as possible. The food is the only good thing about them. Viks101

Invite More....


The two party system. TotallyLegitEstoc

Take a look here:

First past the post voting invariably leads to two party systems. Other European countries instead give a party a number of seats corresponding to the number of votes they got. SpeckledFleebeedoo

Love not Gifts. 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday. julianwolf

So many people took black Friday off at my company, that they switched the day off from Christmas eve to black Friday. So i get a 4 day weekend for thanksgiving, and 1 day off for christmas. Jackstraw244

Oh if only.....​


Being nice to the elders and never talking back. There have been times when my aunts and uncles have said outright offensive things, and I've had to hold my tongue and smile politely. Oh if only..... JustGiveMeAUsernam

Sorry. No..... Corona. 

Not sure if it count as a tradition but, kissing people to say hello. It's so damn annoying, if you arrive last at a family dinner you have to kiss 15 people in a row. Natsumesan

just plain wrong....


Bullfighting. And being able to advertise it and get funding as a "cultural event" is just madness. faap8

it is madness and claiming tradition is bull crap.

it's tradition to have cat burnings in France, but they don't do it because its really terrible and monstrous. Captain_Warzone

How Much?

Dowry. most people marry in their early or mid twenties here and since they are all young couples the parents get juiced to make the dowry and expected wedding gifts for their children. I read the relationship posts online and so many of them read like "my parents have a stable job and I am a graduate of xyz university, I'd like to find a middle-class spouse whose family is willing to put forward at least an apartment" like dude this is the 21st century and you live in a metropolis earning more than most, you can buy your own house without relying on charity. Plantietreey

hit them....


Glaring at people who jump queues but saying nothing because confrontation isn't the British way. Was horrified when my American friend came over and yelled at some kids for pushing in a rollercoaster ride queue. Then they went to the back. It was great. We need to channel that ability to challenge people. I_Bleed_Tea

Filipino time.

Filipino time. Everybody knows that the meeting is at 9AM, but some people purposely come in, late. Or they actually leave their house at 9AM.

When people tell you that you gain weight everytime you meet up.

When a family member or relative asks you when you're going to get married. If married, when you are going to have a child. When you already have a child, when are you going to have another one. And so on.

Also, just because you're a relative, it doesn't mean you have a free pass to live at their house. Especially on short notice. MNLYEvangelista

When in Wales...

When I lived in Wales there was a tradition where a person wearing a dead horse skull would come to your house and if you didn't say a poem he/she would steal your booze and it was legal. MrHappyPig

"If the ocean was made out of vodka, and I was a duck, I would swim to the bottom and never come up. Since the ocean isn't made out of vodka and I'm not a duck, just hand me the bottle and shut the heck up." Kennson

In India. 

Caste system in India. raviji22

Many young people in India are now taking their father's first name as their last name to accomplish 2 things:

  1. Increasing the number of last names in the country.
  2. Breaking the caste system because you can't tell anymore. PRMan99

Going to too many funerals.


Going to too many funerals. Fine for relations, friends, someone you actually knew. But in Ireland people go to the funerals of anyone they ever even said hello to, any relation (no matter how distant) of anyone they ever knew or worked with, anyone they ever lived within a 20 mile radius of, or anyone who ever served them a drink. LucyVialli

Wedding Plans...

Before marriage, you have to present a drink to her family members (knocking), prepare a traditional wedding (engagement) before you walk down the aisle in a church (the real wedding). This is in Ghana. Sucks. carlosx86-64

US Issues. 

"The customer is always right" in US business culture.

This has led to numerous exceptionally entitled morons, retail fraud, return fraud, and businesses losing too much time and money trying to keep idiots happy. Thewrongbakedpotato

I feel like this has been fading. I co-own and HVAC company with my grandpa and this is far from our mentality when it comes to our customers. Restaurants are usually the worst about this though. twr243

Let Women be....

Not being able to go into a temple while you're on your period bruh wtf. vivising

Not being able to pray or cook because you're on your period either. Also, the recent controversy where a major religious Hindu leader said that "Women who cook while menstruating will be born as bitches in the next life". I lost brain cells just typing that. 🙄 oxomiyawhatever

And I hate it.​ 

Easter. More specifically Czech Easter. On the Eastern Monday, boys are visiting every house in the neighborhood and are whipping girls with a willow stick and ribbons and reciting an Easter poem. Girls are supposed to give them usually sweets, eggs or alcohol. Google it. As a girl, I have to say it's not that scary as it sounds. It's not even painful (if someone isn't an absolute idiot). But it's a really awkward social interaction. And I hate it. Just_Alice_Green

should I go on?


I can name so many

honor killings

sati- forcing widows to walk into the fire at the funeral of the husband

or, if not sati, forcing widows to live a 'simple' life. not allowing them to remarry, interact with anyone except close family, basically no fun and reducing them to a shadow of what they used to be

should I go on? yashqasw


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